April 2018


Do our politicians have that same feeling? If I look at the smug faces of Poetin and Erdogan, I have my doubts.  Trump however is a special case. If I look really good at him, I don’t believe that he has ever been young. According to me he has never been a hustler, nor had that energy of a young foal in the meadow….

It’s sad, when you see that such a man, without reflection, can shamelessly ‘penalize’ the world’s economy with his protective measures. Everything he wants, has been tried in the past and had disastrous consequences. From famine (and death) in the thirties till the ‘chicken tax’ on Volkswagen buses in the seventies.

I’m not an economist and even less a visionary, but I do know that the only (economical) power behind the growth of the economy in the world and the involved decrease of poverty, can only be achieved through globalization and cross-border cooperation between countries and economies…. I really don’t see any reason nor excuse that it will be worth to end up again in a cold war or an economic boycott, in which we have to bid against one another. I rather see one open field without economic borders, where work and joy of work can be shared. Where labour will be equally divided upon our shoulders and where we can all travel around, discover and live together in all happiness. That’s what good visionary world leaders should strive after…

Do you also have the feeling that everything goes a bit smoother? Springtime makes you feel as a young foal in the meadow, that’s nice… We have nothing against the young blood….

Don’t blame the others, but try out what you can improve. And that counts not only in politics or economy, but it applies on everything… even in our Volkswagen world. During our latest foreign trade missions, we’ve visited a great number of manufacturers, discussing production processes and pointing to the importance of quality and correct production. I hope I have made a difference for our Volkswagen community. I definitely wish to thank all the Brazilian people I’ve paid a visit to for their hospitality!

You can follow all our adventures of our Brazilian trip on the BBT blog Please do it!

So one thing remains on my to do list: wishing you all a splendid spring season, release the foal in you, frolic and playful in the early heartwarming sunshine. Enjoy the annual returning feeling of youth!

Good luck!

New products

Screw side side pop-out frame - Stainless Steel

0397-130   Bus -07/67
N 10 905 1

The little screw that makes a big difference! Now available brand new. These small screws hold the split window pop out window frame together! Sold each!

Antenna Safari - Chrome

0432-800   Bus -07/67

When your split window bus has safari windows the choice of antenna’s is very limited. Now we  offer the antenna in exact the same model like Volkswagen did back in the day, this is as it should be… time to play that radio Franky!

Cabine door lock catch, left/right

0438-750   Karmann Ghia 08/55-07/63
141 837 295

Last year we had a lot of problems with the door lock catch for the Karmann Ghia, built before end of July 1963. Originally they came in plastic and they had the intention to break real fast, especially as so many door hinges on Ghia’s have little play and don’t align very well with locking mechanism. We decided to team up with a German CNC manufacturer and designed this door lock catch in aluminum to the highest tolerances. Aluminum has the characteristic, that it will not break of course. At the same time we redesigned, that we could easily make one piece fitting for left as well right side, what made us to rename all under the BBT part 0438-750 and we could delete BBT ref 0438-751. BBT ref 0438-750 will fit left as  well as right as one unique part. We finished the part in anodised black for proper looking to match originals. Sold each.

Door hinge pin standard - Stainless Steel

0475-500   Bus -07/67
211 831 421

Get rid of that play on your door hinges!! BBT delivers the door hing pin for your early bus (split window bus) in stainless steel. Top quality as you’re used to get from BBT at a real decent price. Sold each!

Fuel sender TQ

0493-705   Bus 02/55-07/67 , KG 8/60-7/61 & 8/66-
271 919 051B

We already have the economy version of this fuel sender since a longer time in our program under our BBT ref 0493-7, but most customers want a better quality, as the cheap one was not as good as it looked… The problem is inside, a very thin wire that holds the float needs almost nothing to break… that problem is finished now with this top quality, easily comparable with OEM! BBT cares about quality parts as nobody else!

Radio knob set Ivory


For the Vintage lovers we have now the ivory radio knobs to play these Vintage tunes on your car radio in style! We supply these knobs with extra adjusting sleeves, so they will fit most Vintage car radios. These radio knobs come in the classic (pre 67) VW button style to match perfectly with the other switches in your car. We stock the ivory ones and can supply the white and black version of this product on special order. Sold in a set of one pair and all necessary hardware and even a small allen key to fix the buttons exactly to perfection!

Fuse box for 8 fuses

0662-502   Bus 04/60-07/67

Cable grommet boot

0799-300   Bus 05/79-08/92

For all your T25/T3 Vanagon lovers….

