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Newsletter April 2014

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Without announcement and never seen before, nice weather breaks all records. The sun broke through from the beginning of March in the Western part of Europe!  Will this be the forecast of a beautiful spring after a very soft winter ? I’m writing this text the first week of March in the sunshine and temperatures are flirting around the 20°C. Let’s hope for a gorgeous summer too!

The beautiful weather, the ever growing interest in oldtimers and partial results of our long term vision and promises kept us quite busy these past winter months. We wanted to reorganize and realize even more. We’ve worked very hard to get all orders out,  adjust our stocks supplies and be ready for the busy season to come.

A part of our planned reforms have been started to work. First of all there are new opening hours for our customers.  A very important decision, taken in consultation with our personnel . Nevertheless it was a considerable change and above all a new challenge for us as management, as well as for all the BBT staff.

The world has been shaken up by the situation in the Ukraine. Exchange rates have been startled, but it seemed to be a storm in a teacup. The social media has played an important role. News travels very fast these days. Which political leader dares to make a faulty decision? The risk to be recalled is quite huge if you don’t do it the kosher way!

Speaking about the social media, do you follow our BBT blog? Directly through one of our eight social medial canals? We try to give you through the Blog a daily update of spare parts as well as vehicles.  The weekly product updates are important to be kept informed of all product trends within BBT.

If you wish, it’s easy to subscribe to the blog for an automatic message through a RSS feed or e-mail for each update.  The blog is written in a simple English language. It is easy to understand. But it is also easy to be translated by online Google translator.  Reading the BBT blog in your native language is with Google just some clicks away….

I wish you all a fantastic burgeoning spring.  Make a stop along the way.  Enjoy small thing such as the smell of freshly mown grass or the humming of bees. Take you time to watch animals in the fields, how young animals are frolicking in the meadow searching to explore the big world. I hope our Volkswagens may find their way the to many meetings to come.

Or even better, start the old beast on a free day and drive into the wild.  Make a picnic with your family or friends.  Picnicking with ancient cars, I can’t imagine something more idyllic… Nice pictures, memories for ever. A couple of hours later you’re back home and can resume your hectic life. But you will remember the picnic much longer than those hectic moments of the same week… And you’ll give also an important signal to the youth.  A proof how easy life can be. And how nice old cars can be set in.

Enjoy life, it lasts just a while….

Keep the faith!


No longer available

  • # 0358      One piece windows Type 3
    # 1640      Silicone main seal T1
    # 1718      Piston kit 77mm/87mm case 1200cc  (KS) Use # 1715-060
    # 1718-1  Piston kit 77mm/90mm case (KS) Use # 1715-065
    # 1801     Oil pump with stock style 6 mm bolts ’61 <> ’66 Use # 1805-18
    # 5502     Rebuilt double port engine 1600 CC - BQ Use # 5505
    # 7450     Seal engine door T2 55-71

Price modifications are indicated on the pricelist itself!

Available to special order only

  • Following items are still available @ BBT but due to low demand they are now available as special order what might be subject to longer delivery terms.

    # 1338-006    King pin set T2 08/62-07/63 (pair)
    # 1868          Oil cooler 96 plates, 33 x 28cm
    # 2180-2       Carburettor kit EMPI Brosol/Solex 44mm
    # 2573          Gasburner 5x112 - Black
    # 2617-4        Autometer 5'cobalt 10000rpm + switch lamp
    # 3120-010    Seat covers black 54-55 TQ
    # 3125-080    Seat covers convertible 74-76 SQ
    # 4515          Billet shifter knob
    # 5470          Rebuilt single port engine 1300 CC
    # 7020          Convertible front seal 50-56
    # 9015-10     Tack strip rear wood 49-67
    # 9025-084    Boot cover Karmann Ghia 70-74 burgundy canvas

New products

Rear window louvre, not assembled

0348-140   Karmann Ghia
The success of the rear window louvres kits (# 0348-01 Type 1 58-64 , # 0348-02 Type 1 65-71 and # 0348-03 and Type 1 08/71-) previously taken into our assortment, has made us decide to take them also for Type 14 Karmann Ghia into our offer. The rear window louvres prevent warming-up of the interior by the sun through the rear window, but they don’t block the view from the rear window. From now on available in a do it yourself kit from stock.

