January 2014



Meanwhile winter has started in Western Europa and in Brazil they enjoy nice summer temperatures, Volkswagen has turned another page in its own history book. At the time you’ll be reading this the end of the Bay window bus will be a fact… With a nice ‘last edition’ the era of the ‘Combi’ will end. It’s a normal evolution for a car manufacturer. The very last Volkswagen with the engine in the back is no longer, damned for all time. As supplier of parts, it’s though a bit frightening for us. Now we are all at our own, no Volkswagen anymore… Sorry.

However VW in Brazil assured us fortunately that the supply of parts will continue for a while. Hopefully this while we last a ‘while’… afterwards we’ll have to evaluate what’s important and what we have to reproduce so that we can assure that your darling can drive for many more years…. That’s our mission.

Socially and economically speaking these last three months can definitely be called turbulent. Nobody or nothing is certain… So just continue what you’re doing , that will be the message. Working at ‘our’ network and securing ‘our’ market will be our principal mission for 2014.

2014, a year that announces itself with great allure for BBT. Many new products, that required years of preparation, are now ready for production and they will be available soon, we’re looking forward to it.

BBT will get new opening hours and other modifications will come into force, in order to improve returns. BBT is ready for it. Our slogan ‘service’ will be extended wherever possible.
There is nothing else then to wish you a good health, happiness and joyfulness in your job. A privilege that only humans may experience! Happy 2014! That all your wishes may come true for you personally and in your business….


Available again

# 1656  Engine case from VW do Brazil 1600cc / std (Magnesium)
                 113 101 025F

BBT 1656The factory that used to make the engine case in magnesium as original equipment for VW do Brazil teamed up with BBT for exclusive worldwide distribution of this engine case outside of the America’s.
Magnesium has a long tradition of use as a lightweight material in the field of commercial and specialty automotive construction. Racing cars used magnesium parts in the 1920's, but magnesium castings were not extensively used in commercial vehicles until 1936 when the Volkswagen Beetle was introduced. The car contained around 20kg of magnesium in the powertrain!
The advantages are well known towards aluminum engine cases; Lightweight, approximately 30% lighter than aluminum, corrosion resistant, high machinability, precise design, damping capacity, fatigue resistant…
BBT can offer you now the original make magnesium engine cases again from stock.

Prices are indicated on the pricelist itself!

No longer available

  • # 0492-112 Fuel tap -03/55 (8mm)
    # 0618  Custom rossi headlight assembly -67
    # 1070-001 Exhaust T25 CT 07/80-12/82
    # 1410  USE Gasket kit rear SWING axle (1) Use # 1410-005
    # 1669-1  Crankshaft with counterweight, 86 mm, connecting rod Chevy, central bearing VW
    # 1726-2  Cylinderhead 'Max Head' bare 92mm/piece
    # 2090-040 Ignitioncable set Compu-fire (blue)
    # 2597-455-115 BBT 5-Lug Sprintstar wheel (4.5x15) grey/black (powder coated)
    # 2597-555-110 BBT 5-Lug Sprintstar wheel (5.5x15) grey/black (powdercoated)
    # 2597-555-125 BBT 5-Lug Sprintstar wheel (5.5x15) grey/black (powdercoated)
    # 4610  Billet pulley  bolt cover
    # 8932  Window set 1303 Grey
    # 9390  Book: Volkswagen. The era in colour
    # 9495-46  Classic VW magazine (Boxertje) Lente - 2013
    # 9495-47  Classic VW magazine (Boxertje) Zomer -2013
    # 9495-TECH4 Boxertje tech 4
    # 9496-03  Airmighty 03
    # 9496-04  Airmighty 04
    # 9496-05  Airmighty 05
    # 9496-06  Airmighty 06
    # 9496-07  Airmighty 07
    # 9496-08  Airmighty 08
    # 9496-09  Airmighty 09
    # 9496-10  Airmighty 10
    # 9555  F4 Rosewood door trim
    # 9822  F4 sew on, BUG-IN, Badge
    # 9920-000 T-shirt (Small)
    # 9920-040 T-shirt (XX-Large)
    # 9921-005 T-shirt Pin-up + Hebmuller (XXX-Large)

Price modifications are indicated on the pricelist itself!

