April 2015


And thus spoke David… but in this case it was Bob….Previous newsletter I cited several reasons why the dollar would revalue, whereas the euro would decrease further on. Meanwhile the European Central Bank came up with the vicious plan to buy up Treasury bonds at a ratio of 60 billion euro a month.

It puts pressure on the euro and therefore the euro seems to be collapsing the moment I write this text. Is this a good thing to happen ? About the half of our products still have to be paid in dollars. These products will definitely become more expensive. As a matter of fact the new price lists include a lot of increasing prices. However it’s beyond our will. It’s merely a matter of currency rate technical speaking.

What’s though important for us, is that our export to dollar countries has increased considerably at this moment. Nevertheless in Europe we’re doing a game of currency display of force and the end is not within sight…one dollar for one euro or even less that’s an obvious scenario, possibly it will be a fact the moment you read this newsletter.

But don’t spoil our favorite season : springtime by worrying about the price of parts. In comparison with other car makes Volkswagen parts are pretty cheap!
There is another full calendar with meetings scheduled for 2015. The principal event will be in June, in particular on 18 June with our open house (do you come too?) and on 19 June when we go in convoy to the mother of all Volkswagen meetings : Bad Camberg.

A lot of sunshine, splendid weather and unforgettable trips with your Volkswagen. That are the things we wish you and with regard to the prices, we’ve just got to figure them in.



New BBT production

bbt production


# 1293-450 Backing plate rear left, Type 1 08/64-07/67
# 1294-450 Backing plate rear right, Type 1 08/64-07/67
# 0136-102 Rear valance Type 1 08/60-07/66 BBT

Price modifications are indicated on the pricelist itself!

No longer available


# 0517-20 Vent wing lock black Type2 55-67 left
# 0517-21 Vent wing lock black Type2 55-67 Right
# 0890-77 Floorplate front pick-up
# 0891-681 Rear lower corner right Type2 68-72
# 1070-001 Exhaust T25 CT 07/80-12/82
# 1246-3 Rebuilt kit caliper 'Varga'
# 0668 Indicator switch 8/67-7/70 use # 0668-5
# 7509 Side window seal Type 2 68-79 - Cal Look use # 7509-1
# 1615-025-18 Main bearings .25/3 case
# 8911 Window set oval green
# 9370 Haynes guide T1 &T2
# 9495-51 Classic VW magazine (Boxertje) Summer 2014
# 1580 Adapter for Golf engine BBT

Price modifications are indicated on the pricelist itself!

Available to special order only

Following items are still available @ BBT but due to low demand they are now available as special order what might be subject to longer delivery terms.


# 0920-020 Handbrake cable T1 -55 with lever shocks (3038mm)
# 1810-500 High capcity oilsump 3.3Liter (3.5qt)
# 3120-010 Seat covers black 54-55 TQ
# 9025-024 Boot cover Type1 65-70 burgundy canvas
# 9105-05 hood T1 54-57 burgundi canvas
# 9105-84 hood KG 69-74 burgundi canvas
# 9200-34 Headlining Type1 1971 black perforated vinyl
New products

Rear valance

Beetle 08/60-07/66
111 813 301L

This part is the ultimate part for all those lucky 08/60-07/66 Beetle drivers who’re on a quest for a decent quality rear apron replacement! After 2 years of locating a real VW NOS panel, research for the right production process, searching for a competent craftsman and spending lots of time on the way to discuss and test 4 prototypes… BBT is proud to present you this well-known BBT quality rear panel. This rear panel has been designed in original thickness high quality steel and has all correct shapes and a correct fitment. Assembly of all the different parts to become to a high quality finish result has been done on a “Weld through primer” process to prevent uncovered edges. All these efforts have been done to get that to original standards replacement part for a damaged or rotten rear panel on a 08/60-07/66 Beetle. Please enquire @ your local BBT parts distributor to obtain this and other BBT production quality parts!

