April 2012


Spring! Finally!

Our favorite season has arrived, fresh green colors in most parts of the Northern hemisphere transform nature and parks in pieces of art. The blooming of nature each time after the Winter is a spectacle by no means to be sneezed at. It brings hope and you notice it immediately on people. In the streets, in shops, just around you, in your favorite club or even at work. When you are honest with yourselves you see it even in your mirror, yes we too are changing when new fresh green leafs are blooming. The young animal awakes in us, each springtime again, as a playful foal in the meadow, and that’s good for sure!

cars collection

Will the economy also revive happy as a young foal in the meadow ? I’m afraid that I can’t show the same optimism. We’re floating away economically. That’s logical, the Western economy is based on the fact that profits go to the rich and debts to the State. When Forbes announced at the beginning of March the top of Dollar multimillionaires , it strikes me how much richer the wealthy citizens of our planet have become, most of them have just doubled their capital in a couple of years. It’s not their fault of course, they’ve previously laid the foundation for it, it’s just owing to the system. On the other hand poverty is expanding too.

This uncertainty appears to bring along a huge potential for our sector. Inflation is high, the ECB is stamping a great deal of money in order that the monetary crisis will not turn out into a great depression. Apparently black Thursday and the depression of the Thirties are still in our mind. Consequently a massive inflation can’t be turned away. Nowadays money on the bank costs more than it yields . In other words interest rates are lower that the inflation. Many people wish therefore to invest their money in something concrete and let our oldtimers just be the hit of these new technologies. Prices of top cars are rising to unknown heights throughout the world. When the top of the mountain is rising, the base will inevitably become wider and just right there we are with our Volkswagen story at the flank of the economical mountain. We all can only become better from it.

Being a wholesale company we are ready to assist our distributors. Our stock is bigger than ever and our logistics are sharp. We’re prepared for the new season and we’re looking forward to work at full speed. Now we’ve got used to our new infrastructure we can pick quicker, pack better, deliver more, we’re just ready to encounter this beautiful season together with our customers.

My Spring greetings are to wish you all, customers, suppliers, friends and sympathizers that all your dreams come true, happy as a foal in the meadow and if possible even a bit more….

No longer available

  • # 0012-5 Bumper 75- front (USA)
  • # 0013-5 Bumper 75- rear (USA)
  • # 2533 Centercap sticker Empi (4)
  • # 2533-1 Centercap sticker Empi GTV
  • # 9505 F4 Chromol. lightened flywheel 200mm(5.5kg)
  • # 9532-100 F4 Sprintstar centercap
  • # 0348 Rear Window louvres Type 1 53-57

Price modifications are indicated on the pricelist itself!

New products

Winddeflector for sliding roof, green


As temperatures rise we start to drive our Volkswagens more regularly and, when possible, in open air. Ragtop Bug cruises are very enjoyable but sometimes it is just that bit to cold. Therefore BBT started since 06/2009 production of the transparent white wind deflector for these ragtops. This extraordinary practical accessory is a reproduction of the original from the fifties. It's quick and easy to assemble at the front of the sliding roof. This deflector makes driving wind will be directed upwards i.o. into the car, which gives a luxurious feeling during long drives. With this accessory you can drive during 9 months a year topless without losing any comfort, even in Western Europe! The deflectors have been made out of transparent plexi and are now also available each from stock in green (# 0390-003) and brown (# 0390-005).

Winddeflector for sliding roof, brown


As temperatures rise we start to drive our Volkswagens more regularly and, when possible, in open air. Ragtop Bug cruises are very enjoyable but sometimes it is just that bit to cold. Therefore BBT started since 06/2009 production of the transparent white wind deflector for these ragtops. This extraordinary practical accessory is a reproduction of the original from the fifties. It's quick and easy to assemble at the front of the sliding roof. This deflector makes driving wind will be directed upwards i.o. into the car, which gives a luxurious feeling during long drives. With this accessory you can drive during 9 months a year topless without losing any comfort, even in Western Europe! The deflectors have been made out of transparent plexi and are now also available each from stock in green (# 0390-003) and brown (# 0390-005).

Safari window lock, left


With these new products it will be perfectly possible to restore the front Safari windows of -07/67 Type 2 buses or to keep them in optimal condition. Item # 0397-100 is used with pop-out side windows and is to replace corroded or damaged items. Each part is available separately from stock.

Safari window lock, right


Safari body seal front


Safari glass seal front


Hinge side pop-out Stainless Steel

221 809 179

Sometimes it is simply not good enough to our standards and we like to improve, it is our nature and it is in BBT’s DNA. Nothing else with the pop out hinge for your splittie bus, not satisfied with what we could find on the market, we decided we can make it simply better, and we succeeded. Made in Belgium, they’re top quality and we offer them even at a lower price as the poor ones before.

