July 2015


What a season! I’m writing this preface  between two gigantic meetings : Bad Camberg and European Bug In.  With a big smile on my face, as Volkswagen is my thing!

It was fantastic to meet so many people at our Open House (just before Bad Camberg) of so many different nationalities, from  a lot of different continents and different ages, Volkswagen is a perfect hobby from 7 till 97 years and even older!

The summer season is in full swing and the ambience is great…. The VW industry is going at full speed.  Isn’t that enough reason to be in a positive mood ? Although the weather in Western Europe might get better….

The  question is of Greece stays whatsoever in the Euro zone and which consequences  that might have on the stock exchange.  By the time you’ll be reading this text the effects  will be known… In my opinion a grexit has already been calculated for a long time, definitely in the matter of exchange rates.  So the ‘damage’ will be rather restricted.  Afterwards the markets will stabilize again. Let’s wait if I’ll be right. If Greece will concede after all, the same scenario will appear… it’s a fact that Europe will show it’s colors, a gesture that many analysts and investors are waiting for…so after all it will turn out well …

Much worse is the human suffering, boat refugees or people running for IS terror.  We shouldn’t worry about it, but though we must open our heart for so much suffering and misery, why has is to be this way ? And how must it go on ? Is it necessary that one part of the world will be cut off  from the rest ?

Perhaps we aren’t aware that we live in  a good part of the world.  We have a job and earn our living, we have hobbies such as maintaining Volkswagens, everything in a pleasant environment… I have no idea why the financial world has a problem with Greece ( a country with just a handful of inhabitants) comparing to the human suffering in the world, but it will be always that way…

In this newsletter you’ll find a large package of new products in our assortment.  Price modifications turn out better than previous time (fortunately the dollar is more stable).

We are doing our outmost to forward all orders as fast as possible, pallets should be ready for dispatch within 48 hours, in between packets should leave the very same day for orders made before 11 am.  Within the company we’ve been tinkering with the work flow…. We should expect results soonest, because we like to write our Service with a capital as always!

A splendid summer and see you on one of the next VW events ?



New BBT production

bbt production


# 0012-855 Bumper front T25 05/79-08/92 (black primer) BBT
# 0012-955 Bumper front T25 05/79-08/92 (chrome) BBT
# 0013-855 Bumper rear T25 05/79-08/92 (black primer) BBT
# 0013-955 Bumper rear T25 05/79-08/92 (chrome) BBT


Price modifications are indicated on the pricelist itself!

No longer available


# 0492-138 Gasket (cork) in fuel tap for Porsche 356 03/55-03/66
# 0517-102 Washer for lower hinge pin vent wing Type2 52-67
# 0612-20 Taill.lenses 62-67 smoked eco / pair
# 0673-1 Reversing light Type1 52-7/63
# 0880-1 Complete front inner wheel right original
# 0891-680 Rear lower corner left Type2 68-72
# 1379-102 Torsion arm lower left Type1 65- Original
# 1609-075-20 Main bearings 0.75/0.50 case (release bearing -2mm)
# 1920-250 Bugpack Spin-tru generator pulley 12Volt , black
# 2549 Vulcan TT wheel rim 6x15
# 2559-100 ATS black/polished 4-hole 5.5x15
# 7078 OUTS.WIND.SCRAP.CON.65-79
# 8105 DZUS spring retainer 10pc
# 9429 Book:VW's of the World

Price modifications are indicated on the pricelist itself!

Available to special order only

Following items are still available @ BBT but due to low demand they are now available as special order what might be subject to longer delivery terms.


# 0492-137 Gasket fuel tap filter for  Porsche 356 03/55-03/66
# 0499-257 Sign NL 1957
# 0573-53 5-Way harness Grey 'CROW'
# 0887 Chassis Type1 08/72- SWING axle/ original Mexico
# 1629-79 Camshaft T4 572 lift/320°
# 1952 Voltage regulator alternator 12Volt 73-74 / Bosch
# 2910-13 Headliner T2 73-74 w.slidingroof/white
# 9025-063 Boot cover Type1 78-79 beige canvas
# 9025-064 Boot cover Type1 78-79 burgundy canvas
# 9025-072 Boot cover Karmann Ghia 58-69 blue canvas
# 9200-24 Headlining Type1 65-70 black perforated vinyl
New products

Bumper front, black

Bus 05/79-08/92
251 807 111C

Bumpers for Vanagon models already are hard to get for quite some time due to the fact that most Vanagon busses had a though time during their life and decent replacement bumpers are not available on the market. BBT's development department tried very hard to develop and produce a decent, as original quality, reproduction bumper that equals or even passes original models onto correct fitment, thickness, pressing and finish. These bumpers which are being sold under BBT production brand are top quality and as original model. Available each from stock, front and rear models available in chrome or black primer painted.