Fuel tank, superior quality

Beetle, Karmann Ghia 08/60-07/67
111 201 075C

A leaking or polluted fuel tank leads to a lot of annoyance and problems on the road. With a bit of luck problems will be limited to the loss of the content of the fuel tank or obstruction of the fuel tank with particles of dust. 

Though it can be different, a leaking fuel tank in a garage has already led in the past to fire and loss of the vehicle. From now BBT delivers this grey powder coated fuel tank made according to the original model. 

You don’t have to fix the fuel tank anymore or to clean a polluted fuel tank risking that particles will stay behind into the tank. Seals and assembly parts must be ordered separately.

Vent wing lock middle and rear, left

Bus 08/67-07/79
221 847 681

A corroded, distorted or broken vent wing lock is no longer a reason to replace the entire vent wing. From now on BBT can deliver a nice reproduction vent wing lock from stock. Available each for each side.

Front door panels, grey, as pair

Bus -07/67
211 867 105A + 211 867 106A

The authentic trim panels for pick-up and combi split buses is made from grey hardboard, which gets easily damaged and is hardly resistant to moisture. In practice we see many Splitbuses with deformed trim panels that don’t sit on their place anymore. Therefore we receive frequently demands for this door panels, though we were looking for a more sustainable product. We’ve found the solution under the form of this PVC trim panel that is in the matter of color as well as structure very similar to the original model. The principal difference is the sustainability and strength of these panels. They are better resistant to damages and cannot deform due to influences of humidity. We can deliver from stock the door panels, the kick panels as well as the roof panels for the driver’s cabin; suitable for Type 1 buses single cab, double cab and combi.

Seatbelt 3-point black, universal, with E-mark, each


We have added this seatbelt to our range for those who don’t wish to install automatically winding up seat belts in their classic car. The 3-point seatbelt has the E-mark and is delivered with necessary assembly material. Sold each including assembly material.

Headlight grilles, Speedster Design, as pair

Beetle -07/67 
Bus -07/67
Porsche 356

Initially these grills have been designed for racing and fans of travelling off road. They protect the headlight lenses against stones and branches. On the other hand there are certainly fans of the special look of these headlight grills. 

The grills are mounted over the original headlight lens and are clamped under the headlight ring. Beneath the headlight grill will be fixed by means of a special screw (included) together with the headlight ring. 

The grills are sold a pair, assembly material included.

License plate light inner lens, stoplight

Beetle -10/52
111 943 123

We can found this lens in the license plate light with split window beetles made before 10 October 1952. The license plate light has a double function and comprises apart from the license light also a stoplight. Just to state clearly this stoplight should show a different color and it has an orange cover inside the license plate light . After many years of service these covers are often faded, deformed and/or cracked and need replacement. BBT has them now each from stock.

Wiring harness

Bus 08/67-07/69

Problems with the electrical installation of classic cars can cause a lot of trouble and annoyance. We also experienced that people try to solve electrical problems in somehow strange manners. These solutions are often not very safe and can provoke short-circuit and fire. In case of serious problems or if the wiring is severely damaged it is recommended to replace the electrical wiring harness by a new one. Also when restoring this option can prevent a lot of annoyance and loss of time. These wiring harnesses are made according to American specifications and can show some deviations compared to the European model. Available from stock.

Tail gate handle seal

Bus 08/66-07/71
211 829 233

This seal can be found on Type 2 buses from 08/66-07/71 underneath the rear hood lock for protection of the body. On many buses this protection is often completely hardened, became fragile or got partly lost. Therefore it doesn’t fulfill its protecting and sealing function anymore and moisture can penetrate within the hollow space of the rear hood and the mechanical part of the lock. From now on BBT can deliver a new fitting seal each from stock.

