April 2017


The nicest season is coming and we’re ready, we already had  some sunbeams in Western Europe!  The sun makes you happy, certainly after these cold dark winter days…. Enjoy the sun to the full!

After a couple of years we can speak of a small revival on economic matters, even it is just frail, the unemployment figures are decreasing as well as the figures of poverty.  As we say it is still frail and fragile, but is always better something than nothing at all… Let’s hope the tendency will continue.  A strong economy is always a good thing for our niche market.

Our first (cyber) achievement for 2017 has been executed.  A new host has been set up, that’s quit a task and it wasn’t without problems. Our online parcels service got to deal with some nasty problems, but defects got monitored and restored. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.  Nowadays it’s back working very well… next step will be the introduction our new platform in April.  We’re very excited, at this very moment not less than 9 different IT companies are working for us. That’s quit huge for a SME, I should think so.  The cyber world has become a normal part of our daily life and that count’s for BBT as well, though that should go well together... ;-) To be continued…

At the end of June we’ll have our huge open house, bigger than ever. Followed the next day by our famous convoy to the Vintage meeting of Hessisch Oldendorf in Germany.  You’re all welcome, of course.  All information can be found here.

The week after there will be the greatest VW nostalgia meeting that you can imagine with the European Bug In at Chimay (yes, the town of  the  famous trappist beer) and we’ll be present there too.

We wish you a nice spring season, enjoy the sun and nature’s fresh green… we’re looking forward to the next months to come…

Keep the VW faith!

New BBT production

bbt production

# 0013-956  Bumper rear T25 05/79-08/92 (chrome - w/o bumper strip) BBT
# 0157-460  Engine lid Type 2 08/67-07/71 BBT
1951  6 volt generator regulator BBT

Price modifications are indicated on the pricelist itself!

No longer available


# 1532 Gland nut HD 48mm
# 0438-274 Enginelid support spring Type2 wide bed (21cm)
# 0443 'Cal look' script
# 0626-400 Taillight bulb holder (single) Type 1 52-55 / pair
# 0645-53 'Taillight Type2 08/71-07/79 clear eco
# 1008-1 Double muffler 'Quiet pack'
# 1013-01 4 in 1 collector for 1200cc
# 1610-075 Main bearings 0.75/0.75 case
# 1614-0-20 Main bearings std/ 2.5 case
# 2539-614 Yellowline wall ring 14" (4 piece)
# 2620 Autometer oilpressure 2 5/8 0-7B
# 2641 Autometer mounting cup black 67 mm
# 2706 Horn ring 'full moon' 66-71 / Chrome
# 6290-009 Sticker L 568
# 6290-030 Sticker L 30 E
# 6290-048 Sticker L 96 D
# 9338 Book: How to restore Volkswagen Bus (T2)
# 9496-25 Airmighty 25
# 2811 Steeringwheel Rometsch Type 2 -07/67
# 4870-001 Roof rack T1 chrome BBT
# 9922-001 T-shirt Open house 2015 (Medium) BBT
# 9941-050 BBT hoody Black (XXLarge) Male
# 0616-870 Front complete turn signal left orange T25 05/79-08/92 Hella (use # 0616-871)
# 0616-880 Front complete turn signal right orange T25 05/79-08/92 Hella (use # 0616-881)
# 0429-1 Decklid lock W/keys T1 08/66-07/71 chrome / Original - TQ (use # BBT 0429-200)
# 0636-275 Knob for hazard switch (non padded-dash) (use # 0636-2)
# 7540 Felt channel front Type 2 68-79 (VWB) (use #  0349-1)

Price modifications are indicated on the pricelist itself!

Available to special order only

Following items are still available @ BBT but due to low demand they are now available as special order what might be subject to longer delivery terms.

