For more information concerning our different parts, you can always contact us and ask for a quotation without engagement by one of our salesmen.

New parts
We try to have most items of our immense assortment of spare parts continuously in stock, ready for immediate shipment. With a delivery coefficient of 95 %  we’re doing our best to guarantee perfect deliveries. For all details of our products please consult catalogue, on paper as well as online. Our catalogue has been translated into 5 important European languages to assist you with your purchases in the best possible way.

BBT production parts
These parts have been developed by BBT. After many years certain products were no longer available. It happens that VW or other manufacturers stop the production, when they consider that it is no longer remunerative. Or the machinery tooling has been used that much that quality of the products doesn’t match the original intended models. After long research, development, testing and quality control we’ve succeeded to find in most of the cases a adequate part at the best price/quality. These parts are recognizable by their packing, specially developed by BBT and the indications used in our catalogue.

New Old Stock – NOS
We have also a large number of NOS parts (New Old Stock) in stock. This means that we still have the original parts, out of the time that the air cooled Volkswagen was still in production.

Second-hand parts
You have a big choice out  of our second-hand parts stock. Of course, there are always parts you cannot find new anymore.

Very special parts
We do also have a little warehouse for very special parts,  like parts for Split,  Schwimmwagen, Kübel etc.

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