July 2018


Oh yes, a long hot summer is coming after this marvelous spring! Let’s hope it will be wonderful, because we’ve been enjoying the nice weather in spring, though we aren’t yet recovered from the long winter.  A nice hot summer should melt down the rest of the ice age in me…J

Melting away, that what de peace in the world is doing.. there is again a new agreement with North Korea, but let us await if it will be fulfilled. Though I don’t see much positive news except from the football madness.  Even if I’m not a fan of football, nevertheless I like the philosophy behind de World Cup. Should Belgium win the games, our domestic market would increase with 30%.  Winning will make people euphoric and they’ll start to spend money on all kinds of things. Does it work that way ? OK, then I’ll be cheering too….

Furthermore it’s still waiting which protectionist measures will follow resulting from the increase of import duties on steel in the USA. Perhaps on  cars too ?  That may be justified, but will car parts follow ? And what will be the answer of the affected countries, will they also l increase taxes on American products ?  Which group of people and companies will be affected? And  when  will this ‘bidding’ stop ? These are some matters I’m worrying about… and I don’t think I’m alone..

But first summertime, the gentlemen politicians will hopefully have some nice holidays with a lot of rest and lucidity. So that they will be able to take some clear decisions next political working year.  If I’m wishing the politicians  a good holiday, then I will surely to the same to you, being customer or supplier, or just a friend of the house, I wish you all a nice summer! Will you go on vacation ? Then with a lot of rest and pleasure.  Do you prefer to work at your own cars or on cars of your customers, on your productions, in your (new) workshop or warehouse ? We’ll wish you a lot of joy in your work !

And don’t forget to enjoy the sun and the warm temperatures once in a while. Perhaps  a nice drive in your oldtimer  or a drink on a terrace ?  Or a nice meeting ? Enjoying can be very simple.. and pleasant!

For everybody a nice summer, so that the last bit of winter will melt down in you.  Let’s hope will meet at one of the Volkswagens events this summer!


New products

Engine lid lock catch - Karmann Ghia 18/67-

Karmann Ghia 08/67-
141 827 503B

Engine lid lock catch for the Karmann Ghia coupé, built in 1968 and later. A very nice reproduction ready for you to use on your Ghia!

Vent window assembly left (SWT)

Bus 08/67-07/79

The market has been screaming for years after good vent wings,.Whereas used items in good condition have  raised to stratospheric levels, what an entire bus costed a mere 15 years ago. Vent wings are victims of the rust devil and since many years we’re aware that  the market is ready for a serious replacement part. Therefore BBT stepped up and started producing a complete new assembly and a perfect replacement part, no substitutes with aluminum and such, but the real deal, a vent wing exactly like original, but new…. Brand new and exactly like original, the real deal. Did we know how many separate parts  are involved to produce these vents wings ? It's almost incredible for a part that looks so easy…. But actually it is a very complicated part to make and to assemble. Besides all different components to produce it needs 24! riveting jobs (exactly like original) it needs 110 minutes assembly time in total for each frame, and the outer frame needs no less than 2 different laser operations. All in all very complicated and very intensive to produce. Our manufacturer did a great job and we’re very proud of the results! After four years of development, the final product is awesome! A perfect vent wing as was meant to be, and 100% like original! Our ideas give new dimensions to our humble VW bus world! Let the air flow, let the wind blow, open these new vent wings and enjoy the fresh air in your bus!

Headlight bulb holder

0613-110131 941 159A

These headlight bulb holders will fit each headlight with regular Duplo headlight bulbs (sorry no Halogen/H4). This is the later model in plastic, but it is perfectly interchangeable with the earlier metal model. It will fit all headlights of your Volkswagen!! So easy one model fits all…:)

Licenseplate light lens

Karmann Ghia
141 943 121A

We finally have the lenses for the license plate light for your favorite Ghia (coupe and convertible) made available through or regular part number system. We sold them already in the shop, but never took them in the program.These are perfect quality and completely as original! Sold each!

Wiring harness

Beetle Cabrio 1958-59

To complete our range of wiring harnesses we now have the missing ones for VW beetle convertibles AND for 181…

Front floor pan complete (RHD) (SWT)

Bus 03/55-08/59
214 801 051B

Good news for our customers driving on the other side of the road than we do….. the early cab floor for the early post barndoor splitwindow bus is now available… High quality pressed on cast toolings, this is easily comparable with the original panel Volkswagen welded in your bus on the assembly line back in the day!! Quality first… forget all other trash on the market, this is the way to go if you want to make a nice bus!

Bulkhead (SWT)

Bus 08/55-07/62
211 801 081C

This is the early model bulkhead will fit your bus if its post barndoor till July 1962 (VIN 971549) 

We call this model the half-moon bulkhead, and if you look to the pictures you can see why.

The later model (Aug 1963 till July 1967) is called the full moon bulkhead.

The reason VW introduced another model of Bulkhead back in the day was simply because of the change of the seat figuration. 

If your lovely bus has a Bench (one piece) front seat a type you need this half a moon Bulk head 

If your Bus has a 1/3 + 2/3 seat configuration you need a Full Moon bulkhead.

This Bulk head is proudly made on BBT’s private tooling in our Silver Weld Through line of high quality restoration sheet metal parts for your Volkswagen.

Roof repair panel rear (SWT)

Bus 03/55-07/67
211 817 031A/rear

When only the rear or front end of your roof is damaged, no need to replace it completely. Comes in WELD THROUGH PRIMER! Perfectly coated, perfect for storage and transport and no need to grind down when you weld this. Strong, easy and fast!

Centre sidepanel left 30cm

Bus 08/67-07/79

This is the best center side panel for your bay window on the market today! Really well pressed with right corners and correct profiles all around… fits like original and gives a perfect finish! This is exactly like original!!

