October 2014


And then it was over… suddenly it’s autumn, though the weather in Western Europe is better in September than it was in August.  The clock keeps ticking… we can’t escape from time!

My misgiving regarding the oil price in previous newsletter didn’t come true.  On the contrary, due to weaker economic figures in China the oil price has been decreased considerably, what is of course prosperous for the exchange rates and economy! On the other hand the rate of the dollar in respect of the euro is increasing…this can be  disadvantageous for us as we still pay a large part of our stock and productions in dollars.  We’ve got to wait, until now we were able to absorb a lot of prices.  Let’s hope this will be sufficient and that there will arise positive things from the European economy…

In general  we’re back on course.. as long as we can grumble a bit, we’re happy.  The summer has been a top season, all records have been beaten with BBT with regard to the figures, that makes one good-humoured ! I hope it is the same for you all.

Autumn is a nice approach to winter, we know from experience that October is a good month to start your winter project.  So it will be ready in time, because after new year it seems that spring appears each year more faster… our project is waiting… let’s hope our good intentions may come true this year…

A lot of good work and many nice rides in the fall!

No longer available

# 0206 Running board Mexican left, Use BBT # 0207-200
# 0207 Running board Mexican right, Use BBT # 0207-200
# 0352 Scraper + molding 53-64 left, Use BBT # 0352-5
# 0353 Scraper + molding 53-64 right, Use BBT # 0353-5
# 0492-90 Fuel tank Type 2 55-67, Use BBT # 0492-905
# 0679-5 Reverse + brake light 8/63-66
# 1596-5 Hi-Torque starter 6 Volt
# 1612-075-21 Main bearings .75/1.5 case
# 1614-025-18 Main bearings .25/2.5 case
# 1730-5 Heavy duty T4 valve springs (8 pieces)
# 1739-05 Valve lash cap 1,27mm (1)
# 1739-08 Valve lash cap 2,03mm (1)
# 1770 Valve cover seals BBT, Use BBT # 1770-01
# 1878 Black vented oil filler
# 2539-613 Yellowline wall ring 13" (4 piece)
# 2539-713 Orangeline wall ring 13" (4 piece)
# 2547 Zoron Mach wheel rim 6x15
# 6650-000 Dining set Transporter (18-pcs)
# 7071 Outside scraper Cabrio L/R - 65-79 (rubber only)
# 8980-500 Side window left KG 55-60
# 8980-505 Side window right KG 55-60
# 9434 Book:How to modify  VW bus
# 9439 Book:  "VW Camper Cookbook"
# 9495-49 Classic VW magazine (Boxertje) Winter -2013-2014
# 9495-50 Classic VW magazine (Boxertje) Lente 2014
# 9921-001 T-shirt Pin-up + Hebmuller (Medium) BBT
# 9940-020 BBT hoody red (Large) Male
# 9940-030 BBT hoody red (Extra Large) Male

Price modifications are indicated on the pricelist itself!

Available to special order only

Following items are still available @ BBT but due to low demand they are now available as special order what might be subject to longer delivery terms.

# 0499-256 Sign NL 1956
# 0499-354 Sign F 1954
# 0499-355 Sign F 1955
# 0499-356 Sign F 1956
# 0499-357 Sign F 1957
# 0499-358 Sign F 1958
# 0499-359 Sign F 1959
# 0499-360 Sign F 1960
# 0499-364 Sign F 1964
# 0499-365 Sign F 1965
# 0499-366 Sign F 1966
# 0499-368 Sign F 1968
# 0499-375 Sign F 1975
# 0499-376 Sign F 1976
# 0499-377 Sign F 1977
# 0499-378 Sign F 1978
# 0499-379 Sign F 1979
# 0499-452 Sign D 1952
# 0572 Chrome front hood hinges 1300
# 1025 Bobcat exhaust for mid-engine chrome
# 1276-12 Rear disc brake kit Type 1 73- (5x205)
# 1743 Valve seats Type 1 - 44 mm (4 pieces)
# 2551 Empi 5-spoke wheel black
# 2617-5 Autometer 5' C2 10000rpm + switch lamp
# 7816 Quarter window seal Calllook T3 NB 62-74
# 9020-011 Boot cover Type 1 63-64 beige vinyl
# 9025-043 Boot cover Type 1 72 beige canvas
# 9025-052 Boot cover Type 1 73-77 blue canvas
# 9100-32 Hood Type 1 68-72 white single vinyl
New products

Window sash L/R, each

Karmann Ghia 04/59- (ch 2 395 181-)
141 837 571A

Bad seals near the door windows make that humidity can penetrate in the empty space in the door. The parts within the door can get damaged through infiltrating moisture. The window sashes with Karmann Ghia are a nice example for it. In the past it was exceptional to find good second-hand window sashes, because most of the time they were severely damaged by rust. BBT has now a good reproduction window sash available each from stock. The window sashes fit on both sides.

Seal for panel/moulding clip 0409-550, each

Bus 08/67-07/79
361 867 425

We use this rubber seal for the door panel clip when using our ref. # 0409-550 clips door panels front & rear on Type 2 07/67-07/79. This seal has the correct thickness for a perfect fit. Available each from stock.

Door Handle with keys, German quality, each

Beetle 08/67-
Karmann Ghia 08/67-
Type 3 08/67-
111 837 205M

Because of user rights we had to cut in our assortment of door latches, though we've been working for a solution. Our search after an alternative quality has led us to these good German door latches for Type 1, Karmann Ghia, Type 3 08/67-. The fit and working is perfect together with a nice chrome quality, make that this door latch is very suitable to replace your corroded, damaged or without keys items. The door latch is delivered each from stock with 2 matching keys.

