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Ball joint for wiper linkage

OEM:211 955 323
Bus 03/55-08/64

update sync 12/08/2022

On some parts of our globe, wheather conditions aren't always as we would like to have them. But most of us do love to travel with our Classic and most preferable we would like to do this in a safe way. The only solution is to make sure that our pride is in perfect condition. A decent working wiper mechanism is one of the elements that are part of this idea and it can be very annoying, or worse, become extremely dangerous when the wiper mechanism doesn't work properly. 

One of the wiper mechanism parts that can become damaged due to maintenance shortage are the ball joints (BBT 2471-105) on the wiper mechanism drive bars (BBT 2471-106). Due to corrosion, this ball joints can become blocked and the drive bar can become bend due to malfunction of the ball joints. 

From now on BBT can offer you replacement ball joints, each from stock, and we will be able to supply the drive bar in case it has been damaged.

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