Floor panel, left

Beetle 08/70-07/72
111 701 061N

By adding these floor panels to our assortment, we enable the restoration of the body of a Type 1 beetle in a more correct way. These floor panels are designed according to the original model with correct profiles and seat rails. The quality of the finish is even better that the original. The floor panel is delivered completely with jacking point, clutch pedal stop and rear vertical part for assembly to the body. Available each for each side from stock.

Seat hump on floor pan, left, OE quality

113 801 401

The front hump on floor plate for Type 1 Beetle from 08/72- is essential for a stable assembly of the front seats in your VW beetle. You can now replace without problems corroded and damaged items. Available each and for each side.

Chassis section behind front axle, left

Bus -07/67

In general the parallel chassis section with Type 1 buses are strong and resistant, though it might happen that a severe collision or corrosion can harm the chassis section thoroughly. Replacement will be necessary. From now on BBT has a solid part of this chassis section available which goes from the rear to the front wheel space just behind the front axle, where it can be put together near the original welding seam. Available each for each side from stock.

Inner front panel

Bus 08/72-07/79
211 703 561D

Let’s hope that it will not occur, but a mischief comes without calling far and it can happen to everyone. Even to the owners of Type 2b buses, who we can help this time with this inner front panel new in our assortment. This reinforcing plate is located at the underside of the front behind the front bumper. It might get severely damaged after a front impact and repair of this panel isn’t obvious. From now on we can deliver this panel each from stock.

Upper front panel, LHD

Bus 05/79-07/92
251 805 035

The latest generation of VW buses with engine in the back gets nowadays a surplus value as classical car and you encounter them frequently on meetings. Due to the increasing popularity these buses are more and more restored and put back into the traffic. The body joints are a weakness of this generation VW buses. These joints are welded and kitted to another during production, but due to age joints get hardened and will torn. Moisture will penetrate through cracks and will cause corrosion between the edges. That’s one of the reasons why we receive frequent demands after plating to repair damaged panels and from now on BBT has these panels for sale to repair the front side . Available each from stock for LHD as wells RHD buses.

Enginelid inner cable
black knob

Karmann Ghia
143 827 531B

Owners of Karmann Ghia cars have often experienced it, it has always been a weak point on this Type VW. A broken cable to open the engine compartment…. A bad working deck lid lock is often at the base of this problem. In practice they are often poorly lubricated and consequently difficult to manipulate. The cable will be overcharged and will definitely break. 

From now on BBT can deliver a replacement from stock and we can deliver the outer cable as well under ref. #0932-250. Don’t forget to check and lubricate the lock upon replacement…

Heat shield for exhaust for Type 4 engine

Bus 08/71-07/79
039 119 227

This shield can be found on Type 2 buses between the silencer and the engine plating. It prevents that heat coming from the silencer will warm up the plating around the engine-coolant fan. 

If this shield is missing the aspirated coolant air will be heated through the surrounding plating and you’ll risk that the engine will be overheated by the warm coolant air. We notice that on many buses this protection shield has been damaged by fluctuating temperatures, moisture and dirt or have disappeared completely, after that assembly supports have been broken due to corrosion. 

BBT can deliver a good reproduction each from stock.

EMPI spare tire tool box


A special and practical gadget ! This VW tool box can be put into the spare wheel compartment. It has been in production since 1950, but was subject to quite some modifications in the course of time. They are very sought-after and are dealt for crazy amounts, that’s why it’s difficult to find complete tool boxes at a reasonable price. This reproduction from EMPI is a good alternative to take along on holidays. The copy is based on a model available since 1962 and has been delivered till model year 1966, afterwards contents have been modified again. Available from now on from stock.

Brake light switch, 3-terminal, German quality

1251-005113 945 515G

It is important to have a good driving-mechanism, though is it is even more important that the brakes too are properly functioning. That’s why we make that parts for the brake system are always of excellent quality. Now we have chosen to foresee an alternative of high quality of the brake switch with 3 terminals that we already have available for a long time. This German made version assures a leak-proof and excellent functioning. Available each from stock.

