11 july 2024 - NEW

Nothing is guaranteed.
Nothing more unpredictable as Western European weather.

One hour nice and warm, next raining and windy.
We've seen it all this summer, or was it just this week?

The only good thing about unpredictable weather?
Perfect garage time!

Wrench that VW beauty, finish that project!
And when the weather allows, take it for a spin.

BBT parts are here to help.
Welcome to BBT NEWS.
Bay window front brake hoses hold in place by this bracket.
Sits under the nut from the upper Ball Joint.

The brake hose pass through this bracket hold by the clip HERE
Ball Joints for bay window bus HERE
On the front of your frame head, you have an inspection cover.
The inspection cover covers the hole to remove your shift rod.

We add the gasket for the Type 3 inspection cover today.
For the Beetle inspection cover, you can find the gasket HERE

Sealing your frame head inspection cover is very important to keep water and dust out of your tunnel.
These two self-adhesive foam gaskets sit on the shut off valves from your 1968 and later beetle fresh airbox.
Only for non-blower fresh air boxes. 

The foam gaskets help the shut off valves to control fresh air flows to your dashboard.
When foam gaskets are missing, or worn-out, fresh air keeps on blowing out of your dashboard.
We do carry self-locking spindle nuts for early beetles HERE
We add now self-locking spindle nuts for 63-67 Split window bus. 

These self-locking spindle nuts replace the double-nut & thrust-washer system.
Perfect for a more accurate and easier front wheel bearing adjustment. 

Comes in one pair, one for the left and one for the right side.
Our entire spindle nut family HERE
BBT NEWS team wish you a cool "wrenching" weekend.

5 july 2024 - NEW

European Bug In was a blast.
Last weekend the quaint town of Chimay was simply invaded by classic Volkswagens.

Grandstand filled up completely several times to watch the races.
BBT booth ran full force whole weekend long.

Despite the (heavy) rains on Saturday evening it was a top edition!
Another proof Classic Volkswagen scene is alive and kicking.

More motivation to bring you more and better parts.
Welcome to the BBT.


We made the rear wheel bearing carrier for big nut split window bus transmissions.
This wheel bearing carrier holds the bearing and the rear axle oil seal.

Fits Brazilian 67-75 Kombi and 63-67 German bus.
Cast iron exactly like original.


1410-622 Rear wheel bearing carrier – Bus 08/62-07/67 BBT


BBT makes ignition wire sets with brown connectors HERE
Because colors matter in a nice restoration.

Our short brown connectors HERE being longer available separately.
Now we add the long connectors in brown Bakelite.

Necessary on all Type 4 engines, and handy on certain Porsche 356 applications.
A must when mounting a Porsche 911 type of cooling on your Type 1 engine.

2019-110 Sparkplug connector long (brown) – BBT


Type 4 engines push rod tubes have been hold steady by a spring.
Designed differently as a Type 1 engine this spring is mandatory.

This spring hooks up to the rocker shaft while the four “fingers” make sure the push rod tubes stay where they belong.
Our entire family push rod tubes HERE

1757-120 Lockingspring push rod tube – Type4


The tail gate on your T25/T3/Vanagon is supported by two gas pumps for easy opening.
We add the two rubber seals you need for proper installation on the upper side.

You need two pieces per pump, makes four per car.
Gas pumps HERE will be soon back in stock.

0438-296 Seal gaspump rear hood – Bus 05/79-08/92


Last thing  this week we introduce the felt ring under the brake fluid reservoir on early cars.
This thick felt ring is engineered to protect your paint around the brake fluid reservoir for overspill.

They did not age very well or simply missing, now we offer a perfect replacement.
Our entire family of brake fluid reservoirs HERE

1257-045 Seal brake fluid reservoir – Beetle/KG -08/60


We adjust our sale quantity for connecting rod nuts.
While we used to offer each, we change now to sets of eight pieces.

As you need all eight for one engine anyway.
One quantity gives you eight nuts.

Easier to order, easier for the factory to pack.
These collared connecting rod nuts are authentic in every detail.

Exactly like original. Made in Germany.
New sharp pricing.

1599 Nut connecting rod (8)

BBT News team wishes you a spoiled sunny weekend.

28 june 2024 - NEW

Life is too short to use inferior VW parts.
Quality is as important to us as it is for you.

Because we drive our own VW’s,
BBT range is deep and complete.

Every week we drive more of our cars,
every week we add more quality parts.

Welcome to the BBT NEWS.

Every car came with a jack since new, that was mandatory.
VW choose to clamp their jack in the front spare wheel well, right next to your spare wheel.

We now bring you these clamps, fresh out of our brand-new production.
Fits all beetles from August 1955 up to July 1971
and all Ghia’s and Type 3’s up to July 1971

Frequently missing, finally back available.
No reason anymore that your jack is floating around in trunk or cabin!

0856-600 Clamp for jack in spare wheel well – Beetle, KG, Type3 08/55-07/71


The warm air coming from your engine supposed to heat up your beetle is divided to different directions in the front by these connectors.
Sitting somewhere midway before your A-pillars these are frequently missing.

If not missing the early Bakelite type of plastic tend to break easy while replacing the flexible tubes that come and go to it.
We now offer correct replacements, two prongs for early beetles and three prongs for later brothers.

All our heater hoses and related parts HERE

1097-050 Connector heaterhose front 2-way – Beetle -07/68
1097-060 Connector heaterhose front 3-way – Beetle 08/68-


We add the right front fender for the 181/Thing/Trekker/Kubel.
Left fender is already available HERE

0889-802 Wing front right – Type181


Sliding side windows have been optional on Bay Window, Vanagon and Eurovan.
T2, T3 and T4 in official dealer codes.

Now we introduce the little seal for the sliding window lock.
Sits between glass and lock to close nicely around the holes.

Sold each.

7605-305 Seal sliding window lock – Bus 08/67-2003


We got them back in stock Bosch W8AC.
Check out our prices and quantities!

2015 Spark plug Bosch W8 AC


BBT News team wishes you an easy life with lots  of VW fun.
Please visit our BBT booth @ European Bug In this weekend.



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