October 2018


The last one….

Times are changing, in fact real fast, perhaps even too fast ?  Definitely for our conservative inner being, each one of us has somehow the feeling that it used to be better ‘in the old days’.  But the general trend is for short terms and everything has to be better and faster.

We do the same  at BBT; we try to streamline our information faster, and that’s why you’re reading now our last three-monthly newsletter…

The BBT’s Friday Product Update team is very eager to take over with a weekly journal of product information and news.  And who knows once in a while a personal word of myself ? The name FPU will also change  into BBT NEWS : clear and to the point…

A short recap, our first newsletter appeared end 1998, the last end 2018… that’s exactly 20 years, that’s nice, isn’t it ? I used to write the forewords with love and I’ll definitely miss this certain regularity, but a weekly update is simply better and faster.

So a last three-monthly retrospect ? What was  better of spectacular ? First of all a wonderful and splendid summer… just awaken from the winter.  We really did sweat a lot, though a blissful feeling.  I hope you all enjoyed it that much, I did in any case, not that I’m now ready for the winter, but at least I’m better prepared….:-)

On political and economic matters the malaise continues, we all protect our own country,  people or place.  At first sight it seems quite smart, but whatever exercise you make, it will result in higher prices for the end consumer, thus for us ….

The only difference is that price increases get stuck in the globalization with the multinationals and in the protectionism from the government.  Anyway the man in the street will become poorer, if nothing is going to change, and unfortunately this won’t happen, that we can all  predict..

Politically it’s getting worse… honor and modesty is a very long way off, mud fights are daily common issues, Twitter seems to be a diplomatic channel.  Did the gentlemen politicians never heard of the Thai saying :he  who throws dirt is losing ground…

Unfortunately my speeches  of the last 20 years in the BBT newsletters haven’t produced any change, though in our world of beetles they have.  And if we all want to make our small world a better one, than we collaborate at a better world too ? The politicians will get it sooner or later , with the acceleration from the speed of life they might be elected on a weekly base before they realize, ah!

See you soon somewhere on the road, on a VW meeting or a visit at BBT.  As you know you’re always very welcome at BBT!

Innovate, don’t duplicate to keep that VW faith!

Keep you love for you profession and job, that you like to do.  The world can be so nice!



What news is on the run at BBT ?

Who will tell, we try to be better, faster and easier and mostly to be close with our customers and to boost our service.  What is going to change ?

·    The newsletter will appear each week
·    BBT’s Friday Product Update will become BBT News
·    There will be a real time pricelist

Cris a new BBT employee will contact our wholesale customers during this fall  to explain personally all the changes and to work out the best solutions for you, so that you can follow it from your comfortable armchair.

Remarks or suggestions can be communicated to Cris.  They will be checked out internally and solved whenever possible.

We build up  solutions!

New products

Door hinge upper left (SWT)

Bus -07/67
211 831 401 + 405

All 4 models available, upper left and right, and lower left and right… We made those in our run to get the complete doors finished later this year. They’re an exact copy of the original in a quality to die for!

Latch Catch Front Left/Right (SWT)

Bus -07/79 pick up
261 829 447

Latch catches for the pick-up side gates… single cab and double cab, split and bay window, they fit all and all years… We have now all different latch catches in stock and they’ve all been made to exact original models with a very wide test procedure… exactly again as original with an original fit and finish!!

Pedal bushing set

Beetle -07/57, Karmann Ghia

Bushings to restore your pedal set like it should and make them work fine again. We all know that worn out pedals are a pain in neck and give you besides loads of frustration also a very dangerous situation… replace the bushings, assemble everything clean and nicely and your feet will love you more than ever when they can control precisely what they have to do.

Pedal bushing set

0276-500   Bus 02/55-07/79

Parts to rebuild your pedals on your early bus. We think that we can rebuild almost all pedalsets in early buses with these parts and make them operate smoothly again as if they were new! Go for smooth pedal operation and give that old scruffy hard push pedal assembly a new life!

