October 2016


Autumn, here we come…. It seems to me that spring and summer pass by more quickly than autumn and winter.  Perhaps it has to do with the workload ? It also seems that seasons are somewhat equaling regarding parts for our old timers, though spring and summertime remain busier than the quieter autumn and winter periods.

But don’t be sad…. A drive during autumn with those amazing colors of falling leaves can be surely as nice than a drive in summer through the fields.  Simply go outside, far away from daily stress and politics. Perhaps workload gives you the opportunity to do so, enjoy it…..

Politics… within some week we’ll know who will become the next president of the United States.  Nevertheless an important item.  World politics and above all the stability contribute to the economy.  Especially our niche market strongly depends on economic prospects.  But if we screen both candidates, I’m not sure which one will score on this issue…. After Obama the country got back some human appeal, but when those 2 bulldogs are coming, then we haven’t seen the end of it.  The decision will be made on 6 November.  Let’s hope the best may win…

Brexit…. A referendum where the inhabitants of the United Kingdom have voted with a narrow majority to leave the European Community.  Or…. let’s say how the country was just teared in 2 pieces.  Top politicians jeopardized their career and those with a big mouth, took to their heels once they learned the result of the referendum. I wonder what has prospered their career if things really went wrong ?... Politicians  ? Pooh!

Brexit will definitely have its consequences.  Even on our niche market. “ Just over the channel”  some colleagues of mine are occupied with old Volkswagens, but it’s a bit early to predict how this story will end.  Let’s just wait how things will go by.  Norway and Switzerland are no members  of the European Community, by they make part of the Schengen Area (for what it stands for at the moment) and above all of the Unitarian market. They pay a contribution, but they have no voting right. It is a step forward, the UK never agreed with the motions of the European Community…

Meanwhile we keep working at BBT. The unpacking department has been submitted to a complete reorganization  and we are planning a new layout for the packing department.  Furthermore three new VCA  devices have been put in use on the order pickers ( it’s a kind of scanner with a large screen).  And they are still more ideas in the box… we do not stand still and consider autumn and winter as a perfect period for updates and adjustments of our infrastructure.  The implementation of our new website is the next “big” step to go.  We keep investing and innovating  to accomplish  better services for the benefit of our customers!


It’s obvious that our product range remains a source of concern, even so during the cold months of the year.  Apart from our Newsletters, each Friday on our Blog appears our “Friday product update” with interesting information about our new products.  You do  follow  our “FPU” , don’t you? 


Available to special order only

Following items are still available @ BBT but due to low demand they are now available as special order what might be subject to longer delivery terms.

# 0510-500
CSP quick shift kit 12mm T25 80-91
# 0538-53 Front floor mat Type2 50-52 BBT
# 1078-310 Pipe before exhaust T25 MV 08/85-07/92 & SS -07/92
# 1278 Rear disc brake kit 'IRS'
# 9015-21 Header bow 57-64 Convertible (wood)
# 9025-074 Boot cover Karmann Ghia 58-69 burgundy canvas
# 9025-081 Boot cover Karmann Ghia 70-74 brown canvas
# 9105-23 hood T1 63-67 beige canvas
# 9200-25 Headlining Type1 65-70 black full vinyl
# 9600 F4 Eyebrow engine lid -67
New products

Rubber insert Deluxe trim for EURO bumper - 3.66m

0075-100   Bus -07/67

Replace that old worn out or missing rubber with our high quality replacement rubber on your bumper trim of your T1 Deluxe (Samba) bus. Euro bumpers have the longer Samba trim and 3.66m is required to finish one car front and rear, if your bus is equipped with US style export bumpers you can use BBT 0075 what's the exact 2.44meters, that you need for those.

Rubber brake/clutch pedal with logo / Wedge type - Original

0257-020   Beetle 08/74-
311 721 173A

Original VW logo "wedge"style late model pedal rubbers, originally used from 1974 and later models, fits on all model VW beetles, ghi's and type 3's.

Vent wing seals - pair - Top Quality

0341-010   Beetle 08/64-
111 837 625B + 111 837 626B

All beetles made after 1 August 1964 have these vent wing seals. The fit is perfect! Vent wing seals have always been on the market, but they never fitted as original. That’s why we, at BBT, have decided to follow these super high quality vent wing seals with perfect fit and finish. And yes indeed this will be our choice on our own cars for sure, quality has no substitute.