Available to Special Order Only

  • Following items are still available @ BBT but due to low demand they are now available as special order what might be subject to longer delivery terms.

    # 0216-1        Runningboard mat beige right
    # 0499-369    Sign F 1969
    # 0561-51      Sunvisors Type3 61-74 pair white/mirror
    # 1020           Bobcat exhaust 'Off Road' 1" 1/2
    # 1085           Heat exchanger right chromed Type 1
    # 1964-304   Alternator 65A 1.9 08/82-07/85
    # 2101-050   Balance tube between intake manifolds Okrasa (set)
    # 2577          Rader wheel silver
    # 2915-02     Sunroof top Type 2 57-67 / black
    # 7009-000   Front window seal Std Type 1 Convertible 50-52
    # 8100          DZUS clips (10 pieces)
    # 9015-20     Header bow 49-57 Convertible (wood)
    # 9025-010   Boot cover Type 1 63-64 black canvas
    # 9100-21     Hood Type 1 63-67 beige single vinyl
    # 9100-61     Hood Karmann Ghia 60-67 beige single vinyl

New description

# 0890-44   Ribbed floor panel Type 2 -07/67
Changed to # 0890-44 Ribbed floor panel Type 2 50-79

# 1378-500  Radius rod at lower control arm T25 08/79-08/92
Changed to # 1378-500 Radius rod at lower control arm Type 25 08/84-08/92 Ch 24-F-019 683 ->

New products

Panel clips side and rear T25/Vanagon, each

Bus 05/79-08/92
801 867 299 01C

These clips are used for the assembly of the door and rear panels on Type 25 buses. It’s the version which is pushed through the panel. You can now replace without any problems lost or damaged clips by new ones. The clips are delivered each from stock.

Door handle without keys - TQ

Beetle 08/59-07/65
113 837 206C

Restorations are more and more executed to higher standards. In this way only it will be possible to give to your classical car the value it deserves. Good restorations can only be made with high-quality parts and that’s why BBT is always looking for parts who can fulfill these demands. By expanding our offer of door latches BBT gives you the opportunity the choose the best item for you. Damaged or corroded door latches of Type 1 08-60-07/65 can now be replaced by this nicely chromed and finished part. Available each from stock.

Lock catch rear cargo door, treasure chest door

Bus 08/63-07/79
211 829 221D

Cabine door lock catch, left

Bus 12/63-07/66
211 837 295B

More than 45 years of heavy duty can cause quite some play on suspension and locks of the doors on our classical cars. As soon there is play on a certain part, all other parts are overcharged and they can get damaged. That’s why it is important to assure that all these parts are in good condition. You don’t wish that a door will swing open when driving ? BBT can now deliver these important door catch latches for Type 2 08063-07/66 each and for each side. We already have those for Type 2 -08/63 available under ref. 0438-20, whereas we can deliver those for Type 2 08/66-07/79 under item 0438-103 and -104.

Sun visor, blue

Karmann Ghia

For us, fans of classical VW there isn’t anything more pleasant than driving around in our beloved cars. When it’s raining wipers clear the sight, though you might be blinded when the sun is low. We have since many years sun visors from Cornett in our offer for Type 1 and Type 2 08/67-07/79,although the high demand after this feature for other Types has incited us to take the complete range for classical Volkswagens in stock. The sun visor is assembled with clamp brackets at the edge of the roof outside the car, whereas the angle can be adjusted as desired by means of 2 turn buttons. The sun visor consists of an aluminum polished frame with therein a solid transparent PVC screen. Stainless steel clips and assembly material are included. Available each from stock in following colors: blue, red, green and smoke.

Sliding door handle with cap, silverbeige, each

Bus 08/67-07/92
211 843 642A

The sliding door on Type 2 08/67-07/79 is controlled from the inside by means of a handle. Though this handle gets often damaged or breaks during heavy used and under the influence of the sun. We also notice that the cap is missing on a lot of buses. BBT can deliver from now on a good reproduction from stock in the original silver beige finish.