# 0118-1 Wing front right 12/1300 75- / original Mexico
# 0386-370 Tensioning hoop front for sunroof Type 2
# 0499-280 Sign NL 1980
# 1078-210

Exhaust pipe/engine & exhaust front T25
DH 01/83-07/85 & DJ 08/84-07/85

# 1286-2 Front brake drum 1302/1303 Golf
# 1290 Rivet for brake lining
# 1491-570 Gear box revised IRS Type 2 08/71-07/75 (002)
# 1811 Supplementary sump + 3.8 litre, without filter
# 1924 Pulley cover, gold
# 2573-5 Gasburner 4 x 130 - Black
# 2908-301 Headliner Type3 N.B. 63-67 non-perforated/white
# 5480 Rebuilt double port engine 1300 CC
# 9025-005 Boot cover Type1 49-62 burgundy canvas
# 9105-81 hood KG 69-74 brown canvas
New products

Bumper rear / chrome - w/o bumper strip

0013-956   Type 25 05/79-08/92
255 807 311D

Our perfect quality (at least as good as OE more than likely  better bumpers for your T25/T3 Vanagon… the perfect bumper, with the perfect fit, the perfect pressing (with the right raising “line” in it) and in an OUTSTANDING chrome quality!!! Nothing beats the quality of OUR BBT bumpers, tell them BBT Bob told you!

Engine lid

0157-460   Bus 08/67-07/71
211 827 025F

When prices go ridiculous for used parts we, at BBT, try to step up and bring  a good reproduction on the market. Our philosophy is still when we make something it should be at least as good, or if possible even better than the original. So we’re proud we can offer now a perfect reproduction of the engine lid for early Bay Windows. Classic stamped on our own private BBT tooling… this was not the cheap way, but the only good way… So now we offer you the perfect solution to replace that old scruffy, bend or rusted out original engine lid with this perfect fit extreme high standard replacement part for a perfect fit and finish. As all BBT privately manufactured sheet metal also this engine lid is finished in a weld through silver primer. Look for the small BBT quality sticker to ensure you bought the real deal!

Clip for coolergrill bottom

0412-340   Type 25 05/79-08/92
171 853 695A

This really became a BBT part no. because of customer demand… This clip holds the lower grill from your water-cooled T25/T3 Vanagon, and the eighties incredible plastic will definitely brake upon disassembly. BBT gives you the right help here and offer them brand new as a standard item.

Mounting cup for nose emblem

0440-125   Bus 08/67-07/72
211 853 615

When the nose emblem of your early Baywindow bus falls off, a big investment is gone, VW logos are rare and expensive since VW thought it was smart to forbid the sale of these logos on the aftermarket… guys these Germans…:) So protect your precious VW logo with the right mounting cups and they  can’t fall off anymore… Our mounting cups  fit as standard parts, exactly as original, sold each.

Glove box pushbutton

0515-090   Beetle 10/52-07/67, KG -07/67 , Type3 07/67-
111 857 131

Small “pushbutton” glove box door lock available now in a very nice quality. Fits all beetles made between October 1952 and July 1967. Many times missing or broken, this might help to keep that glove box door closed! We also have a locking type under BBT reference 0515-1

Emergency brake boot, black

0707-500   Beetle 08/55-07/64
113 863 341B

Finally we got a new source for the early emergency brake boot, it’s not Mother Nature's most beautiful but it does the job, and there’s no beauty contest to win when your made for protecting an E brake handle of course…:)

Hinge front fresh air flap / each

0725-520   Bus 08/67-07/79
211 259 159

Seventies plastic was not  a long life UV resistant.  Pollution and age make old plastic yellow and cracky… as each owner of a Bay window bus wants to have his ventilation working, the demand for these clips are pretty large… we teamed up and had sourced it down… now available readily from our stocks!

Rubber stops for fresh air flap / pair

0767-500   Bus -67
211 817 145

Your split window bus has the air vent on top of your head (upside down against the inside of the roof).  These little rubber buffers make that the opening and closing give a nice but no  rattling movement! Standard procedure to replace every time you take your air vent system apart….

Rear corner up to waistline / 82cm /left

0890-361   Bus 55-63

BBT’s preferred partner Wolfsburg West from California USA just released their newest addition to their incredible sheet metal line : rear corners for split window buses. Both models early and late every time in three sizes lower, up to the belt line or complete… replace that old scruffy corner now with this brand new super fit , standard as stock quality part from a known manufacturer!