Clip for guiding roll support spring - Bus 12/63-07/73, Clip check rod pin Bus 12/63-07/79

Bus 12/63-07/73, -ch 214 2057 948
N12 435 1

This is the mounting clip for the engine lid spring guide roller (#0438-280) for correct assembly of the motor valve spring.

Also this is the clip for the pin of the door check rod on T1 bus from 12/63 and for Bus T2 until 07/79

Door check strap cargo door

Bus -12/60
211 841 387

Side doors of -07/67 buses are designed  as such that they can be completely opened without problems. Therefore there is a maximal access to the rear passengers and/or cargo part. In order to avoid damage  to the body when doors open wide, VW has created a door check by means of a textile strap which is fixed at the underside of the side doors. These straps are made of textile and due to age they are often torn. From now on we can deliver them both, versions differing in length, each from stock.

Door check strap cargo door

Bus 12/60-07/67
265 841 387

Cabine door lock catch, left/right

Karmann Ghia 08/55-07/63
141 837 295

Last year we had a lot of problems with the door lock catch for the Karmann Ghia, built before end of July 1963. Originally they came in plastic and they had the intention to break real fast, especially as so many door hinges on Ghia’s have little play and don’t align very well with locking mechanism. We decided to team up with a German CNC manufacturer and designed this door lock catch in aluminum to the highest tolerances. Aluminum has the characteristic, that it will not break of course. At the same time we redesigned, that we could easily make one piece fitting for left as well right side, what made us to rename all under the BBT part 0438-750 and we could delete BBT ref 0438-751. BBT ref 0438-750 will fit left as  well as right as one unique part. We finished the part in anodised black for proper looking to match originals. Sold each.

Cabine door lock catch, right

Karmann Ghia 56-07/63
141 837 296

Filler flap

Karmann Ghia 08/67-
141 201 127A

This rubber flap can be found behind the fuel filler cut off valve in the front wing on Karmann Ghia 08/67- models. The seal gets damaged under the influence of petrol vapors and drying and it can no longer accomplish its protective function. From now on we can deliver this flap each from stock.  

Filler neck rubber hose

Bus 08/71-07/73
211 201 125D

The distance between filler neck and fuel tank with Type 2 from model 08/71- is bridged by means of metallic parts and rubber hose. Due to influences of fuel and petrol vapors this rubber hose parts can get fragile, tear and leak. Leakage has to be avoided any way, as it has already caused fire in the engine compartment for several times in the past. From now on we can deliver this filler neck rubber hose, which connects to the fuel tank, each from stock.

Dashboard moulding kit with clips

Beetle 08/57-07/67
113 853 241A + 243A + 245A + 247A

This aluminum dashboard molding kit is already for quite some time for sale in our local shop in St.-Job-in-'t-Goor as an alternative for used dashboard moldings. In the meantime our stock of second-hand moldings has reduced a lot, which has made us decide to take this set now as a continuously available part in our program. The set contains 4 moldings and corresponding PVC clips and is designed for assembly on the dashboard without providing for petrol gauge.

Headlight USA, superior quality

Beetle -07/67

We've been offering for a long time the European version of the -07/67 Type 1 and Type 2 headlight from Hella in a good quality (# 0600-1/0600-5/0600-6/0600-7/0600-8). The demand after an European version from Bosch and good US versions of this -07/67 headlights has resulted in an extension of our assortment. # 0600-010 is the US version of the Type 1 headlight with transparent glass and foreseen for sealed beam lights. # 0600-050 and 0600-060 are the US versions for Type 2  -07/67 with the same composition as previously stated. # 0600-150 is the European version with profiled lenses in Bosch version. Above mentioned headlights are available each from stock, except for Type 2 they are available per side.

Headlight USA, left, superior quality

Bus -07/67

Headlight USA, right, superior quality

Bus -07/67

European headlight

Beetle -07/67, Bosch
111 941 039A (Bosch)

Battery, positive pole left, Type 2

12V 44ah/220A

We strive for completing our offer of batteries and upon request of some among you, we've therefore decided to take into our assortment also batteries suitable for Type 2 with connecting poles at the same side. Connecting and disconnecting the battery will be no longer a risky undertaking that puts to the proof our elasticity, and if some cases even our self-image. Available each from stock.