Backing plate, rear left

Beetle 08/64-07/67
113 609 439C

Here again a new product made through the BBT product line. We already have a large range of backing plates available, though this one was still missing in our assortment. A perfect fit in combination with a nice finish makes that this indispensable part is a good replacement for damaged or rusted items for 08/67- Type 1 beetles. Available each for each side from stock.

Rubber mounting onto chassis arm, for sway bar

1302/03 -07/73
113 411 315

Fans of Type 1 super beetles are without any doubt familiar with the characteristics of the MC Pherson front suspension used on this type. They have not only very estimated steering characteristics, but also some disadvantages. One of them is that it can provoke vibrations after minor signs of abrasion or anomalies when driving that can be nasty for the driver as well as for the passengers. That’s why BBT has always an ample range of suspension parts available. This bushing for sway bar is the correct type used on models till type year 1973. Available each from stock in the well-known BBT production quality.

Steering box seal

Beetle, Karmann Ghia -08/61
111 415 285A

Bad seals make that dirt and moisture can penetrate into the steering box. Replace them in time to assure a proper functioning of the steering boxe.

Rubber for gear shift joint on gearbox

Bus 08/82-
251 711 167E

The shifting gear on Type 25 buses is a rather complex unit in which many different parts are used. The transmission in the gear box will be executed between the shift arm and the gear box with a ball that is handled by a hollow lever. This transmission is lubricated with grease and this connection will be protected on its turn against dust and moisture by means of a rubber boot. In case this boot is torn it does no longer fulfill its protecting function and transmission will be damaged by dirt and moisture. The rubber boot is delivered each from stock.

Gasket kit transmission 'Swing' - German

Karmann Ghia
Bus -07/67
111 398 005A

A leaking gear box soils the garage floor but it reduces also the oil level of the gear box. The loss of oil goes definitely together with a lack of greasing that will irrevocably lead to serious damage of the internal parts of the gear box. It is important to use good seals when revising the gear box. BBT has already a large range of seals available, but there is however a great demand after specific seals for the gear box. From now on we can deliver this gasket kit made in Germany each from stock for Type 1 gear boxes with swing transaxle and IRS (propeller shaft) transmission.

Spark plug cables black

Type 1
111 998 031A

Fans of authentic brands that were used in the past as spare parts for Volkswagen, will be very pleased with the latest addition of products of the brand BERU. The ignition wire set made in Germany assure a perfect transmission of the power between current distributor and ignition plugs. The ignition wire set is available from stock as a complete set for 1 engine.

Grab handle middleseat
3-seat (set) beige

Bus 04/61-08/63
221 883 807 + 221 883 809

Volkswagen has foreseen grab handles for madly trips with your Type 2 Split bus, so that passengers sitting behind on the second or third seat can grip themselves. These handles are fixed on the backrest and covered with vinyl for a comfortable grip. UV-beams and summer temperatures can harden and crumble the covering. From now on BBT delivers these grab handles separately or as a set from stock.

Pick-up hoop set

Bus 08/52-07/79

A pick-up has a practical way to transport cargo with the disposal of a cargo bed. It’s even more interesting when you can charge in all weather conditions. In the past Volkswagen has provided the material to cover the cargo bed by means of a tilt. BBT has now the mechanical part for this tilt at disposal so the construction can still be effectuated. The kit consists of the metallic construction parts only ; being a front and back hoop, 2 finish slats for the wooden front and rear slats, 1 center hoop to be used use on a single cab pick-up. These parts are all in black powder coating and fit on Splitbus as well as on Baywindow buses.

Pop-Top hold down strap, Westfalia, grey

Bus 08/63-07/72
231 068 013A

We can solve a regular problem with Type 2 Westfalia buses foreseen with a pop-top. On many of these buses the authentic rubber straps that tighten the pop-top to the body are damaged and/or broken by age. BBT presents now the perfect part for the owners of Type 2 08/63-07/72 buses with the pop-top principle. Available each from stock.

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