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The last one….

Times are changing, in fact real fast, perhaps even too fast ?  Definitely for our conservative inner being, each one of us has somehow the feeling that it used to be better ‘in the old days’.  But the general trend is for short terms and everything has to be better and faster.

We do the same  at BBT; we try to streamline our information faster, and that’s why you’re reading now our last three-monthly newsletter…

The BBT’s Friday Product Update team is very eager to take over with a weekly journal of product information and news.  And who knows once in a while a personal word of myself ? The name FPU will also change  into BBT NEWS : clear and to the point…

A short recap, our first newsletter appeared end 1998, the last end 2018… that’s exactly 20 years, that’s nice, isn’t it ? I used to write the forewords with love and I’ll definitely miss this certain regularity, but a weekly update is simply better and faster.

So a last three-monthly retrospect ? What was  better of spectacular ? First of all a wonderful and splendid summer… just awaken from the winter.  We really did sweat a lot, though a blissful feeling.  I hope you all enjoyed it that much, I did in any case, not that I’m now ready for the winter, but at least I’m better prepared….:-)

On political and economic matters the malaise continues, we all protect our own country,  people or place.  At first sight it seems quite smart, but whatever exercise you make, it will result in higher prices for the end consumer, thus for us ….

The only difference is that price increases get stuck in the globalization with the multinationals and in the protectionism from the government.  Anyway the man in the street will become poorer, if nothing is going to change, and unfortunately this won’t happen, that we can all  predict..

Politically it’s getting worse… honor and modesty is a very long way off, mud fights are daily common issues, Twitter seems to be a diplomatic channel.  Did the gentlemen politicians never heard of the Thai saying :he  who throws dirt is losing ground…

Unfortunately my speeches  of the last 20 years in the BBT newsletters haven’t produced any change, though in our world of beetles they have.  And if we all want to make our small world a better one, than we collaborate at a better world too ? The politicians will get it sooner or later , with the acceleration from the speed of life they might be elected on a weekly base before they realize, ah!

See you soon somewhere on the road, on a VW meeting or a visit at BBT.  As you know you’re always very welcome at BBT!

Innovate, don’t duplicate to keep that VW faith!

Keep you love for you profession and job, that you like to do.  The world can be so nice!



What news is on the run at BBT ?

Who will tell, we try to be better, faster and easier and mostly to be close with our customers and to boost our service.  What is going to change ?

·    The newsletter will appear each week
·    BBT’s Friday Product Update will become BBT News
·    There will be a real time pricelist

Cris a new BBT employee will contact our wholesale customers during this fall  to explain personally all the changes and to work out the best solutions for you, so that you can follow it from your comfortable armchair.

Remarks or suggestions can be communicated to Cris.  They will be checked out internally and solved whenever possible.

We build up  solutions!

New products

logo BBT
New BBT production
No longer available (NLA)
Placa salpicadero, flecha Judson/grande

Placa salpicadero, flecha Judson/pequeña

Placa salpicadero, Westfalia register

Placa salpicadero, Judson

Llave virgen - escarabajo 08/ 60-07/66

Key blank SU - Beetle 08/60-07/66

Pinza para montaje de resorte para mangueras de agua

Sinemblock de la punta de la nariz de la caja

Casquillos de cigüeñal, Tipo 1, Carter: 0,75, Cigüeñal: 0,25, Ultimo apollo: 18mm

Casquillos del arbol de levas. +0.25 mm cárter, double thrust

Casquillos del arbol de levas. +0.25 mm en arbol de levas

Bobina, Beru, 12V T3 WBX

Alambrado por módulo encendido BBT #2093

Cables de Bujía negro, Bosch

Tacómetro Autometer, Sport Comp, hasta 10.000 rpm, Ø 3,75 inch (95 mm)

Neumático Toyo 310 155 x R15 82S

Neumático 155 x 15 con banda blanca

Pegatina L 50 F, Regatta blue

Pegatina L 13 K, Sunshine yellow

Luna trasera - Escarabajo cabrio, térmica, verde

VW Beetle/ essential buyers guide, Inglés, Ken Cservenka/ Richard Copping
Price modifications are indicated on the pricelist itself!
Available to special order only (SOO)
Juego de reparación para placas laterales, izquierda y derecha

Bielas 5.400 para Chevy cojinetes biela

Junta de culata, 1 surco

Junta de culata, 2 surcos

Techo interior, vinilo perforado, para techo corredizo

Funda de capota, simple vinilo, blanco roto

Funda de capota, simple vinilo, blanco

Funda de capota, Lona, marrón

Funda de capota, Lona, blanco roto

Capota exterior cabrio, Lona, marrón

Airmighty 31

Airmighty Portfolio 2017

Enkei DISH llanta, 4 agujeros (4x130), ET +17
Following items are still available at BBT but due to low demand they are now available as special order what might be subject to longer delivery terms.

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