Pushrod between brakecilinder and brake pedal - Non servo

Bus 03/55-07/79

211 721 205 A/B/E/D/G

Brake pedal push rod for all T1 and T2 buses! This is the rod between end of the lever of the brake pedal and the master cylinder somewhere right under the driver’s chair. Because of the length of the rod you can adjust to use in either split or non servo bay window buses! One size fits all!! Comes complete with mounting pin and clip.

Accelerator cable lever kit - Buttys Bits

Bus 03/55-07/59

Buttys Bits makes simply the best accelerator mounting sets of the world, period! After a way too long, we finally stock all their models for left hand drive Splittie and Bay window bus. 
RHD can be obtained on special order! This is the ONLY way to get rid of that play of your accelerator pedal and get that smooth feeling when you push the pedal to the floor… 
Time to floor it baby, with Buttys Bits smooth and flawless accelerator pedal mounting sets!

Vent window assembly rear left

Bus 08/67-07/79
221 847 631A

Top class bus vent wings… These vent wings are a perfect (read at least as good as original ones) replacement for the side deflectors (or whatever you want to call them) on the side windows of your bay window, left or right, we have both sides !! Top quality production. These vent wings will come WITHOUT the vent wing seal. This seal under BBT ref 7515, which is in a good quality as well, has to be bought separately.

Rubber mats seat stand walkthrough (without bulkhead behind seat) black

Bus 08/67-07/79
211 867 765B

Centercap fresh air knob

Karmann Ghia
Type 3

133 819 663A

This cap for the fresh air control fits both the short BBT 0544-150 and the long BBT 0544-151 knob.

Doorpanels black (front)

Bus 08/67-07/79

Door panels for the front doors of your Bay Window, high quality made by our house supplier TMI they’re guaranteed to fit! Throw out those old rubbish door cards and replace with this brand new quality part for loads of joy and total satisfaction!! Sold by the pair. These door panels have been mounted with our clips 0409-550 and rubber seal 0405-550, this hardware is specific for Bay window buses ONLY as the mounting holes in the doors are only 6mm and a different size as other Volkswagen models.

cargobed front half part pick-up (double cab) 12' x 36.5'

Bus -07/67
265 801 473

Front panel on the loading floor of your double cab pick up…the rear part of the cargo floor is the same as a single cab pick up, our part nr 0890-766, but of course the bed on a double cab being shorter, the front panel is shorter too… it has always been cut from a long panel, we offer now the solution for the prefect fit! Will fit all factory crew cabs (not the early BINZ models)

Centre sidepanel left 80cm

Bus 08/67-07/79

Available from now, the center side panel for all years bay window buses…

Rear corner (82cm) - left

Bus 08/67-07/71

Rear corners from the bottom up to the waste line for your early bay window bus (T2a) with the correct bulge for the splash guards! We deliver the complete corners from bottom up to raingutters under our part no. (BBT 0891-355, 0891-356, 0891-357 and 0891-358), but they’re quite costly, if you need only the lower part! We also have the corners for your split window bus, under our part no. (BBT 0890-362 & 0890-372) and we know they’ve been modified to do the job on early bay windows. But these days are over now! Use the correct corner for the correct bus… BBT’s new corners are perfect quality and fit!

Crankshaft with counterweight 69mm +0.25/+0.25 rod


We have now a separate part no. for every different size of grinding, so you can order the exact desired size… there’s a small price break for larger oversize cranks…. The welded counterweight crankshaft is still Bob’s favorite as it’s the only crank he never saw break! They’ve been made forever by his friend José in California and do the job as no other! Counterweight cranks let your engine run smoother, give more horsepower, rev faster and give better mileage, because everything runs way more in balance.

