July 2017


Spring started a bit chilly, but gradually days got nicer.  Splendid ‘convertible” weather and a lot of sunshine! People are happy when the weather is nice and it’s so much easier to work with happy people…

Our great cyber investments are in the making, but unfortunately we’re coping with some delay. Apparently they are now in the final test stage.  It’s quite exciting.  We hold our breath ;-)

There have been some changes in our staff during the last weeks. Two new faces in the office, we’ll have to get used to this summer, but more details later on this article.

This spring  is as usual very busy, it seems even busier than previous years. So increase of our staff will be necessary. In September our sales team will receive an additional hand and we have in mind to engage extra people for our warehouse, so that pressure of work can be kept within bounds. Delivery times must definitely be examined, because they are escalating. Our apologies to those customers who were forced to wait for their orders, we are doing our utmost!

The crisis in the world’s economy seems to be rather under control. Large companies are again investing, the mills are back turning, interests are at an historical rock-bottom, which results of course  in investments  and boost of the economy.

In social and political matters that’s a horse of a different color.   France  resolutely voted for well considered  changes, though the American president Trump seems not be an easy person. In the United Kingdom Teresa May has made a real political mess, which will not beneficiate the Brexit… when will politicians understand that they must collaborate instead of their individualistic, populistic thinking at short terms. We are doing better with our ancient cars and peculiar niche market!  We work together and plan things on long terms, so that we are getting all forward!

I wish you a beautiful summer and let’s hope that we meet one another at the Bug-in in Chimay or le Bug Show at Spa. This year we choose not to be presented in a stand, but we’ll be present on both large meeting, that’s for sure… time for a beer…together!


Personnel update

After 21 years of loyal service, Alain has decided to face other challenges. He started his career at BBT on October 1 1996 as a warehouseman, where he became quick  assistant salesman. In 2000 Alain became my personal purchase assistant. A job that he took over and would do for 16 years with all his heart and soul. Many foreign business trips, striving to fulfill the companies spirit for 100%, numerous visits to factories and suppliers, we’ve experienced it together and we’ll definitely remain friends for life. We all wish Alain the very best in his ‘new life’. No more computer screens, but wood, saws and hammers instead…

Alain will be replaced by Jerry, a young dynamic guy, who started two months ago his training with fresh courage. He’s ready now to start his purchase adventure with supplies and productions outside Europe. Jerry worked before in the automobile sector and has a thorough technical knowledge. You can reach him at jerry@bbt4vwcom

Hector will leave us too for a new challenge in a big international company. He was for 3 years sales assistant and export outside Europe. Frederik will continue his job, and in December he will receive assistance from Geoffrey…

A couple of months ago we said goodbye to Guido, our senior driver. Guido is now enjoying his retirement. He will not be replaced, our tours have been rescheduled and partly set on external transport.

Exciting times…

Available to special order only

Following items are still available @ BBT but due to low demand they are now available as special order what might be subject to longer delivery terms.

# 0385-100 Chrome hook for sunroof lock Type 1/2
# 0385-320 Phenolic guide plate under side springbar Type 1/2 (pair)
# 0386-030 Center lock for sunroof Type 2
# 0486-280

Sun visor Type 3 blue (plastic)

# 0486-282 Sun visor Type 3 green (plastic)
# 0492-130 Fuel tap Porsche 356 03/55-08/61
# 0499-485 Sign D 1985
# 0561-52 Sunvisors Type3 61-74 pair black
# 1000-851 Exhaust assembly kit Type 4 - Vintage Speed
# 1078-520 Brake pads for rear disc kit
# 1286-1 Front brakedrum 1302/1303 Fuchs BBT
# 1799-6 Piston rings 104mm T4
# 2188-5 Crossbar linkage IDA T1
# 2197-610 Velocity stacks covers Pro-Style IDA (pair)
# 4870-252 Roof rack 4 bows T25  (Stainless steel)
# 9105-31 hood T1 68-72 brown canvas
# 9200-35 Headlining Type1 1971 black full vinyl
New products

Lock set

Beetle 08/59-07/63
111 905 803D + 113 837 205C + 113 827 561

Very cool matching key complete handle and lock sets for your Beetle! Very extreme high quality and the real deal, never worry to find the right key anymore!

Front hood emblem (original)

Beetle 09/62-
Type 3 09/62-07/68
Type 181 -07/72
Type4 -07/68
Type147 - 84.50mm (origineel)
113 853 601B

Finally back AND under VW license, the VW Beetle hood emblem from 1962 on… each car needs one! Replace your original or missing one with this brand new item to give your car that smooth standard look back!