Fuse box bakelite for 2 fuses

Beetle 01/54-08/59
111 937 041 + 111 937 455

These fuse boxes are a nice alternative for your torn or corroded item. The fuse box with 2 fuses can be found on Type 1 from 01/54-08/59, the one with 4 fuses is used on type 1 10/52-08/60 and the version foreseen with 6 fuses can be found on Type -01/54 and Type 2 -06/60. The fuse boxes are delivered with cover and screw inclusive and are foreseen of 8A fuses.

Fuse box bakelite for 4 fuses

Beetle 10/52-08/60
111 937 205 + 111 937 255

Fuse box bakelite for 6 fuses

Beetle -01/54
Bus -06/60
111 937 031

Fuse box clip

Beetle, Bus 08/59-07/71
111 937 591

This clip is a typical part which gets easily lost during restoration of your VW Beetle or Bus. The clip fixes the fuse box in the body. Due to its special design it's not an easy thing to find for sale, which can lead to some annoyance when finishing your project. From now on we can deliver them each from stock.

Turn signal switch, 9 wires

Bus 08/65-07/67
211 953 513E

Courteous drivers make often use of the direction indicator switch and therefore this part is very subject to wear and needs to be replaced once in a while. The indicator switch that we are offering now is destined for assembly on Type 2 buses from 08/65-07/67 and has 9 wires. Delivered each.

Dome light switch

Beetle 10/52-01/54
113 947 561

This switch can be found on Type 1 Beetle 10/52-01/54 near the A-post just beneath the door catchers. The switch puts the interior light on when you open the doors. When they are old and corroded it's possible that they don't give a good contact anymore. From now on we can deliver you this new exemplar each from stock.  

Dome light dashboard switch

Beetle 10/52-01/54
151 947 511A

It's possible with this switch to put on the interior light manually. Originally it has been applied on Type 1 10/52-01/54, but it is perfectly possible to use this classic looking switch on other applications. Available each from stock.

Dome light holder

Bus -07/67
211 947 107A

This version of the interior light was already available under ref. #0687-20 in our range, however due to continuous problems with the quality of this item, our purchase department has been looking for a better alternative. #0687-210 and the corresponding lens #0687-215 are the perfect replacement for your old and damaged interior light. The holder as well as the lens are available each and separately. 

Dome light lens

Bus -07/67
211 947 125A

Dome light, convertible

Beetle 08/64-07/67
Karmann Ghia 08/64-07/67
151 947 111B

The interior light for Type 1 convertible and Karmann Ghia 08/64-07/67 is made of transparent PVC, in which is located a switch mechanism. This combination makes that the old lamp holder gets fragile and breaks when manipulated. We've now a nice reproduction available from stock to replace the damaged item. Sold each, bulb separately.

Inspection cover seal

Beetle -07/65
113 701 571

Front indicator rubber, each

Karmann Ghia -11/58
141 953 165

This indicator seal is located at the front side between the body and the indicator housing and seals these 2 parts to avoid damages to the paint. After many years these seals are generally hardened and need to be replaced. From now on we can deliver them each from stock.

Seal taillight, as pair

Karmann Ghia 56-07/59
141 945 177A

These taillight seals are an extension of our wide range of taillight seals for Karmann Ghia and they are a perfect alternative to replace the -07/59 Karmann Ghia taillight seals. Available from now on per pair from stock.

Seal taillight lens, as pair

Karmann Ghia 56-07/59

Coat hook in cloud white

Bus 08/63-79
221 857 629A

Influences of UV rays come into sight after many years on many interior parts in our classic VW. Parts in PVC fade and harden. Damages due to manipulation or disassembly during repair can't be avoided, which requires availability of such replacing parts. The PVC coat hook used on Type 2 08/63-07/79 is such a part that we present now in a nice reproduction each from stock.

Floor plate with seat hump left Beetle

111 701 061Q + 113 801 401

This floor plate with installed hump will help many Type 1 lover, who want to replace the floor of the body. In the past we already had these floor plates (# 0854-3 & 0855-3), though the hump (# 0882-L & 0882-R) weren't delivered along with the floor plates and had to be ordered  and assembled separately. Another option was the recycling  and assembly of  the old hump on the new floor plate, but this is certainly not the most efficient proceeding. From now on we can deliver the floor plate each and for each side from stock.

Floor plate with seat hump right Beetle

111 701 062Q + 113 801 402

Bumperretainer on plate rear, left


A Karmann Ghia with a perfectly rust free body is a hardly seen phenomenon, partly due to the production process, the underside of this car is often damaged by rust. Year in year out BBT has worked  very hard to take a good quality of body plates for Karmann Ghia in our range.  We've always given priority to parts very susceptible to rust and partly due to the feedback of our customers we have decided to take these rear bumper retainer parts in our assortment. From now on available in a good quality each for each side from stock.