Rear corner up to waistline / 82 cm /left

0890-362   Bus 64-67

Rear corner complete / left - TQ

0890-366   Bus 08/61-12/63

Rear corner up to waistline / 25cm / left

0890-369   Bus 55-67

Rear corner up to waistline / 82 cm /right

0890-371   Bus 55-63

Rear corner up to waistline / 82 cm /right

0890-372   Bus 64-67

Rear corner complete / right - TQ

0890-376   Bus 08/61-12/63

Rear corner complete / right

0890-377   Bus 64-67

Rear corner up to waistline / 25cm / right

0890-379   Bus 55-67

Tube accelerator cable - Beetle

0910-510  08/67-07/71 & 12/75- / 598mm / ch. nr 118 000 001 - 111 3200 000 & 116 2071 468-
113 721 551

We have a new “flex tube” for you. It’s actually the cable housing that sits above your tranny and guides your accelerator cable between chassis and engine. Many times your old part needs replacement because it's broken, bent or just missing… The old plastic has melted or broken off and  is allowing water to come in. Anyway, most cars need a new one and here we offer a super standard stock solution… This new one is for 67-71 model years beetle only, if you need one for a VW beetle made between 11/65 and 07/67 you can find under BBT ref 0910-500

Mounting kit clutch fork original 20mm

1527-100  11/71-
113 198 026A

This mounting kit contains everything you need to mount that clutch fork as it was mounted since new in the factory. Get back that nice stock feeling as new with the perfect BBT clutch fork mounting kit.

Piston and cylinderkit - Mahle Brazil

1715-312  T4 - 2000cc - Ø 94 mm

Mahle proudly introduced the Type 4 2.0 liter piston and liner set into their aircooled VW program. BBT, being main European distributor for Volkswagen products of Mahle Brazil, we’re happy to add  them into our ever-growing BBT range as well… Finally an affordable good quality solution to your tired Type 4 engine. Support Mahle, support quality.

Push rod STD aluminum 280mm - 1


Finally we have a good quality push rod added to our stocks. This push rod is made by a long time manufacturer with very keen eye to detail for quality and fitting. The correct hardness of the push rod ends is the major trick here! We've visited in person the factory, which makes these push rods  and we are impressed with the operation. So replacing your push rods has never been that easy since long time ago!

Voltage regulator 6V

1951  T1
113 903 801F

We did it! We have again a  high quality 6Volt voltage regulator for your beloved Volkswagen! We did produce our 6V regulator in Vintage Bosch style . We went even that far that the cap is interchangeable with your original Bosch cap! (Simply screws on and off) This way an 100% authentic look can be maintained in your engine compartment! The inside is high-tech electronics but outside it looks like original. The high-tech electronics is top 2016 technology with a lot of safety devices built right in. So if you miswire our new regulator it will not work obviously, but it won't break either, short circuits are history here! Besides  there are other devices against moisture and high temperatures . The new regulator is very proud to carry the BBT brand!

Dash clock

2674-550   Bus 03/55 - 07/67 Deluxe
241 919 201A

BBT teamed up with one of our American suppliers to take over European exclusive distribution for this neat little dash clock for your deluxe split window bus. These clocks don’t just look great, they work great and they are great! The real deal… and the good about it is, that they do work on 6 and 12 volt together! Get yours now….

Central door hinge mechanism for slidingdoor

7570-005   Bus 08/67-07/79
211 843 336C / 281 843 336A

First things first… the star of the week, after many investigations here we can present a decent central lock assembly for your Bay window sliding door… This is the part that breaks the most on sliding doors and our used stocks have never been that low as lately. So time for a new part and one that works.  This is a perfect quality part that will take away a LOT of your (sliding door) headaches…:) It will fit on all years bay window buses, originally there are two models but they are interchangeable…

Sliding door handle - Chrome

7570-085   Bus 08/73-07/79
211 843 703P

The same manufacturer as the sliding door central lock delivered us also this state of the art sliding door outside latch. This latch suffers many times from bad chrome. You never can re-chrome your old one for the price we sell the new one. This is a fairly inexpensive top product to exact factory standards, get yours now!

Pin for check rod / -ch 217 2137 042

8055-200   Bus 08/67-77 (-ch 217 2137 042)
211 837 257A

Brand new pins for your Bay window door check rods… a perfect standard product for a better than stock finish for your door… replace that old scruffy (or lost) pin with our top quality reproductions!

Decal kit for FRAM oil filter kit


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