Vintage Speed universal doorpulls, S/S, as pair

Karmann Ghia -07/66
Type 3 -07/66

Customization and creativity are never far away from our Vintage world and many manufacturers are definitely responding to it. Vintage Speed as well has an alternative for customization and even in a very practical way by means of these door pulls that can be placed on the door frame. In this way it will be possible to replace the original inner door handles. The door pulls are made from polished stainless steel. Sold a pair with assembly material included.

Hella on-off switch green, red or yellow

0636-050Hella 6ED 004 778-001

Since quite some time we could deliver a switch that could be added on the dashboard, meanwhile our NOS stock for this switch is however running out. Our purchase department got the order to look for a good alternative. The result will please many classic car VW owners. This switch from Hella with classic design suits to our classic VW to control the additional interior light, fog lamp or rear window heating. The choice is yours. The switch has 3 entries, 1 normal open contact, 4 ampère, 12V. It’s has an assembly hole of 12.5mm and a plate thickness of 6mm. The connections can be executed with clips as well as screwed. Another advantage is that the switch will be delivered with 3 colored plates for a green, yellow or red tell-tale. The switch is delivered each from stock.

Interior light

Bus 08/67-08/75
211 947 111B

The interior light is a practical though fragile part of our classical car. They get easily damaged by manipulation, bumping or the electric contacts can oxidize. BBT already had a very ample range to replace damaged interior lights, although we were still missing those for model Type 2 08/67-08/75. From now on BBT has them available in a good reproduction each from stock.

Bushing for shock pad body-frame, 2 pieces

Beetle, Karmann Ghia 08/71-
111 799 127 x2

At the rear of Type 1 the assembly between body and frame near the inner wings is effectuated by means of 2 bolts which go across the body and through a shock pad that is screwed on the body. This shock pad is reinforced in the middle by a metallic bushing that makes that the shock pad will not get completely squashed. These metallic bushings can get seriously corroded or get lost during restoration. When you remove the body from the frame we recommend to replace these bushings. BBT can deliver them a pair from stock.

Clamp for heater control lever, each

Bus 08/67-07/72
211 259 377

The heating and ventilation of Type 2 buses is controlled on the dashboard, depending of the model year, by 4 or 3 levers which control a mechanism through the dashboard that on its turn controls de cables to the heater flaps. On Type 2 08/67-07/72 the assembly of these levers is executed with the help from clips that go through the lever and the cone of levers onto the mechanism. These clips can break by using poorly greased lever mechanism or they get damaged or lost during disassembly of the levers, when removing the dashboard. The clips are delivered each from stock.

Front hood cable, ivory knob

Beetle, Karmann Ghia -07/67
113 823 531

There is nothing more annoying than a broken front hood inner cable. If so it’s no longer possible to open the front hood without damaging and it makes that the filler opening of the fuel tank is out of reach. A cable with a broken handling button or damaged by corrosion should be replaced a.s.a.p.. BBT has from now on a good alternative available from stock.

Exhaust assembly kit Type 1 - Vintage Speed

Beetle, Bus

These assembly kits are essential for a good assembly of the Vintage Speed exhausts on your engine and they contain all wire end, bolts and gaskets necessary for a good sealing between flange style muffler and collector. # 1000-850 is suitable for assembly on Type 4 Vintage Speed exhausts on a Type 1 Style Vintage Speed header, whereas # 1000-851 is used for assembly of a Type 4 Vintage Speed exhaust on Type 4 Style headers. At last # 1000-855 is used for the assembly of adjustable flange style mufflers on Type 1 Style engines.

J-Tubes 25-30hp, Stainless Steel

Type 1 25/30 H.S.

These J-tubes are an alternative for the already existing metallic J-tubes and they can be used to replace the heat exchangers. We give you the opportunity to compose the exhaust yourselves and therefore we have both systems available. One with standard clips and another model with fixed flanges. The J-tubes are delivered a pair, seals and assembly material included.