Bumperretainer on plate rear, right


Front side bumper bracket

Bus -07/67

These clips for assembly of the bumper bracket are principally a fix part of the body and you can find them near the side steps of the cabin with Type 2 buses -07/67. These clips are essential for a correctly positioned assembly of the front bumper end caps. The side steps are very susceptible to corrosion and also the accompanying brackets can get damaged. From now on we can deliver you them each from stock in a reproduction of good quality.

Rear wheel arc, left


For many years we were able to deliver the rear wheel arches as a replacing part for Type 2 model from 08/62-07/67, which in some cases after being adapted, could also be used on -07/62 model. In the meantime we have found through our expanded network the correct model in a good fitting quality. As a result of this fine quality, we have taken both versions from our supplier into our range. Available each for each side.

Rear wheel arc, right


Inner center sill, left

Bus 08/67-07/79
211-809-583 A

This inner center sill can be found on Type 2 buses at in the inside of the thresholds. Everybody knows that this part is the first of the body parts which can get damaged by corrosion. Now you can repair the damages without problems with these repair plate work. The inner sill is available each per side.

Inner center sill, right

Bus 08/67-07/79
211-809-584 A

Jacking point complete rear, left

Bus 08/67-07/79
211 703 119A

The rear jacking points for Type 2 buses are very susceptible to rust, because of their position underneath the car, where dirt, humidity and road salt can do their destructing job. Using the jacking point and placing the jack  on the wrong place, can damage the jacking point and impede repair. BBT offers you now a good jacking point with body part from stock, so that you can replace it in a reliable way. Available each and for each side.

Jacking point complete rear, right

Bus 08/67-07/79
211 703 120A

Chrome moulding front grill

Bus 08/67-07/72
241 853 215

On Type 2a Deluxe buses there is a molding around the air inlet at the front, which gives a very nice luxurious finish. However this molding has often lost its gloss on many of these buses. A replacing exemplar can only solve this problem. From now on you can obtain this molding at BBT or one of its distributors in a polished aluminum version, which can be perfectly used to replace the old one or as surplus on standard buses.

Gas cable

Beetle 2660 mm, -10/52 (ch. -1 397 022)
111 721 555

Split window beetle drivers are no longer forced to customize when the accelerator cable is broken or damaged by corrosion. From now on we can offer a perfect fitting alternative from stock.

Handbrake cable for lever shocks

Beetle 3038 mm, -07/55 (- ch. 1 929 745)
113 609 721

These handbrake cables are indeed a very important part in the brake section of our beloved car. They must be in mint condition for a proper functioning without sorrows. Infiltration of dirt, humidity and dust during a long standstill can cause corrosion and cables get stuck. These cables can be released sometimes with some skill and luck, though in reality damage is often so important that they have to be replaced after all. From now on we can deliver your these cables for pre-07/88 beetles foreseen of an hydraulic brake system and the applied  rear axle shock absorber systems. Available each and per side from stock.

Handbrake cable for telescopic shocks

Beetle 3138 mm, -07/55 (- ch. 1 929 745)
113 609 721A

Front or rear hood outer cable

Karmann Ghia 08/67-74

The cable that unlocks the Karmann Ghia front hood runs from model year 1968 in a PVC hosing through the front hood. This hosing prevents that the cable gets clamped or damaged, though when they are old the outer cable can harden. Consequently this protection can  break and tear when manipulating. The adjustment of the front hood cable is no longer properly working and you can't unlock the front hood anymore. We recommend to replace the damaged outer cable at the first signs of age by a new correctly fitting item. Available each from stock.

Abarth exhaust, stainless steel


J-Tubes 25-30 hp, as pair


Heat exchangers of 25 & 30 H.P. engines have been the first attempt of Volkswagen to heat the engine block as well as the interior. Heat exchangers recover the warmth through exhaust tips and just these exhaust parts are very susceptible to corrosion caused by changes in temperature and influences of exhaust gas. For a long time BBT has these tubes to repair the heat exchangers in its range, though in the past one had to recycle the connecting flanges of the old exhaust tips. From now on we have an improved and more complete product available. Tubes are sold a pair, inclusive the flanges that you've still got to weld.

End play measuring tool


With this practical tool it's easy to determine the play on the flywheel of your Type 1 and it will surely help you to select the correct flywheel adjusting rings. This measuring-equipment is placed by means of a bolt on the upper engine fixing lock at the cylinder side 1 & 2 and measures on the flywheel. You can measure the play through the feeler gauge and select the correct adjusting rings. This tool is available each from stock.