"Panchito 044" heads 85,5mm (2)


The PANCHITO head is the newest addition to our high performance program! Perfect for those mild tuned engines! Super strong heads with all the features you need to build that perfect engine! The all new Panchito 044™ is dyno proven, horsepower making, ports cast right in. These port designs are race proven winners with years of use in engines around the globe. Countless hours were spent on our Superflow™ 600 flow bench designing the intake and exhaust ports. Our goals were to achieve the highest port velocity and air flow through a 40mm x 35.5mm size valve. The 40mm intake port has an extremely small port volume of 62cc and flows an incredible 162 CFM and over 300 ft. per second port velocity, right of the shelf! The 35.5mm exhaust port has a reduced bowl size and increased short turn radius creating phenomenal port velocity. This higher port velocity allows for improved low-end and mid-range performance without sacrificing top end power. CB Performance has also added extra material around the combustion chamber to give the Panchito 044™ more strength and support for larger bore cylinders. The all new high quench combustion chamber has a volume of 54cc, a perfect size for small displacement engines. The Panchito 044™ is designed to incorporate bore sizes from 85.5mm to 94mm. Available in all different bore sizes, they come with valves, springs and are ready to install.

Oil cap seal (plastic cap)

1847-550059 103 487

Classic Volkswagens mainly have a steel oil filler cap, Beetles, early buses, bay windows with upright engines and so on… but Volkswagens with Type 4 ,engines, wasserboxers and later Diesels have a plastic oil filler cap. Now we have this oil seal for those plastic caps, and it will fit most plastic oil filler caps of the entire VAG group! A very universal product at a hell of a price!

deflectorplate under generator support

1930-010113 101 221B

We found a crazy large old supply of these oil deflector plates that are mounted under your generator base for all type 1 engines from 1960 upwards… This is absolutely top quality and German-made!!

Seal glass to ventframe - TQ (1)

Bus 12/52-07/67

Pre molded rubber between glass and frame from your split window bus vent wing assembly. We’re very excited about this small rubber. Why? Because we’ve spent so much time in the past over and over again try to make something universal fit, it took literally hours each restoration again and gave moderate results! This rubber brings an end to that! Take out the glass of your vent wing (or quarter light window whatever you call it), paint the frame, make sure connection hinges and supports are all ok, put in this rubber and put the glass back in, simple as that… no more pressing etc. to do…. Can you imagine how much easier it is to change the vent wing lock now??? Our 7413-000 comes ready to fit in correct dimensions, in the right thickness and well thought about each detail of this small but oh so necessary rubber…so no reason anymore to replace by any repair or restoration…
logo BBT
New BBT production
No longer available (NLA)
Dash plate
Judson arrow, large

Dash plate
Judson arrow, small

Dash plate
Westfalia register

Dash plate

Key blank SV - Beetle 08/ 60-07/66

Key blank SU - Beetle 08/60-07/66

Hose clamp pliers

Transmission mount

Crankshaft bearings, Type 1
Crankcase: 0,75
Crankshaft: 0,25
Thrust: 18mm

Cambearings +0.25 mm oversize engine case, double thrust

Cambearings +0.25 mm oversize camshaft

12 volt coil Beru T25 WBX with clamp

Wiring kit for ignition module BBT #2093

Spark plug cables black, Bosch

Revolution counter Autometer, Sport Comp, 10.000 Rpm, Ø 3,75 inch (95 mm)

Tyre Toyo 310 155 x R15 82S

Tyre 155 x 15 with white wall

Sticker L 50 F, Regatta blue

Sticker L 13 K, Sunshine yellow

Rear window, beetle convertible, heated, green

VW Beetle/ essential buyers guide, English, Ken Cservenka/ Richard Copping
Price modifications are indicated on the pricelist itself!
Available to special order only (SOO)
Header bow guide plate soft parts rebuild kit

Rods 5.400 for Chevy rod bearings

Cylinderhead gasket, 1 notch

Cylinderhead gasket, 2 notch

Headlining, perforated vinyl, for sliding roof

Convertible boot cover, Vinyl, beige

Convertible boot cover, Vinyl, white

Convertible boot cover, Canvas, brown

Convertible boot cover, Canvas, beige

Convertible outer hood, Canvas, brown

Airmighty 31

Airmighty Portfolio 2017

Enkei DISH wheel
4 lug (4x130)
ET +17
Following items are still available at BBT but due to low demand they are now available as special order what might be subject to longer delivery terms.

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