July 2016


Just back from California spending one week of Volkswagen fun!  Nevertheless I’ve got some mixed feelings about certain meetings. Some gatherings are past of the high point, whereas a couple of new or more recent events are booming. Dynamics is the key word to  meetings where a real ‘ignition’ power has been inserted.  They go at full speed.

Meetings and gatherings are crucial to our (VW) industry. Without them there wouldn’t be many old Volkswagens driving around and  furthermore they are a fine reason to achieve the  deadlines!

You can compare it with our market segment. Good management and dynamics can make the difference between a fine working VW shop or a bad going shop…keep the spirit and be creative,  those are the only advices I can give you!

There are several big VW events scheduled. We’ll have a stand on Le Bug Show at the historical race circuit of Spa Francorchamps. I hope we’ll meet each other on one of these occasions. Chatting among Volkswagens is always a nice thing to do, isn’t it?

Keep the VW faith!


Pricelist news

As from 1 July  2016 prices may be adjusted in between, resulting from the fluctuating world market (exchange rate, change of supplier, production etc.). We’ll do our best to maintain prices  stable for 3 months whenever possible, but we prefer to increase our prices instead of  stopping delivery of certain parts.  The new prices will immediately be modified  in our web shop.  This implies that the price of a product in our web shop will always be applied. Of course, we’ll do our upmost to prevent price increases, though sometimes we do not have another choice. 

We thank you for your comprehension.

New BBT production

bbt production

# 0012-956  Bumper front T25 05/79-08/92 (chrome - w/o bumper strip)
# 2161-500  Mounting kit for Porsche cooling Type 1 engine
# 2161-550  Oilfiller for Porsche cooling Type 1 engine
# 2166-550  Oilfiller with dipstick for Porsche cooling type 4 engine

Price modifications are indicated on the pricelist itself!

No longer available


# 0158-50 Door left new 68-
# 1007-1 Single muffler Quiet pack
# 1013-10 Muffler 'Hide out'
# 1019-1 Muffler 'California'
# 1043 'Quiet Baja' with black oval muffler
# 1044 'Dual Baja' muffler, upwards, black
# 1045 'Dual Baja Tuned' exhaust
# 1610-0-20 Main bearings std./0.75 case (release bearing -2mm)
# 1614-0-18 Main bearings std/ 2.5 case
# 1614-0-21 Main bearings std/2.5 case
# 1724 Heads street eliminator  85.5mm 40*35.5
# 9402 Book:How to modify Beetle
# 1098 Exhaust isolation wrap
# 1117 Valve guide drill bit 8mm
# 1524-15 Cross shaft kit (Race) Type1 61-70
# 1619-125 Rod bearings 1.25
# 2539-514 Greenline wall ring 14" (4 piece)
# 2550-1 Empi 8-spoke 4-lug anthracite
# 2617-1 Autometer 5'silver 10000rpm + switch lamp
# 2617-3 Autometer 5'carbon 10000rpm + switch lamp
# 2617-4 Autometer 5'cobalt 10000rpm + switch lamp
# 2617-5 Autometer 5' C2 10000rpm + switch lamp
# 2625 Autometer watertemperature 2 5/8
# 2627-1 Autometer oiltemperature sender
# 2630 Autometer Volts 2 5/8
# 2649-01 Autometer shift lite lenskit blue
# 2649-03 Autometer shift lite lenskit red
# 2680 Speedo face ->10/52
# 3037 92mm cylinder shims .180 set
# 3235 Low dual cannons
# 3241 Comp.exhaust 1 5/8 w/stinger
# 3242 Competition exhaust 1 3/4 w/stinger
# 3261 Muffler 'Mondo' for #3241
# 3271 Comp.exhaust 1.5/8 ceramic
# 3275 Ceramic S.Q.P. muffler
# 6000-200 Key Rings with the design of the VW T1 Bus 3D - red
# 6000-201 Key Rings with the design of the VW T1 Bus 3D - blue
# 0616-50 Turnsignal lens left Type2 08/63-07/67/ Orange use # 0616-52
# 1525 Cross shaft bushing kit 16mm use # 1527

Price modifications are indicated on the pricelist itself!

Available to special order only

Following items are still available @ BBT but due to low demand they are now available as special order what might be subject to longer delivery terms.

