BBT’s wholesale distributor program consists of our entire range of parts from the BBT catalogue. For large periodical quantity orders we provide reductions summarized in net price lists, coupled to a certain turnover.

Do you want to start up a shop or are you a professional trader? We can help!

Extra service:

We have our own transport throughout Europe. We drive every year more than 500.000km to deliver goods to our European dealer network. We have the best Volkswagen parts network in Europe. Isn’t there yet a BBT retailer in your neighbourhood and you’d like to make your profession of your hobby (part –or fulltime) ? Contact us today on and who knows perhaps our truck will be stopping at your door!

Furthermore BBT is used to deal with large shipment. Containers are our speciality. Many overseas customers buy from BBT, because they are sure that their containers can be filled without any problems with cars from our offer; ‘something for everybody’.
We have always some nice projects, good original cars, rare and/or restored cars,… the fastest growing Volkswagen parts companies in the world are our partners. If they thrust us, what  hold you back to join in with us? References can always be obtained!

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