Hog Ring kit


When upholstering the seats clips are used to secure the upholstery underneath the seat frame. These clips are un their turn assembled by using a special plier. From now on we can deliver clips and plier as a set, sufficient for finishing 1 car.

Adapter kit brake caliper

Bus 08/69-07/72

It's possible to use the brake calipers of Type 2 08/72-07/85 with this adapter kit and to adjust them on the original spindle nuts of model 08/69-07/72. This is a practical alternative to replace the original damaged 08/69-07/72 brake calipers, which new are no longer available. From now on this adapter kit is available as a set for 1 vehicle from stock.

King pin bushing

Bus 08/62-07/67
211 405 317B

This king pin bushing can be found on Type 2 Split buses from 08/62- in the upper and lower pen lugs of the spindle nut. Due to heavy use and/or poor greasing these bushings can get damaged and need to be replaced by a new item. From now on we can deliver these bushings each new from stock. For the revision of the spindle nuts of 1 bushing your need 4 of them.

King pin set

Bus 08/62-07/63
211 498 021A

Suspension parts remain a sensitive part on Split buses, a regular control and professional repair when worn or defective is absolutely required if you want to enjoy trips without problems. Having  this purpose in mind we have taken this king pin set for Type 1 model year 1963, ch 999 305 - 1 144 281 into our range. The set is delivered as repair of 1 complete shaft /2 sides.

Seals suspension arms, original, 4 pieces

Bus 08/67-07/79
211 405 129A x4

These seals have the purpose to close the connection between the suspension arms and the front axle with Type 2 buses from 08/67-07/79, so that grease remains in the front axle and prevents that sand and humidity can enter into the front axle stock. This last fact can have very destructive consequences on the front axle bearing and suspension arms running surface. So it's better to replace  torn and hardened items immediately. We can deliver these seals per 4 pieces in original VW quality.

Grease nipple

N 18 530 1

Type 1 and Type 2 front axles have a couple of lubrication points which can be lubricated by means of grease nipples. These grease nipples can get damaged due to corrosion or manipulation upon repair or restoration of the front beam suspension parts. From now on we can deliver you these M10 nipples in 3 different versions. We already had the M8 version of these grease nipples for lubrication of the front axle for quite some time in our range under # 1396-1. From now on these grease nipples are available separately from stock.

Grease nipple, angle from 45°


Grease nipple, angle from 90°

N 18 510 1

Boots for gear linkage bushing rear, as pair

Bus 08/87-
251 711 167F (x2)

The shift part on Type 25 buses consists of a relatively complex unit of gear linkage, shift parts and boots, which should all be in good condition. On this condition only shifting gear can go smoothly and damage at the gear box will be prevented. #1409-560 is the boot that protects the rear gear linkage against dirt and humidity. #1409-600 is the gear shift joint on  the gearbox. It is manipulated through an elbow gate. Due to frequent use this joint can wear off and turn out to play. This play will immediately provoke bad shifting. Both parts are available each from stock.

Gear shift joint on gearbox

Bus 08/82-
251 711 221F

Bolt for H-Beam connecting rods


In competition such as crossing and drag racing the revision of the engine is a returning event, where many components of the engine block are used for several times. This applies also on the H-beam connecting rods, like those we present under # 1602-15 -> 1602-23. The bolts for assembly of these rods are nevertheless less appropriate to be used again and we recommend to replace them upon each revision. We can offer these bolts in a good quality each from stock.

Connecting rods, new, Brazil

13/1600cc 08/59-
311 105 401B (x4)

Our classic aircooled VW boxer engine has the reputation to be indestructible, however this doesn't mean that it doesn't ever need any revision. Parts such as engine case, crankshaft, cylinder heads, but also rods have to be revised once in a while. Wear and damage can be that serious, that parts must be replaced. We can deliver you since shortly the original VW rods from stock, so that the revision of your 13/1600cc engine block can be done properly. Rods are  sold per set of 4 for 1 engine and they are foreseen of the wrist pin bushings.

Valve spring, each

Type 4
021 109 623E

Since January 2011 we offer you the opportunity to buy cylinder heads for aircooled Type 4 engines to replace damaged items (# 1721-800/1721-810/1721-020/1721-030/1721-040/1721-050). You don't have to replace the entire cylinder head, but revision can offer a solution. Valves, cones of valve, valve conductors… we can deliver them all from stock, but until now we hadn't the valve springs for sale, which is also a part very susceptible to use. We can deliver them from now on each from stock for all aircooled type 4 engines.