Classic quick shifter (Stainless Steel) Vintage Speed

Bus -07/59

With this new add to our assortment out of the rage of Vintage Speed, the owners of Type 2 -08/59 buses have now the opportunity to install an alternative custom quick shifter in their vehicle. This Titanium custom quick shifter has an up to 35 % reduced shift distance. The stop plate is designed to enable a better shift adjustment. From now on BBT can deliver this shifter, including assembly material from stock.

Mounting plate for fuel sender

Karmann Ghia, Bus -07/73

Initially the more ancient Karmann Ghia and Type 2 buses were not all equipped with a fuel gauge. It was an option on standard buses and was only supplied on deluxe versions. The place on the fuel tank was however provided, though not perforated. The base plate that we have now in our assortment, enables you to install a fuel sending unit in the existing fuel tank. The destined place on the fuel tank can be cut open and the base plate is to be welded on this location. That speaks for itself that the fuel tank should first be emptied, disassembled and cleaned. The base plate is sold each, assembly instructions included.

Front door panels, black, as pair

Bus 05/79-08/92

Owners of Type 25 can now replace damaged inner door panels with these new items. At the moment we have only the black version available from stock. Other colors can be obtained by special order.

Tail light lens and reflector

Beetle 08/55-08/61
111 945 231 + 111 945 235

In the current traffic good functioning lights are essential. It's a concern for many owners of Type 1 08/55-08/61 beetles and at meetings we often see bugs driving with bad taillights. In many cases the lens is no longer transparent or the reflector is blistering off. Upon disassembly of the taillight, other parts may get damaged too. Our supply of second-hand parts has to such an extent diminished, that we have looked for good new substitute parts. From now on we can deliver following items from stock: # 0626-510 taillight lens and reflector in 1 unit available for each taillight, # 0626-520 spring clip (each),# 0626-530 Chrome ring for taillight, available each, # 0626-540 taillight housing left. # 0627-540 taillight housing right.

Bottomplate for framehead

Beetle -07/65
113 701 315 A

The empty space within the body of Type 1 is known for the corrosion inside. Humidity and dust get through condensation or through cracks within the empty parts, where they can do their destructing work. The result doesn't look that nice. The welding seams get thicker by corrosion and the underside gets perforated. Now it's possible to repair the underside of the frame head of Type 1 -07/65 with this bottom plate. Available each from stock.

Wheelhousing front, left

Bus 03/55-07/67
214 801 325A

In general we know the classic places on Type 2 split buses that are subject to rust : tresholds, jacking points, rear corners… Though sometimes even the front inner wings are to such an extent damaged that even small damages can't be properly repaired. Replacement of the entire inner wing is the most appropriate solution. The wheel housing that we have now available enables the replacement of the upper side of the inner wing from the front bottom plate till the baffle panel. The seat rail should be recovered. Available each and for each side from stock.

Front panel, superior quality

Bus -07/67

If you want to repair damages on the front panel of Type 1 buses you've got to search for a donor vehicle or spend a lot of working hours adapting a front panel of poor quality. It often required some creativity and sometimes even a bit of makeshift. We do not like this to happen to our classic cars. That's why we're happy that we have now a nice fitting alternative available.

Backing plate, front, left and right, each

Beetle, Karmann Ghia 08/65-
Type 181
181 609 139

Here again we have a new product of our BBT product line. We already had a wide range of backing plates available, though these were still missing in our assortment. A perfect fit combined with a nice finish make that this indispensable part is a perfect alternative for your damaged or rusted item of many 08/67 – Type 1 beetles. Available each from stock fitting for the left-hand as well as the right-hand side.

Piston and cylinder kit, cast, upper 90,00 mm - lower 90,00 mm

Type 1 - 1192cc
Ø 77 mm - 64 mm

We 've already had for some time the sets of AA Performance in our assortment, as an alternative for the always more expensive Mahle cylinder/piston sets. Due to the increasing success of these sets we 've enlarged our assortment with kits for 1200cc (Ø 77mm) Type 1 engines. From now on they are available per kit, consisting of 4 cylinders, pistons, piston axles and clips from our program.

Rubber boot for generator cable for connection D+ and DF, 12V

1960-500113 971 901A

This rubber boot that connects the generator cable to the generator prevents corrosion of the connection. The rubber boot hardens and gets fragile due to the heat of the engine. A minor manipulation is often sufficient to cause bursts, so that it's protecting function can't be assured anymore. From non on you can replace the damaged rubber boots by new ones. Sold each, you need 2 of them for 1 vehicle.

Rebuild kit 36 IDF carburettor (1 set = 1 carburettor)


A good functioning gasoline feed is essential for an optimal return and the carburettor is therefore an important part of it. Fuel leakage increases the gas consumption and can provoke an engine fire, whereas taking in leak air results in a bad combustion. 

Both defects are often caused from missing seals of the carburettor. We already had a wide range available, though we needed even a more complete assortment. From now on we can deliver a carburettor rebuild kit for 36 IFD Weber carburators, 48 IDF Weber carburators and Pierburg 2, E2 and 2E3 carburattors. You need 1 set for 1 carburator.

Coolant hose from water pump to double T-piece

Type 25 1900cc -1985, DF, DG, SP
025 121 108A

BBT keeps working to enlarge our wide range of coolant hoses for Type 25 water-cooled engines. The coolant hoses are always less available as spare part and even good second-hand ones are sold at high prices on online markets. The BBT purchase team has made some intensive research to present all types of coolant hoses at the perfect price/quality ratio. We have now a good alternative to replace your hardened and/or broken item. The rubber hoses are sold each from stock and the original spring clips are also available each from stock.

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