Catch plate on apron, engine lid - Beetle 08/66-07/67

0438-155   Beetle 08/66-07/67
111 827 513B

This engine lid lock catch plate is to be found on your rear apron (or tail pan as you want to call it) and is sometimes worn out, most of the times it's just missing... fits stock beetles only from August 1966 till July 1967, but is used for hundreds of custom applications on Kit Cars and custom trick build cars of all brands where under also Volkswagens...:)

Repair kit for door striker - KG 08/63-07/66

0438-765   Karmann Ghia 08/63-07/66

Door lock receivers for your Karmann Ghia made between August 1963 and July 1966 are worn out quite easy (what's easy after 40 years or so???) We have now a rebuild kit for these door lock catch. With this kit you make your door striker plates new again... one kit is for one striker (one side). The best solution!

Fuel tank

0492-918   Bus 08/67-07/71
211 201 075D

For your early bay window we supply now the correct fuel tank... Fuel tanks are many times the reason for serious trouble! After many years of heavy use, many dirt gathered in what should be a clean environment for our costly gas. Dust and dirt become a kind of bitumen, that will block several circuits of the fuel system. We're happy we can offer a new trouble free gas tank for a cheaper price  i.o. restoring your old fuel tank.

Glove box TQ

0516-420   Beetle 08/57-07/67
111 857 101D

This all original looking fiber glove box is a Wolfsburg West reproduction to the highest standards to show your beetle as original as it can even “behind your glove box door”…

Inner doorhandle cabin door, beige, each

0524-576   Bus 12/63-09/65
211 837 225A

The beige door handle was original mounted at the VW assembly line on your bus from 12/63 till 09/65 or in VIN no. ch. 1 222 026 - 216 046 095. Before they were in  chrome (BBT 0524-575) and since 66-67 the grey one are used (BBT 0524-578) These are a perfect reproduction, ready to give to your car a second youth with well opening doors!

Doorpanel set convertible - black - 4 pcs

0550-150   Beetle 08/66-07/72

Inside door panels get always a hard time. We now added into our range the full set of door panels for Volkswagen Beetle convertibles built between August 1966 and July 1972, for later models (1303) convertible we do sell the front and the rear door panels separately, but 66-72 is one set of four pieces for your convenience.

Fuse/relais box for 12 fuses

0662-525   Beetle 08/72-

Fuse box and relay holder for 12 fuses. Originally VW for your beetle built from August 1972 from 113 2000 001- and equipped with 12 fuses (not for 1302/03). This is only the fuse box and relay holder. The cover of this fuse box is not included. The fuse box cover can be obtained separately under BBT ref. 0662-57.

Emergency brake compensator bow

0929-250   Beetle 08/64-
111 711 331

You will find this little piece on top of your emergency brake. It's many times missing or just simple worn out. It's the perfect replacement, that will fit 100% like original. It’s the small parts you need that finish your car.

Clip for brakeline kit on chassis, each

1269-200   Bus -67
211 611 795

This little clip is exactly like the original one that holds your brake line very neat against your chassis on your split window bus. Sold each.

Linkage with ball bearing for Type 1 engine - Vintage Speed


The perfect carburettor linkage on ball bearings for your type 1 engine with dual carburettors. The ball bearings give this linkage a perfectly smooth and trouble free operation. This ball bearing linkage features a  quick release system. Designed for Type-1 engine with stock fan cooling system. This pushrod linkage system has been built in “Quick Release” which attaches to both sides of the carburettor, allowing for removal/retting without the need to unscrew the linkage and resetting. Seven advantages all in one; 1. Easy fitting 2. Does not increase idle speed when engine is hot 3. Fits wide range of manifolds 4. Dual ball bearing with return spring included 5. Smooth pedal travel 6. Compatible with Vintage Speed air conditioner compressor bracket 7. Long threaded pushrod that can be fit to wide range of carburettors

Horn cancelling/contact ring

2712-002  T3 05/79-07/92
321 419 661A

Make that funky horn honk again as it was brand new... Horn contact ring has to be in perfect working condition to achieve this goal! Fits on all  T25/T3/Vanagon buses!

Front seat frame bottom and back

3400-200   Bus 55-62

After quite some time we succeeded to reproduce the front bench seat frame for buses built from 1956 until 1963. This is the exact replica from a 1958 Westfalia tin top model we took it from to be exact… This is not a BBT exclusive, but because of our help in development we do have a much better price as any of our competitors… and we’re proud to bring a much-needed part back on the market where it belongs, in help of all of our bus lovers worldwide! More seat models may follow if this seat is sold well…

Sliding door lock with key

7570-095   Bus 08/73-07/79
211 843 710

This is the key barrel (comes with keys!) for the sliding door lock of your late T2b bay window (Aug 1973- ) Brand new for a trouble free operation.

Clip 6mm


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