Seal for panel clip, German, each

113 857 219A
We have now taken in stock the correct German rubber seal for molding clips as a substitute for the white Brazilian clips. From now on you can replace your old seals by this correct German item. Available each from stock.

Clips for doorpanel, each

0409-550   Bus 07/67-07/79
N 014 37 81
The clips for the assembly on Type 2 07/67-07/79 door panels have a larger diameter that differs a bit from the one of the clips # 0409 available since many years. The assembly of door panels on Type 2 buses hasn’t always been done together with the rubber seals. That’s why a model with a bit larger diameter has been used thence. BBT can deliver now these clips each from stock.

Vent window assembly, left

0517-900   Bus 08/67-07/79
241 837 601
By adding these vent wings to our offer, we certainly have a very nice alternative available to replace rusty items. Used parts are still available, though prices of such vent wings are getting insane. However there is one difference: the vertical post is not chromed like with the European version, though it is painted in black. For those who need only the frame, it can be ordered separately under ref. # 0517-905 and # 0517-915. Items # 0517-900 and # 0517-910 are delivered as a set.

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#0517-905 Vent window frame, left
#0517-910 Vent window assembly, right
#0517-915 Vent window frame, right

Return spring for handbrake lever rod

0523-106   Bus 08/67-07/79
211 711 439A
This return spring is essential for the proper functioning of the handbrake lever rod with type 2 08/67-07/79. It keeps the handbrake lever rod secured after pulling up and fixing the rear brakes. You can unlock the hand brake by turning the grip handle and the spring will put the grip back in its locking position. The return spring can lose resilience after many years of service and by metal fatigue and it can even break. From now on we can deliver this spring each from stock.

Sun visors, cabrio, pair, white

0557-001   Beetle 08/59-07/64
151 857 551A x 2
Drives in the early morning and the late evening are charming, but low sun might cause disastrous endings. Sun visors installed at the upper part of the front window frame, can prevent dazzling by the sun if the sun visors are duly installed and in perfect state. They are often yellowed and became so fragile that they deform during manipulation. We have them available for a wide range of versions for your air cooled VW, though they were still missing for Type 1 convertible of model year 08/59-07/63. From now on we can deliver them as a pair from stock.

Adjusting screw, center, rectangular headlight T25-Vanagon, each

0613-855   Type 25 05/79-07/92
191 941 297
The adjusting screws for headlights are indispensable to regulate the headlights properly, though they are also very fragile parts that get easily damaged. This occurs often upon handling of the screw, whereas dirt and dust adhere in the screw thread part of the headlight holder. When the screw is severely damaged, the headlight can’t be adjusted anymore. BBT has enlisted the adjusting screw into our assortment and therefore these fairly scarce headlights won’t be put out of service anymore. Available each from stock.

Tail light, left or right, European, black base, each

0624-005   Beetle 12/1300 08/73-1303Type 181
BAA 945 095A
Unfortunately the original taillights with grey base are no longer available consequently an early production stop. That’s why we have been looking for a good alternative. We have now a version available made by Hella but with a black base. The 'e' mark is present and you will be in order with the European technical Rules. Available each from stock.

Positive battery cable, black 920 mm

0634-500   Beetle -07/66
111 971 225
The electrical installation of our classical car should always be in optimal state. Defective electrical parts and damaged wiring should always be repaired/replaced at ounce in a correct way. One of the important parts in this unit is the feeder cable of the battery to the starting engine. Principally because of the fact that the starter requires a lot of powder upon activation. A damaged or hardened feeder cable and faulty connections can cause a lot of problems. As from now BBT delivers a suitable feeder cable in a good quality each from stock.