Heatingtube central

1097-650   Bus 03/55-07/72

This tube is the long metal tube that goes under your bus from front to rear to guide the generated heat of your heat exchangers to the front cabin. This tube is indispensable for a good working heater system in ANY bus made between 55 and 72. Fits split and early bay windows, all models from deluxe, panels, pick ups and trucks. If not rusted out, many times this tube is missing or totally dented. We offer the perfect replacement restoration product here! We supply as well the insulation that originally covers the heating tube system .You can find it under BBT ref 1098-500

Front axle bearing

1396-350   Bus 07/63-07/67
211 401 301A

This needle bearing sits in your front axle housing and lets turn your trailing arm smoothly and freely in your front axle housing… These are the outer needle bearings that will fit the front axles of your split window bus with the “big” trailing arms built from the 1964 model year (starting at the 1st of August from the 1963 year of production) all the way up till the end of the split window bus production. Sold each.

Gasketkit for transaxle - German

1415-080   Beetle -07/60, Bus -04/59

BBT offers now a full gasket set for the split case transmission up to 1960. Proudly made in Germany this is the best money can buy!

Gearbox oildrainplug magnetic

1493-030113 301 141 B

When two metal parts are running over each other, you will always have some metal micro parts (metal filings) coming loose. In transmissions, it’s that little left over filings that get absorbed in the oil… Well, this magnetic drain plug will get those micro-metal parts out of your oil and hold onto it for you until your next oil change! I don’t think we have to tell you this is in direct line with the life span of your transmission? Prolong life of your tranny for very little cost!!

Switch cover in dash

2670-515   Beetle 1303 Bus 04/79-07/92
133 957 087

For your 1303 or “SuperBeetle” we made the “dummy switch”, the blanks to fill up the holes in your dash, perfect fit and finish, exactly like original. Perfect fit with good tension so definitely no rattle or noise which you don’t need…. replace that old scruffy one now, fill up those empty holes or switch that disabused one…

Dashboard clip holds dashboard cluster to dashboard

2675-700   Bus 08/67-07/79
211 957 089

This is the little clip that holds the dashboard cluster into your Bay window bus dashboard! . We made this product simply because we had a LOT of demands for used parts… These days are over now (and our used stocks down to zero) so we can easily supply these clips brand new in a real good quality… problem solved. We can all mount our dashboard clusters again as it should. Sold each!

Speedometer KPH

2691-100   Beetle 08/67-

Replace your broken or worn out speedo with this very nice reproduction, fuel gauge is not included, but we do offer it separately…

Catchplate doorwindowfasterners - stainless steel (pair)

7437-600   Bus -07/67

These small plates are many times missing or totally worn out on many split window buses. Originally painted ,we’ve decided to stock them in stainless steel. For those who don’t like scratched paint on their bus, just buff them up and they will become all shiny! If you don’t like them shiny, you can still paint them….:) This is a two in one solution this way…:) Sold by the pair, and proudly tested on several buses out of the BBT collection.

Buffer dome lightswitch sliding door

7570-025   Bus 08/74-07/79
211 947 575A

This little rubber duck switches off your dome light switch in your Bay Window. Mounted in the sliding door for Deluxe models. It makes sure that the dome light switches off at the moment you close the door. Many times missing,suffering because of age, or just missing after an extensive restoration, we now deliver the right model!

Front window seal "Deluxe" (Plastic trim)

7800-100  Type 3 08/63-
311 843 121

New seal for the real Type 3 lover … This Deluxe seal is a very high quality seal that is made with a groove to accept a deluxe window molding. It’s the only rubber to give your car back that factory look! If there’s enough demand for this one, we would also love to bring back the side and rear window rubber with the groove.
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BBT produced

Cabine door lock catch, left/right
Price modifications are indicated on the pricelist itself!
Sport mirror 'Baby Bravo', Black synthetic material, left

Classic quick shifter 14 inch, ivory knob, Vintage Speed

Bumper support, rear, left

Hinge reinforcement left

Hinge reinforcement right

Inner sill, right

Front wing outer skin, right

Rear wheelarch left

Rear wheelarch right

Connection nipple for #1249-5

Valve seats 35.5 mm, by 4

Revolution counter Autometer, Sport Comp, 8.000 Rpm, Ø 3,75 inch (95 mm)

Key ring with bottle opener the design of the VW T1 Bus - blue

Sticker L 595, Fontana grey
Price modifications are indicated on the pricelist itself!

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