Engine lid lock

Bus 03/55-07/65
261 827 505

The Type 2 03/55-07/65 engine lock mechanism requires regularly maintenance to ensure long lasting functionality. This lock mechanisme suffers a lot due to its mounting possition in the engine bay where it can be contaminated by oil residues, emission, dust, dirt... These elements accelerate the wear process and due to this process the inner lock can become blocked and damaged. Second hand ones are hard to get due to limited supplies and therefore BBT has been searching for a decent replacement solution. From now one we can offer you a decent reproduction unit, sold each, from our shelves.

Wheel arch, front, left

Bus 10/62-07/67
211 809 501A

Proud Splitscreen drivers or workshop owners who already made repair or an entire restauration project will certainly appreciate the value of decent reproduction body panels and exactly these peoples are the ones who're always on a quest for body panels with a decent price/quality value. BBT likes to give a decent reply to this demand and our purchase team did a very good job on this one. The Type 2 doglegs are one of those panel parts that suffer a lot from corrosion due to its possition, surrounding the front wheel, and these doglegs get easily damaged in accidents. From now on BBT can offer you replacement doglegs in a, as original, quality per piece and per side. ​Assembled

Starter motor Compu-Fire 12V


Karmann Ghia 08/67-
Bus 08/67-07/75 1600cc

This starter has a couple of advantages in regards to the standard starter. The power of 2KW i.o. the original 0,7 KW makes that engines with high compression can easily be started. The use of magnets i.o. windings reduces the chance of disturbances and a reduced transmission to 6:1 rate facilitates a smoothly start with high compression engines. The Compu-Fire starter has been sold each and available from stock.

Ignition set, Magnaspark II


This Magna Spark ignition distributor can easily be installed with a 2 wires connection and works with practically all available ignition coil on the market. The MAGNA SPARK II™ distributor has been CNC manufactured and hand assembled construction. The distributor shaft runs on needle bearing and a bronze bushing ensures stability and durability at high revs up to 10.000 rpm and an equaly distribution of the ignition spark. The high quality injection moulded cap with brass terminals ensures long life and conductivity. Please note this distributor cannot be used on standard Type 3 and Type 4 for engines. Available each from stock.

Ball joint for wiper linkage

Bus 03/55-08/64
211 955 323

On some parts of our globe, wheather conditions aren't always as we would like to have them. But most of us do love to travel with our Classic and most preferable we would like to do this in a safe way. The only solution is to make sure that our pride is in perfect condition. A decent working wiper mechanism is one of the elements that are part of this idea and it can be very annoying, or worse, become extremely dangerous when the wiper mechanism doesn't work properly. 

One of the wiper mechanism parts that can become damaged due to maintenance shortage are the ball joints (BBT 2471-105) on the wiper mechanism drive bars (BBT 2471-106). Due to corrosion, this ball joints can become blocked and the drive bar can become bend due to malfunction of the ball joints. 

From now on BBT can offer you replacement ball joints, each from stock, and we will be able to supply the drive bar in case it has been damaged.

License light lens assembly rubber boot, each

Bus 04/58-07/67
211 943 165

This protection rubber can be found at the inner side of the Type 2 08/58-07-67 engine lid if it isn't yet hardened and/or torn due to harmful influences from oil residues and temperature fluctuations. The importancy of this seal can't be ignored, to protect the inner license light contacts and lens. From now on BBT can offer you a decent replacement rubber available per piece from our shelves.

License light rubber

Bus 08/71-07/79
211 943 131D

The licence plate lighting of a Bus 08/71-07/79 is screwed on the outside of the enginelid and to obtain a good seal against water and dust, it is sealed with a rubber. 
This rubber dries out in the course of the years and will tear irrevocably when dismantling. Replacement is the only solution. Like original, this rubber has 4 tabs so that it stays in place and does not come out and does not seal well.

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