Oil cooler adapting seal kit, 8 mm to 10 mm


This oil cooler adapting seal is designed for assembly of an oil cooler installed outside the fan shroud on single port Type 1 based engines, of which  the oil cooler used to be originally assembled directly on the engine case. In this way it's possible to obtain the same cooling capacity for a single port Type 1 engine without harming  the original look. Sold per set for assembly on 1 oil cooler.

Oil cap seal 1200-1600cc (metal cap)

1847-250  12/1600cc Beetle -79
Karmann Ghia
Bus -07/79
111 115 487

The oil cap seal is originally made from cork, though the cap will harden and crumble after many years. The sealing function will consequently  be reduced and the risk that small parts of the cork will get into the motor oil is quite considerable. We can deliver you from now on a correct fitting and oil resistant seal each from stock.

Crankcase breather filter


This universal filter applies on the crankcase breather filter and can be connected with its 12mm connection directly on the crankcase ventilation. Of course, you can chose, according to proper wishes, any other convenient place for this filter. Available each from stock.

V-belt 25 hp

Type 1 13 x 850
111 903 137

The pulley belt for 25 HP engines have a different measure than those used nowadays. That's why it isn't easy to find  replacing or  spare parts for this belt. For many years the correct measure was for  for sale in our shop only, but due to an irregular availability it wasn't possible to take it into our program. Fortunately things have changed and now you can replace the used or torn belt by a new item. Available each.

12 volt coil Beru with clamp (German)


There was a time that Bosch was the only brand for the electricity of your engine. Unfortunately due to many foreign and cheaper productions, the Bosch quality got worse. We now have the BERU alternative for you, high-quality, also made in Germany… and it is the brand that we use on all BBT vehicles., if we may say so to our entire satisfaction. Beru works and Beru is strong! Highly recommended on behalf of the BBT team! 

Vacuumhose from 28PCI carburettor to distributor

2079-250111 129 493A + 111 129 495(x2) + 111 129 499(x2)

You can find a metallic hose on 25 & 30 H.P. engines equipped with a 25PCI carburetor between carburetor and vacuum unit, which has been replaced by a flexible rubber hose on later models. This hose can get obstructed or damaged by handling after many years  and needs to be replaced. We offer you now a substitute from stock.

Rubber sleeve between carburetor and air filter

Bus 11/63 - 07/67
Karmann Ghia 66-07/67
211 129 627

This sleeve takes care on Type 2 11/63-07/67 and  Karmann Ghia 66-07/67  of the connection between air cleaner and carburetor, so that only filtered air can get into the combustion components. Temperature fluctuation and corrosion by oil and petrol vapors can render the sleeve fragile and porous. It gets damaged and there is no longer a good sealing. From now on you can replace your damaged item.

Velocity stacks IDFIDF/DRLA 38 mm, as pair


Pre-heater pipe to aircleaner

Type 1
113 119 519G

Correctly assembled engine plate work is essential for a proper functioning without problems of your aircooled engines. That's why it is important that plate work is in optimal condition. Corrosion caused by temperature fluctuations and weather influences can seriously damage the plate work, so that it can't be no longer used. The pipe which is now in our range can be found near the V-belt driving disc. Its function is to intercept the pre-heated air, that comes between the cylinders and the cylinder head. The heated air is captured through this pipe and guided to the carburetor by means of the air cleaner, in order to achieve an optimal substance for an effective combustion. This pipe is available each from stock.

Wheel Misano, black, 14 x 5.5, 5 lug (5x112), ET +39

Bus 08/71-07/79
Bus 05/79-07/92

The aluminum ‘Misano' wheel, that is in production with one of our Italian distributors, Dei Käfer Service, is BBT's newest acquisition to enlarge our range for Type 2 and Type 3 bus wheels. This very nice wheel is available in black with polished rim and has following measures; 5.5" x 14"/ 5x112 ET39. Available each from stock, centercap inclusive, but without assembling bolts.

Speedometer light bulb holder, screw connection

Beetle, Bus
N 17601 1

Your damaged speedometer light bulb holders with screw fitting can be replaced from now on without problems by these nice reproductions. Available each from stock.

Front seat release knob, 1 seat

Beetle 12/66-07/72
Karmann Ghia 08/67-01/72
Bus 08/67-12/69 M13
113 881 633C/D

The seat release knob and  guide, that we have taken now in our range are indispensable parts which enable the release and pulling forward of the seat. In this way only it's possible for passengers to take a seat at the back of the vehicle. The knob and the guide can be found on Type 1 and Karmann Ghia at the outside of the back of the front seat, whereas it is also used on Type 2 buses 08/67-12/69 to release the 2nd row of the seat back (option code M13 / 8 places). This button is often hardened and torn, as a result of which it doesn't stay in place or gets lost. From now on button and guide are available each from stock.