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#0634-510 Positive battery cable, black 840 mm, red 1050 mm
#0634-520 Positive battery cable, black 1130 mm
#0634-530 Positive battery cable, black 825 mm
#0634-540 Positive battery cable, black 540 mm, red 980 mm

Knob for hazard switch, non-padded dash

0636-275   Beetle, Bus 08/68-07/74
111 953 245E
It’s essential for the smooth use of the hazard switch without problems. The missing or damaged knob can now be replaced without problems. This new switch has a tell-tale light and fits on Type 1 beetle and Bus 1968-1974. Sold each.

Fog light switch

0636-750   Type 25 05/79-08/92, 1303 , Golf, Scirocco, Jetta -81
251 941 535
Vehicles that leave the assembly-line nowadays have all rear fog lights, however during the eighties that was certainly not a standard option, but rather an special accessory. That’s why many Superbeetles and Type 25 buses don’t have this useful item. If you wish to install it, we can help with the correct fog light switch, that fits perfectly into the existing dashboard opening. Sold each and it can also be used for Golf/Scirocco/Jetta-81.

Bulb holder cover taillight, each

0645-595   Bus 08/71-07/79
211 945 285
The connections and bulb holders for Type 2 08/71-07/79 taillights are covered at the inside in the engine compartment by a PVC cover. In this way the inside of the taillight units are protected against dust and dirt. These covers can get damaged by fluctuations in temperature and manipulation and it won’t be possible to assemble them again in a correct way. From now on BBT presents you a good alternative for your damaged item. Available each from stock.

Wiper voltage drop 12V to 6V, 4 ohm

This voltage drop has different applications, though there are most currently applied on a 6V wiper motor with a 12V power circuit. They are often applied when alternating of 6V voltage circuit to a more performant 12 V voltage circuit, whereby you wish to keep the 6V wiper motor. The resistance has a 35W power dissipation. Available each from stock.

Rubber for plugs rear seat, as pair

0737-009   Beetle -12/58
111 885 553 x2
The back of the rear seat is supported with Type 1 Beetles by means of 2 metallic tubes that are fixed on the body. There is a rubber ring around these 2 tubes that assure an easy handling and damping of vibrations. We often see vehicles where this rubber stops are missing, because the seal got hardened, broke and consequently got lost. BBT can now deliver these new rubber stops in a good quality as a pair from stock.

Boot floor side repair panel, left

The boot floor behind the rear seat of Type 1 VW Beetle is a place very susceptible to rust ever since the VW Beetle has been in production and you can perceive it above all at the side panels of the luggage compartment right under the rear window. As a result of condensation in the vehicle and sound-damping covers, moisture keeps a bit longer present on these spots. The underside of de boot floor is often attacked by moisture and dirt that sticks at the underside of the angles of the body, on the welding seams and between the rear axle housing and body. You can imagine the consequences, the connecting seams of the inner wings and the rear reinforcing angles will definitely rust and often they are completely rusted away. Unfortunately the complete repair plate of the luggage compartment is no longer in production, however our purchase department has found a good alternative, so that the sides of the luggage compartment can be repaired again. Available each and for each side.

Related products

#0881-060 Boot floor side repair panel, right

Top hat section under ribbed floor, pick-up

0890-58-5   Bus 03/55-07/79
261 801 803
BBT is proud to be the distributor of the Auto Craft quality products and we are always very eager to enlarge our range with new productions of Auto Craft. The last addition is this top hat section under ribbed floor for Type 2 -67 pick-up models. A rusted and/or severely damaged supporting beam can now be replaced by this high-quality alternative. Available each from stock.

Heater cable, left, LHD

0931-100  4115 mm, Bus 1600cc, 08/67-07/71
211 711 629F
The BBT purchase team has accomplished a great task to complete and clarify our offer of heater cables for Type 2 08/67-07/79 buses. The offer is not entirely completed yet, some models are still coming, though we expect that the major part of owners of Type 2 baywindow buses can be helped. Rusted, broken and/or damaged cables can be replaced on by these new items.

