October 2017


Exactly one year ago I was writing about the presidential elections in the USA and look where we are standing today! A world that has been split and, a world that polarizes and divides.  Politics means unifying and not dividing.  Isn’t it sad that it has to end this way on our blue globe, that we call planet earth ? Let’s hope there have been enough wake up calls and that people will realize that politics is something different than running a company… In the meantime France has given a good signal during the elections, whereas the United Kingdom are stuck with the ‘Brexit’.  We’re looking forward to the elections in Germany.  Will “Mutti” Merkel keep sitting firmly in the saddle and most of all, will she be enough innovative after being  the ‘Bundes’ chancellor for so many years?

All this together with de sad early autumn weather in Western Europe , it doesn’t cheer you up… but when I look at the left behind my shoulder I look into the hall with plenty of Volkswagens that smile to me, anyway how can I  still be angry.  I sometimes think that they all get along, oldtimers remain a cool hobby (in my case an real life achievement) and old Volkswagens are dashing beautiful.  It’s not a shame to reinvent oneself and one’s hobby, is it ?

And the oldtimer hobby just continues.  When I look at the latest sales results of  big oldtimer auctions in America, there is clearly no real correction, which has been predicted by many people. Although.. not yet…Though there is something flagging on the market and that comes simply by WHAT has been sold and WHO that buys.  If you really want the invest in oldtimers, buy the real stuff, cars (or motorcycles) with a high pedigree, well documented, real stuff, not almost original or fake, or things that are somewhat doubtful.  Real cars are  their money worth, clones and wannabees will fall out sooner or later. Invest your hard-earned money  with intelligence.

And BBT will continue to deliver parts, we’ll keep working for better products.  At this moment we’ve samples at dozens in factories all over the world to examine the possibilities for the best reproductions.  Fedex and DHL are making a lot of money, simply by carrying our samples all over the world. When a certain part is ready and the first production arrives at BBT, we are just very proud.  We are expecting a lot of plating work for buses for the next months in upmost quality (well pressed not pleated) but also some smaller stuff such as fuel pump flanges, caps for front wheel bearings or engine suspensions etc. . You just can’t imagine it  or we’ve being occupied with it… Is there something that’s bothering you ?  Something missing or that is according to you lacking on the market ?  Your ideas are always welcome, perhaps you can give us some inspiration or motivation ?  We’ll be happy to hear it!

I hope that this newsletter will come across in a more positive way, than the political crap that we’ve heard the previous time and that we may build together for a better Volkswagen (parts) world.


New BBT production

bbt production

# 7670-016  Sliding door lock button - Bus 08/84-08/92 BBT

Price modifications are indicated on the pricelist itself!

No longer available


# 0012-950 Bumper front, chrome
# 0625-60 Tail light, left or right, white, economy, each
# 1601 Crankshaft Type 1 13/1600cc
# 2605-02 Fuel level 'Sport Comp'
# 2605-03 Oil temperature 'Sport Comp' 60-170°C
# 2605-04 Oil pressure 'Sport Comp' 0-7 Bar
# 2627 Oil-temperature Sport Comp 40°-120°C
# 6000-300 Key ring with bottle opener the design of the VW Beetle red
# 6290-021 Sticker L 70 F, Chinchilla
# 9103-90 Convertible outer hood, Original quality vinyl, black
# 9490-01-03 Volksworld
# 9490-08-02 Volksworld
# 9490-09-02 Volksworld
# 9490-11-02 Volksworld
# 9490-12-02 Volksworld
# 9491-21 Total VW
# 9491-22 Total VW
# 9491-23 Total VW
# 9491-27 Total VW
# 9491-29 Total VW
# 9493-132 Super VW
# 9493-134 Super VW
# 9493-135 Super VW
# 9493-136 Super VW
# 9493-137 Super VW
# 9493-140 Super VW
# 9493-141 Super VW
# 9493-145 Super VW
# 9493-146 Super VW
# 9493-151 Super VW
# 9493-176 Super VW
# 9493-177 Super VW
# 9493-203 Super VW
# 9493-208 Super VW
# 9493-210 Super VW
# 9493-213 Super VW
# 9493-214 Super VW
# 9493-215 Super VW
# 9493-217 Super VW
# 9920-010 T-shirt (Medium)

Price modifications are indicated on the pricelist itself!

Available to special order only

Following items are still available @ BBT but due to low demand they are now available as special order what might be subject to longer delivery terms.