# 0759-515
Seal taillight lens KG 56-59 pair
# 1964-310 Alternator 65A D -01/84
# 2907-100 Headliner KG 56-57 cotton / beige
# 9025-061 Boot cover Type1 78-79 brown canvas
# 9025-074 Boot cover Karmann Ghia 58-69 burgundy canvas
# 9100-71 Hood Karmann Ghia 68-69 beige single vinyl
# 9105-71 Hood KG 68-69 brown canvas
# 1084 Heat exchanger left chromed Type1
# 1279 Rear disc brake kit 'Swing' 67-
# 2572-200 Wheel 'Misano' black 5.5" x 14" / 5x112 ET39
# 9103-20 Hood Type1 63-67 black quality vinyl
# 9105-02 Hood T1 54-57 brown canvas
New products

Bumper front, 2,3mm, chrome - w/o bumper strip

0012-956   Type 25 05/79-08/92
255 807 111B

Spring brake pedal

0276-220   Bus 08/67-07/79
211 721 163C

Pushrod between Servo and brake pedal

0276-550   Bus 08/70-07/79
211 721 291A

Accelerator pedal stop

0284-110   Bus 07/67-08/72
211 721 625A

Complete sunroof assembly with rails

0385-905   Beetle -55

This complete sunroof assembly should cover all your needs in case you have a VW beetle with ragtop roof but don’t have a mechanism, or if your mechanism is not very usable anymore… This kit is all complete including hardware to mount that cool ragtop back together! Exactly made like original, 100% quality guaranteed!

Side pop-out frame aluminium

0397-150   Bus -08/67

Split window bus pop outs do rust, we all know that. BBT now comes up with an aluminum frame to replace the old worn out steel ones… fits like original! Comes will all necessary hardware.

Rear hatch lock w/keys - Chrome

0429-400   Bus 03/55-08/63
211 829 231A

This T-latch looks just the same as the T-latch of an old beetle engine lid, however it is completely different. Hereby you’ll find the correct BBT latch for the rear trap of your VW bus built between 1955 and 1962 (with a “small” rear trap). The nut to secure the latch is available under BBT ref. 8731-06.

Screw for cargo door lock rod

0436-515   Bus 03/55-07/67
211 841 681

This screw is elementary to finish your cargo door lock mechanisms like it should… very typical in form and size. It  can’t be replaced with any regular screw to secure locks. BBT has now the correct screws for you available from our shelves….

Seal for fuel tank sender Super Beetle

0493-990  1302/03 - Bus 08/73-07/92

Seal between the fuel floater and the gas tank for the later years of the air-cooled crew. A dry or broken seal can give you a lot of gas odor inside the car, dangerous (gas burns you know) and not very nice neither!

Rubber small black strip between front seats, Walk-through

0538-846   Bus -07/67

This small rubber strip sits vertically between the cab floor and the raised upmetal “walk through” section.

Interior light switch - black

0636-110   Bus 03/55-07/67
211 947 511C

Many times missing…. this is the switch on the left side in your dash pod on all Splitwindow buses (except barndoor)

Master cylinder crossmember

0890-615   Bus 03/55-07/67
211 703 029C

Groundstrap for steering coupler

1369-150   Beetle -07/64
111 971 246

This ground strap makes sure the ground stays connected to your steering column all over your steering coupler, necessary for a proper working horn. Maybe you don’t live in India or Indonesia where horns are 100% necessary to survive in traffic, but a proper working horn is always a very nice feature on ANY car. Or as my quote always says; when the horn works the car must be ok!

Gear selector guides - 5-speed - pair

1409-260   Type 25 08/82-07/92
251 711 173C

If you have a 5 speed T25/T3 Vanagon you'd better make sure these gear selector guides are in a good or perfect condition and fit. These babies adjust the play in your gear shift (mounted down below next to the gearshifter) and make sure you can’t go too far left or right and all gears shift well… worn out or missing? No problem, BBT offers you the perfect replacement part!

Straight cut cam gear

1624-2  Type 4

Especially for competition engines. Reduces the resistance. The gear wheel of the camshaft is adjustable to accelerate or to delay a few degrees with regard to the crankshaft.

Distributor cap 13/1600 & 009 (TQ)

2005-250  08/69-

Mounting kit for Porsche cooling - BBT

2161-500  Type 1

To mount the BBT Porsche conversion ref 2160/2165/2169 you will need some extra parts to make your engine work properly. We  used to have these parts in the shop, but now we've decided to make proper part numbers so that they figure  in our catalogues and wholesale program. Available from our shelves for everybody…

Exhaust - THING 'Vintage Speed' with pre-heat risers / Stainless steel

3280-400  T181

We’re proud we can finally offer a perfect alternative exhaust for your 181. Thing, Acapulco, Trekker or whatever you want to call the Volkswagen type 181 leisure car. The exhaust is made by Vintage Speed and offers the same quality and fit like any other Vintage Speed exhaust. Nice quality and good looking too! Finally the perfect solution for your “Thing” exhaust issues!

Windshield frameholder on front hood / 3-piece kit

7320-100  Type 181

Lower bracket with roller for slidingdoor

7670-050   Type 25 05/79-07/92
251 843 406A

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