Moutingstrip track cover L/R

Bus 08/67-07/92
214 843 818

This track strip is situated on your rear quarter panels, left and right, and holds your sliding door middle  hinge rail cover fixed to the car… Fits all Bay window buses from 1968-1979 and all vanagon T25/T3 buses from 1980 till end of production in 1992.

Exhaust assembly kit 25-30HP / double exhausttip

1000-015111 298 003

If you have an early car, with a 25 or 30 DIN Hp engine (that’s 36SAE for our US friends) we have now the correct mounting kit for your exhaust! It's the correct solution for your dual tip muffler…

Repairkit brakecaliper

Type 3 08/71-
Type 411/412
411 698 471

The Volkswagen type 3 family (Notchback, Fastback, Squareback and Type 34 Karmann Ghia) use a different type of brake caliper from 1971 on. Up to 1971 the brake caliper used is the same as for the VW beetle and Karmann Ghia BBT ref 1248 but in the model year 1971 they introduced a new type of brake caliper that’s real hard to get. Sometimes we’re able to score a couple of NOS ones, but that’s rather far and between… so we teamed up and made this state of the art quality rebuild kit for those brake calipers… most of the existing brake calipers can be rebuilt with our new kit. Happy to have found  a good solution for you!

Dashboard clip holds dashboard cluster to dashboard

Bus 08/67-07/79
211 957 089

This is the little clip that holds the dashboard cluster into your Bay window bus dashboard! . We made this product simply because we had a LOT of demands for used parts… These days are over now (and our used stocks down to zero) so we can easily supply these clips brand new in a real good quality… problem solved. We can all mount our dashboard clusters again as it should. Sold each!

Front seat covers black - basket weave - vertical seams

Bus 07/67-07/73

With the ever-growing demand for bay window parts, we’ve decided to start up the bus seat covers in our permanent stock program. We already sell them for a while through our shop and use them in many on our own buses. Their fit is very good and the material is strong… We deliver also the seat paddings for them of course. Be careful when ordering, make sure it’s the right model for your seats. Bus seats have not changed all at the same time, but utilities and basic Kombi versions used this seat model a way longer as deluxe buses and campers… These seat covers are designed for ALL early bay windows and for all bay windows; where the driver seat has a big round knob in front of its base pointing to your steering to adjust the backrest, and where the passenger seat is mounted on hooks and is not adjustable. If your passenger seat is mounted on rails, this is not the correct set for your car.

Roofseal Westfalia

Bus 08/67-07/92

We have now the complete seal kit for your Westfalia roof available straight from our shelves. Covers all years bay window and T25/T3 vanagon models. One kit contains all rubber seals, which you will need so that the pop top roof will close nicely again without damaging the paint on the roof. Also the middle rubber will prevent your roof from leaking, especially while driving! Sold as a kit!

Seal glass to ventframe - TQ (1)

Bus 12/52-07/67

Pre molded rubber between glass and frame from your split window bus vent wing assembly. We’re very excited about this small rubber. Why? Because we’ve spent so much time in the past over and over again try to make something universal fit, it took literally hours each restoration again and gave moderate results! This rubber brings an end to that! Take out the glass of your vent wing (or quarter light window whatever you call it), paint the frame, make sure connection hinges and supports are all ok, put in this rubber and put the glass back in, simple as that… no more pressing etc. to do…. Can you imagine how much easier it is to change the vent wing lock now??? Our 7413-000 comes ready to fit in correct dimensions, in the right thickness and well thought about each detail of this small but oh so necessary rubber…so no reason anymore to replace by any repair or restoration…
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New BBT production

Roof repair panel front (SWT)

Roof repair panel rear (SWT)
Price modifications are indicated on the pricelist itself!
No longer available (NLA)
Round bolt
Used to mount all bumpers onto their brackets, identically to the original fitting.

Round bolt
Used to mount all bumpers onto their brackets, identically to the original fitting.

Rear fender, left
With wide bumperbracket hole (25mm), big taillights, Mexico

Rear luggage carrier, economy

Front fog light kit 'Marchal 660'

Spotlight kit 'Marchal 662/762'

Marchal lampcover (set)

Headlight assembly non H4 - Beetle 08/67-, Bus 08/67-07/79, Type 3, Type 181

Inner sill, left

Floorplate, ½, rear, left

Floorplate, ½, rear, right

Crankshaft bearings, Type 1
Crankcase: 0,50
Crankshaft: 1,00
Thrust: 21mm

Low distributor cap rotor / Garbe-Lahmey

Green wall ring (small) 13 inch, 4 pieces

Revolution counter Autometer, Auto Gage, 8.000 Rpm, external switch-lamp, Ø 5 inch (125 mm)

Revolution counter Autometer, Auto Gage, 10.000 Rpm, external switch-lamp + memory, Ø 5 inch (125 mm)

Boss kit

Double muffler, Quiet pack, ceramic coated

Mug enamelled Beetle/Deluxe bus 500ml

Windshield, green on top green

Rear side window, left, pop-out

Rear side window, right, pop-out

VW Beetle special guide, English, James Richardson
Price modifications are indicated on the pricelist itself!
Available to special order only (SOO)
Aluminium sunroofrails, set

Rods 5.400 for Chevy rod bearings

Cylinderhead gasket, 2 notch

Gasburner, polished, 4 lug (4x130), ET +22

Headlining, perforated vinyl, for sliding roof

Headrest padding

Convertible boot cover, Vinyl, beige

Convertible boot cover, Canvas, brown

Convertible outer hood, Canvas, brown

Airmighty Portfolio 2016
Following items are still available at BBT but due to low demand they are now available as special order what might be subject to longer delivery terms.

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