Guide for seat release knob, 1 seat

Beetle 12/66-07/72
Karmann Ghia 08/67-01/72
Bus 08/67-12/69 M13
113 881 607

Exhaust, Vintage Speed, with pre-heat risers, Stainless steel

Bus 08/59-07/67

We're enlarging our range with these exhausts in stainless steel of good quality and offer you the possibility to find the adequate exhaust for your Type 2 bus. For buses from 08/59-07/67 with an engine block based on Type 1 13/1600cc we have the version available which can be assembled on standard height as was as lowered buses with an engine capacity of 125 HP. For buses with engines based on Type 4 manufactured until 07/79 we have also this very apt exhaust available. Exhausts are sold each from stock with accompanying gasket kits and assembly material.

Exhaust, Vintage Speed, Stainless steel

Type 4

Headrest padding

Beetle 08/67-07/69

The paddings to repair the seats and backs parts were already for some time available in our range, though we were still missing the separate headrest paddings. Meanwhile we have found a solution. Made from foam rubber, which joins nicely up on the back padding  parts already available from stock. There are 3 different models available for each own version depending on the model year. Available each from stock.

Headrest padding

Beetle 08/69-07/72

Headrest padding

Beetle 08/76-

Tow hitch, Westfalia model

Bus 08/58-07/67

For many among us, VW enthusiasts, nothing speaks more to our imagination than travelling in our beloved Volkswagen. It's not different for those who own a split bus and we see this each time when we attend a meeting or organize a convoy. We often love to take some extra facilities on our trips and a trailer for additional equipment and/or back-up or a caravan for extra sleeping accommodation belong also to these facilities. A tow hitch is therefore essential. BBT offers you this tow hitch in a nice good reproduction suitable for assembly on Type 2 buses from 08/58-07/67.

Side ladder for roof rack, Stainless steel

Bus 08/67-07/79

These ladders in stainless steel are a supplement to our range of roof racks for Type 2, that we already had in our assortment since last year (4870-220/ 4870-221/ 4870-222). Due to success of these items we've decided to take also the ladders, suitable for assembly on these roof racks, in our assortment. The ladders can be, depending of the purchased item, installed at the rear as well as at the side. You can stow away and fix your luggage in a safe way. From now on available  each from stock.

Rear ladder for roof rack, Stainless steel

Bus 08/67-07/79

Roof rack 2 bows, Stainless steel

Bus 04/79-07/92

The perfect item for the visitor of meetings among us, who have for several times experienced that there is always something missing during their camping adventure. From now you can carry all the attributes for an enjoyable stay: tent, booze, spare wheel, cuddly toys, domestic animals,… everything can go along on this nice looking roof rack made of stainless steel and designed for Type 25 transporter model, which apart from being very practical is also of a very good quality. From now on available each from stock in 2, 3 and 4 bow.

Roof rack 4 bows, Stainless steel

Bus 04/79-07/92

Rear window seal 'Deluxe' (plastic trim) TQ

241 845 521E

This rear window seal in a good German quality with preformed angles and groove for the deluxe molding chrome (# 0318 x 2) is a complement of our wide range of window seals. From now on available each from stock.

Rear hatch hinge beading

Bus -07/63
211 829 191A

This beading in PVC sits between the rear hatch and the body and prevents that these 2 metallic parts can may contact with one another and can cause rust. Disassembly of the rear hatch can provoke damage of this beading. Replacement will be the only option. From now on available from stock each for 1 vehicle.

Side door stop, 25 mm, 4 pieces

Bus -07/67
261 829 575 (x4) / 577B (x4) / 557x(4)

This rubber side door stops can be found at both sides of the single and double cabin versions of Type 2 buses. This rubber stops makes when you open to loading flaps that they don't come in contact with the body. When they are old stops can harden and will tear and get lost. From now on we can deliver replacing items. Packed per 4 and depending of the model, you'll need 4 or 6.

Castrol Classic oil

XL20W50 1200ppm

Castrol Classic oil seems to be the perfect match with our aircooled engines, which explains of course the popularity of this very useful liquid. Cans of 1 gallon/ 4,54 liter (# 8510-004) are very practical for maintenance, though they are not so easy to take along for refill, if necessary. The 1 liter cans 20W50 Castrol oil are available each or per packing unit of 12 pieces.