# 0215-1 Runningboard mat beige left, each
# 0556-04 Sun visors, pair, black, with mirror
# 0626-310 Taillight bulb holder, dual, as pair
# 1334-05 Trailing arm
# 1515-400 Pressure plate strengthened 200 mm (3000 lb)
# 9105-13 Convertible outer hood, Canvas, beige
# 9496-26 Airmighty 26
# 9496-27 Airmighty 27
New products

Horn grilles (pair)

Beetle -10/52
113 853 641 (x2)

Up to October 1952 Volkswagen used different round horn grills instead of the later oval ones. These round horn grills are very specific for your split window beetle. We carry the perfect reproduction, that has a finishing very close to original. The best horn grill your money can buy! Sold a pair.

Screw door centerwedge (pair)

Bus -12/63 Beetle -01/53
N 14 2331 (x2)

In the early fifties there was not a lot of Philips screws to be found on our Volkswagens… some exceptions could be found for the door hinges to the body and… for the center-wedges… because of finding good originals was a big problem we decided and stepped up and “arranged” to make this a stock product! Now available from our stocks, to mount your rubber door-wedges bug & bus! Mount them now exactly like it should, with original type of screws…. get yours from your local BBT dealer now!

Vent wing lock, left

Bus 05/79-07/92
171 837 657A

T25/T3 vanagon buses are important to us, and vent wings should be able to get locked in these winter months. Therefore we offer now brand new vent wing locks to close that vent wing properly and like original!

Sunvisor, white

Bus 05/79- 07/92
251 857 551A + 251 857 552A

Used sun visors are always dirty, bend and deformed, or simply missing! Since a long time we’ve most a large range of sun visors in stock. Now we’ve extended our BBT line of sun visors with these perfect and very original looking quality sun visors for all T3 buses and pick-ups…. Give that Vanagon, T25 or T3 or whatever you want to call it a brand new pair of sun visors. Your interior will look so different at once. Sold a pair….

Light bulb H4, 6 V 60/55W

0661-155  P43t

Shine…. shine the light! Now also with 6 volts!!! Bright light from this incredible “Fake” Halogen “H4” bulb to fit your original headlights! Now we finally can see where we drive also in dark….:)

Seal under outer sliding door handle

Bus 8/73-7/79
211 843 711P

Small round rubber between your door handle and sliding door on your late bay window. Fits all models which have the key barrel under the handle (Key lock not integrated inside the handle). It gives a nice touch and protects your body and paint. A must have and must install on any of your late bay window buses…

Seal under outer sliding door handle

Bus 05/79-07/84
251 843 711

This is the little seal that fits between the door handle and the door it elf on sliding doors from your beloved T25/T3/Vanagon bus. Finish that car like it should and give it the good looks (and protection!) with these little necessary seals….. both models available.

Coat hook Deluxe

Bus 03/55-07/63
241 857 635

This cool little accessory was originally fitted in deluxe buses from 1955 to 1963, but is often broken or missing. With this very nice reproduction you can finish your interior in style again!

Battery bracket top

Bus 08/67-07/79

Battery brackets for your bay window. Keeping your battery nicely secured in place is not only mandatory by law. It also helps to the long life of your battery, and prevents short-circuits and such! So more important as you might think at first it is. To secure the battery you need the proper bracket, well now we offer the perfect solution for that bay window bus….

Elbows heatexchanger to heaterflap Type4 (Pair)

Bus 08/71-07/85
071 256 051 + 071 256 052

You can find these “elbow” pipes  in the front of your engine (in driving direction ) between your heat exchanger and the heater control flap (that is connected with a cable to your dash control levers). Good condition of these elbows is mandatory to make your heater system work as it should be. We’re happy we have found those parts now and added to our ever-growing program to keep your Volkswagen on the road! Sold per pair with a perfect fit on all of your aircooled Type 4 engines in your Bay window or T25/T3 vanagon bus!

Hog Rings (50 pieces)


We used to sell the hog ring kit including pliers for a longer time under BBT ref 1160-000, but once you have the pliers you will only need the hog rings to place the seat covers on your beloved Volkswagen. So from today you can also buy these set of hog rings separately, without the pliers. We sell them in sets of 50 pcs.

Non returnvalve brake servo

Bus 08/70-
191 611 933

Work on your safety! This little valve keeps the vacuum to your servo when your engine stalls, so your servo keeps working (and let you brake normally) when your engine stalls… You'll find this valve between your vacuum line right behind your inlet manifolds. Make sure yours is in place and works fine or replace with BBT’s perfect reproduction.