Protectioncap mirrorclamp (grey)

Bus -07/67
211 857 545

VW splitwindow buses have a lot of sharp angles. At the beginning of the 60’s VW started designing things to make sharp (and) dangerous edges safer. This protection cap for your mirror arm is a very good example for that… yes this was original in 1961 as far as I know, and I understand even less why they only used it for one year… The modern purist would think that  this is a better way better for airflow, and he’s right! But ithe especially esthetics is the most important today, it’s a little different and it's especially cool looking! A small neat detail to your beloved one.

Sidewindow outer repair panel / complete for 1 window

Bus -07/67

This is the outer (metal) frame for the side window of your split window bus. You will need this to replace rusted out metal window surrounding or if you want to build more windows in your beloved kombi. A must when you want to go from a 11 window to a 13 of 15 window or if you wish to transform a 11 window kombi into a so much desired 21 window samba. You will need this metal piece to build in that extra needed pair of side windows.

Sidewindow inner repair panel / complete for 2 windows Right

Bus -07/67

Brake shoes mounting kit, front / rear

Beetle,  Karmann Ghia -07/57
113 609 301 x2 + 113 609 309/283/289/279 x4

This brake mounting kit bring you all the hardware to replace all rusty and worn springs and clips to mount the brake shoes like it should. This kit fits all beetles and Ghia’s up to October 1957 in the front and all oval era beetles and Karmann Ghias from October 1953 up to October 1957 in the rear. One kit contains all your need for one axle (2 wheels).

Grease seal drop arm

Bus 69-07/72
211 415 273

A good functioning steering offers besides a safe ride also al lot of driving comfort. Durability of the steering box is also determined by the extent of maintenance and the use of high-quality lubricants. The oil in the steering box is good for lubrication and protection, though after  a lot of use the seals that are situated at the incoming side (steering axle) and outgoing side (drop arm), can leak whereby lube oil may escape from the steering house. A steering house without proper lubrication will get worn out much faster, causing serious consequences in respect to safety and expenses. Today we add other seals and more accurate descriptions to our ever-growing steering box spare parts line for your early Bay window bus!

Distributor cap low (TQ)

6V & 1200cc
T1 02/64-07/68
T2 02/64-07/67
Type 3, 1 carb. 08/63-07/68
111 905 207C

Besides our cheap quality low model distributor cap for your 60’s VW BBT stocks now at a very high-end quality in BERU brand 100% German-made! BERU is what we, here @ BBT HQ, use on our own cars! Will fit 6V & 1200cc engines in your Beetle 02/64-07/68, Bus 02/64-07/67 and Type 3, 08/63-07/68, single carburettor only! OE part no. for reference only 111 905 207C

Rotor for distributor cap low, NOS

Beetle 02/64-07/68, Bus 02/64-07/67, Karmann Ghia 02/64-07/68
Type 3, 1 carb 08/63-07/68
111 905 225F

Ignition points, 12/1500 'BERU'

2008-250111 998 063

Bosch ignition points don’t hold anymore, they wash out in a few miles (or kilometers) and are unable to keep up a correct adjustment… once you replace them with quality BERU ignition points your engine runs back like a kitten!  Finally we have the BERU ign points available for the 1200 and 1500 engines too!

Front engine tinware

Bus 08/71-07/79 (1600cc)
211 119 515/A

Finally available in a nice quality… the front engine tin for an upright bus engine… get that type 4 out and replace with a study type 1 engine. We have both the engine tins now!

Speedometer cable (TQ)

Karmann Ghia 08/71-
141 957 801D

Finally available now for late model Ghia’s the correct length and correct model speedo cable! BBT stocks all model Speedo cables and the complete list can be found “here”

Coolant filling reservoir cap

T3 WBX/Diesel 08/82-
025 121 482

Often cracked or broken, BBT offers now a very good quality cap for your coolant filling reservoir. Fits like stock, looks like standard!

Cupboard door handle black, Westfalia

Bus 08/67-07/79
231 070 965 + 231 070 966 + 231 067 156A

Westfalia buses use specific handles on their cabinets inside on their camping furniture,. me we had already in our program, but we’re proud we can offer more colors now and so help you to bring that camping interior back to stock and upgrade your standards…. the look of nice cupboard handles is immense in the general view of your interior, and a good working handle is also very helpful to open your cabinets…:)

Karmann convertible body badge

7150151 853 901

The side badge that should be found on your original Beetle convertible right side front inner fender (just before your right side door) is back available! Comes with license from Volkswagen… So make your convertible happy again and let him wear his personal badge with proud!

Boxertje Tech 7

Classic VW Tech 7 is out now! This next issue in the essential Classic VW tech series of tech manuals for your beloved VW brings all technical information and data for your engine overhaul. What to look for, how to measure, tolerances and which parts to use and replace.  All in one easy going and very well composed manual. VW tech series only come in Dutch language.

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