Mountingkit mastercylinder

Beetle (not 1302/03)
Karmann Ghia
Type 181
113 611 829 x 2 + N103531 x 2 + N120082 x2

The assembly of the master cylinder on the body on a beetle, Karmann Ghia andType181 can be done by means of 2 long bolts that come through the bushings, through an hollow part of the body. These mounting bolts and bushings can get seriously damaged by corrosion caused by humidity and the corrosive characteristics of brake fluid, that attend on the master cylinder pump and body through leaking seals. 

When removing these bolts they can break off or the bushing through which these bolts pass, fall into the hollow part of the body. From now on BBT can deliver these mountings kits in own production from stock consisting of 2 bolts, 2 bushings and 2 spring washers.

Brake line from reservoir to master cylinder

Bus 08/71-07/79
211 611 805G

Refill of brake fluid on Type 2 08/72-07/79 is executed through a reservoir near the front passenger seat. There is a connection through this reservoir with a second reservoir that is located above the master cylinder. The connection between these two reservoirs is effectuated by a PVC brake line which we have taken now into our assortment. This PVC brake line can get damaged by manipulation or friction with other parts of the body. Available each from stock.

King pin stop bolt, each, (max 25 Nm)

Bus -07/67
211 405 543

The steering angle with Type 2 buses -07/67 is limited by 2 conical stop bolts, which are foreseen of a wire end. These conical stops are transmitted and assembled through this wire end and a locking nut across the king pin. When the maximum steering angle has been reached the pin touches the spindle nut and the turn movement is stopped. We know from experience that this part of the steering is very susceptible to corrosion and can seriously get stuck. Disassembly can cause damages and to produce this part again demands mechanical work. From now on BBT can deliver this stop bolt from own production each from stock.

Oil Deflector in brakedrum

Beetle, Karmann Ghia -07/64
111 501 631

Since quite some time the BBT product development department has been planning to produce these oil deflectors, however to find a good manufacturer for the tooling and production was a very complex task. Anyway time has brought a solution and we’re quite satisfied with the result. The oil deflector plates can be found on the rear brake drums and they have the significant task to prevent that oil from the gear box escaping through the swing axle, will get on the brake lining. Frequently the original plates are damaged by corrosion or got damaged when removing them from the brake drum. From now on we can deliver from stock a good reproduction according to the original NOS model for Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 and also for Porsche 356. Sold each.

Piston and cylinder kit with flat top pistons Type4/914
2000 cc - 94,00 mm

Type4, 914 - 2000cc - Ø 94 mm

For amateurs of Type 4 engines and especially those who love high performance Type 4 engines, we have from now on these 2000cc piston cylinder kit available. It is similar to the original version used on Type 4 2000cc engines like they used to be placed in Porsche 914. The flat top aluminum pistons admit a higher compression and accordingly it is possible to generate more power from the Type 4 engine. The cylinders are casted. Standard boring 94mm for a standard stroke 71mm. The set consists of 4 casted cylinders, 4 aluminum pistons, 1 set of piston rings, 4 wrist pins and clips.

Exhaust 25/30hp, Vintage Speed, single exhaust with pre-heat risers, Stainless steel

Type 1

There are only limited possibilities to replace the original style exhaust on 25 and 36hp engines and this exhaust completes our offer. It is also an alternative for fans of 25 and 36hp engines. These exhausts from stainless steel with pre-heat riser are available in a version with 1 oval tail pipe and a model with 2 33mm tail pipes. They are foreseen with a M18 x 1.5 screw for assembly of a Lamda sensor. The exhausts are sold a piece, assembly set included.

Lock catch sliding door rear, right

Bus 08/67-07/79
211 843 636B

A damaged or broken lock catch on a sliding door can cause a lot of grief and resulting in considerable costs for repairing the sliding door , that has fallen out of your bus due to bad closure. Regular greasing of the different suspension and lock parts and repairing visible damaged parts in time can prevent a lot of trouble. From now on we can deliver the rear lock catch for sliding door for Type 2 08/67-07/79 each from stock.

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