Radiator antifreeze 1.5l

G 011 ABC A1

For many among us, fans of the classic VW, it is still an inexplicable riddle why VW has decided at a certain moment to switch over to water cooled engines... What's more the cooling water has the nasty characteristic to freeze in the winter. This can damage the radiator, water tubes and water pump, which causes in  general awkward costs. For prevention you can add antifreeze cooling oil to the cooling water. Available in barrels of 1,5L, which you need to dilute. 1 on 1 part water gives 3L of cooling liquid with a protection till -36°C / 2 on 3 parts water gives 7,5L cooling liquid with a protection till -24°C and 3 on 2 parts of water results in 7,5L cooling liquid with a protection till -52°C.

Nut M4 Din 934

8730-04N 11 004 2

Spacer spring M4 Din 137B

8754-04N 12 224 1

Screw countersunk head is rounded M4x8 Din 964

8769-04-008N 10 970 1

Windshield, green on top green

Bus 08/67-07/79

Since the establishment of BBT we've always tried to supply for all Types a sufficient vast range of second hand windows. Now, almost 25 years later, it becomes  more and more difficult to meet these requirements. Therefore we've decided to offer new windows from stock. Good windows are very important and that's why we've been negotiating for a long time with an European manufacturer to guarantee the best price/quality. We've added our range with more than 54 new items of car windows, so we can surely say that we've a very large range of windows suitable for Type 2 08/67-07/79, Type 3, Karmann Ghia, convertible Beetle and sedan… All windows are available each from stock. They are duly packed in order to avoid damages during transport or handling.

Rear window, heated, green

Bus 08/67-07/79

Rear window, no heating, green

Bus 08/63-07/79

Ventwing window open left, green

Bus 08/67-07/79

Ventwing window open right, green

Bus 08/67-07/79

Ventwing window closed left, green

Bus 08/67-07/79

Ventwing window closed right, green

Bus 08/67-07/79

Doorwindow, left, green

Bus 08/67-07/79

Doorwindow right, green

Bus 08/67-07/79

Side middle window L/R, green

Bus 08/67-07/79

Rear side window L/R, green

Bus 08/67-07/79

Windshield, clear

Type 3

Door window, left, clear

Type 3

Door window, right, clear

Type 3

Windshield - KG coupé/convertible with green sunshade

Karmann Ghia

Windshield, green on top green

Karmann Ghia

Doorwindow, left

Karmann Ghia 55-07/59

Doorwindow, right

Karmann Ghia 55-07/59

Door window left - KG Coupé 08/59-

Karmann Ghia 08/59-

Door window right - KG coupé 08/59-

Karmann Ghia 08/59-

Rear side window, left

Karmann Ghia -07/59

Rear side window, right

Karmann Ghia -07/59

Rear side window, left, pop-out

Karmann Ghia 08/59-

Rear side window, right, pop-out

Karmann Ghia 08/59-

Doorwindow, left, convertible

Karmann Ghia 08/60-

Doorwindow, right, convertible

Karmann Ghia 08/60-

Ventwing window, left

Beetle 10/52-07/64
111 845 251

Ventwing window, right

Beetle 10/52-07/64
111 845 251

Doorwindow, left

Beetle 10/52-07/64
111 845 201B

Doorwindow, right

Beetle 10/52-07/64
111 845 201B

Rear side window, left

Beetle -07/64
111 845 301A

Rear side window, right

Beetle -07/64
111 845 301A

Ventwing window, left

Beetle 08/64-

Ventwing window, right

Beetle 08/64-

Doorwindow, left

Beetle 08/64-

Doorwindow, right

Beetle 08/64-

Rear side window, left

Beetle 08/64-

Rear side window, right

Beetle 08/64-

Windshield, convertible, clear

151 845 101K

Windshield, green on top blue, convertible

Beetle 1303

Windshield, green on top green, convertible

Beetle 1303

Rear window, beetle convertible, heated, green

Beetle 06/74-

Ventwing window, left, convertible

Beetle 1303

Ventwing window, left, convertible, green

Beetle 1303

Ventwing window, right, convertible

Beetle 1303

Ventwing window, right, convertible, green

Beetle 1303

Doorwindow, left, convertible

Beetle 08/64- & 1303
151 845 201B

Doorwindow, left, convertible, green

Beetle 08/64- & 1303

Doorwindow, right, convertible

Beetle 08/64- & 1303
151 845 201B

Doorwindow, right, convertible, green

Beetle 1303

Rear side window, left, convertible

Beetle 08/64- & 1303
151 845 301B

Rear side window, left, convertible, green

Beetle 08/64- & 1303

Rear side window, right, convertible

Beetle 08/64- & 1303
151 845 301B

Rear side window, right, convertible, green

Beetle 1303

BBT knitted beanie


The upcomming winter months in mind, it seemed a very practical idea to take these knitted bonnets in our assortment. No more cold ears and you can drive in your convertible with less ideal weather conditions!

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