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Beetle -07/67

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update sync 21/06/2024

We've been offering for a long time the European version of the -07/67 Type 1 and Type 2 headlight from Hella in a good quality (# 0600-1/0600-5/0600-6/0600-7/0600-8). The demand after an European version from Bosch and good US versions of this -07/67 headlights has resulted in an extension of our assortment. # 0600-010 is the US version of the Type 1 headlight with transparent glass and foreseen for sealed beam lights. # 0600-050 and 0600-060 are the US versions for Type 2  -07/67 with the same composition as previously stated. # 0600-150 is the European version with profiled lenses in Bosch version. Above mentioned headlights are available each from stock, except for Type 2 they are available per side.

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