Bushing with clamp upper steering column

Bus 03/55-07/67
211 415 637A + 211 415 631A

Another top quality part that’s many times missing on many split window buses. This ring and rubber connect your steering column to the pad that attaches the whole to your dash pod. When it's not missing, there is a big chance that  the rubber is too hard or totally worn out… this is your perfect solution.

Piston and cylinder kit 30 DIN Hp (36 SAE) - 80x64mm 1286cc - (4pcs) - AA performance

1715-055111 198 057B

Soup up that old bug! This big bore Piston & Liner kit for your early engine that fits right in the “Old Speed” rage that’s coming up… what’s next? Fast old cars with fast old technologies…. yammie! Nothing better than that old style looking engine under the engine lid… pure vintage! Get that old chicken running! Pistons in this kit are hypereutectic. This is a relatively new process of aluminum casting where the aluminum has a way higher grade of silicone to allow way tighter tolerances… a complete explanation about this  can be found very very clearly on Wikipedia. This Bigbore kit will turn a stock VW 36HP 1191cc into a 1286cc The pistons were designed to work with a 69mm stroke crank, giving you the ability to make a 1387 with all the parts available on the market..This kit does require machine work on the cylinder heads and case both will need to be opened to accommodate the bigger bore without affecting the reliability.

Nut cooling fan - Type1 engine

111 119 141A

The back of your generator holds your cooling fan, or at least that’s on your Type 1 engine that way. We offer now the nut that holds the fan in place on your generator! Very specially designed nut that VW used almost forever on all Type 1 engines. Get your replacement now.

Engine lid spring, black

Beetle -04/55 (-ch 1-869 850)
111 827 331

The wide spring is back! 100% exactly like original this can serve your highest original restoration projects… The spring for the engine was wider till 1955 than the later ones, which made these“wide springs” a really wanted object on swapmeets and used parts websites. Now we offer  the perfect solution with this top notch reproduction.

Beauty rings 'Flat4' 15" 5x205 (4 pcs)

Beetle, Karmann Ghia 10/52-07/65

These state of the art beauty rings are just marvelous! Fit perfectly and look exactly the real deal, exactly like original accessories beauty rings from back in the day!

Fuel gauge (grey)

Bus 08/67-03/73
211 957 063

After the speedo was the fuel gauge undoubtedly the best invention on your dashboard…. without gas your car don’t drive!…. We’re very proud now that we can offer  the grey face fuel gauge for your beloved early bay window bus. Many times these get broken, or the resistance just burns!

Dash grab handle - black

Bus 08/67-07/79
211 857 643B 041

This dash grip suffers a lot from “sunburn” or pets! We have a lot of requests and now we offer you the solution! Exactly like original this fits all bay window buses….

Ceramic Type 1 4 in 1 header + S.Q.P. muffler 13/1600 - Tri-Mil


After Bugpack was sold to Empi we came to the end of our economic header system from Bugpack after going through all of our stocks. Because Empi does not supply the quality we like, we teamed up with Tri-Mil for a good quality-price sports exhaust line in our economic range. Tri-Mil is a long time in existence exhaust manufacturer and is very happy they have with BBT now a very strong distributor for the European market.

Coolant bleeder valve 1900cc WBX

Bus 04/83-07/85
025 121 082

This bleeder valve can be  found on your Vanagon T25/T3 bus, when it’s powered by a WBX engine (water boxer). It connects all of your water hoses on top of your engine, and “bleeds” all air out of your water circuit… The quality of plastic from the eighties wasn’t that great and most of these valves are broken or about to be. So now we ‘re proud we can offer this part  in a superior than the original quality to keep your WBX Vanagon on the road for many years to come!

Clip inside window scraper, inox

Bus 08/67-07/79
Type 3
211 837 475A

The inside window scrapers have been attached with these clips in every bay window bus doors. The originals are mostly completely deformed after dismantling so they will need replacement. We, @ BBT, offer now the perfect quality replacement with the only right model of wiring to get a perfect fit… anything else will NOT fit properly, period.  Ready on our shelves for delivery to you!

Sliding door lock button

Bus 08/84-07/92
251 843 670A

The most stupid small things can be the most annoying! This little part is not different. To lock your sliding door from your late T25/T3 bus can be getting pretty challeging from the inside without this little necessity! Is yours broken or missing? We have the solution right here!

Horn button for Banjo steering wheel - Ivory


These Banjo horn buttons are exactly like original.

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