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#0931-110 Heater cable, left, LHD
#0931-115 Heater cable, left, LHD
#0931-120 Heater cable, left, LHD
#0931-125 Heater cable, left, LHD
#0931-150 Heater cable, right, Type 2 LHD 08/67-10/68, RHD -07/71
#0931-160 Heater cable, right, LHD
#0931-175 Heater cable, right, LHD
#0931-180 Heater cable, right, LHD
#0931-185 Heater cable, right, LHD
#0931-215 Heater cable, left, RHD
#0931-220 Heater cable, left, RHD
#0931-225 Heater cable, left, RHD
#0931-270 Heater cable, right, RHD
#0931-280 Heater cable, right, RHD
#0931-285 Heater cable, right, RHD
#0931-550 Center dash heater cable, RHD

Spring kit for rear brake shoes, 8 pieces

1239-105   Bus 03/55-07/63
211 609 309 x8
The brake system of our classic car must always be kept in excellent condition. It’s only possible when you have the correct spare parts at your disposal. From now on we can deliver these springs for brake shoes for Type 2 bus 03/55-07/63 in a set of 8 pieces. It’s enough to replace all the return springs on 1 rear axle.

Brake caliper left ATE, without brake pads

1248-150   Type 25 08/79-07/85
251 615 107
Since a long time we already had a model of these brake calipers available, but a small discrepancy of the entry for the brake hose caused however that the model in stock wasn’t completely conform to the original. We looked further for a good alternative and now we can present this ATE alternative. Brake pads are available separately under BBT # 1245. Brake calipers are sold each and for each side from stock.

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#1249-150 Brake caliper right ATE, without brake pads

Stock front axle bolts, 4 pieces

1347-200   Bus 03/55-07/67
211 499 121A
During restoration or disassembly of the front axle of Type 2 03/55-07/67 you can choose to replace the old perhaps damaged bolts by these bolts made according to the original model. They are sold per 4 pieces, enough for the assembly of one side of the front axle. You'll need 8 bolts for a complete assembly of the front axle.

Washer for front axle mounting, Stainless Steel, each

1347-210   Bus 03/55-07/67
211 499 131
This washer is indispensable to assemble the front beam on buses of Type 2 03/55-07/67 in a proper way. The original model is sometimes severely damaged by corrosion or spoiled by applying an undercoating, so that these new washer may be a solution. Their special design makes that they are not available on the regular market and to secure a long life they are made from stainless steel. Available each from stock. You need 8 items for the assembly of 1 front axle.

Front inner wheel bearing Type 1 -65, outer Type 2 -63

111 405 627
From the early beginning, some25 years ago, BBT has a weakness for mechanical parts of quality and bearings didn’t escape to this vision. After many years we always strived for presenting wheel bearings of excellent quality and we’ve always offered them in a set. We’ve been frequently faced with customers who came along into our shop with milled seats for bearing in the wheel drums or disc brakes, damaged rear axle flanges of even milled spindle nuts and swing axles. Replacement of the 2 latters ones can lead the ‘quick replacement of the wheel bearing’ to a nasty job, that involves many hours of work and costs. A planned trip, meeting or even vacation can be definitely spoiled. That’s why we get often the demand after wheel bearings, even as separate parts. Therefore we’ve decided to sell wheel bearing as from now each from stock. Grease seals can also be delivered each from stock.

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#1356-120 Front inner wheel bearing Type 1 + Type 3 69-
#1356-150 Front inner wheel bearing Type 2 64-79
#1356-200 Front outer wheel bearing Type 1 -65
#1356-210 Front outer wheel bearing, Type 1 + Type 3 66-
#1356-140 Front inner wheel bearing Type 2 -08/63
#1356-250 Front outer wheel bearing, Type 2 08/63-08/79
#1439-150 Rear inner wheel bearing, IRS, Type 1 + Type 3
#1439-200 Rear outer wheel bearing, IRS, Type 1 + Type 3
#1439-220 Rear outer wheel bearing, Type 2 08/63-07/71
#1439-230 Rear outer wheel bearing, Type 2 08/71-07/92
#1439-160 Rear inner wheel bearing, IRS, Type 2
#1439-100 Rear wheel bearing, SWING
#1439-210 Upper outer bearing in reduction gear case, Type 2 -07/67

Lowered spindles discbrakes, as pair

1384-500   Bus 08/72-07/79
These lowered spindles for Type 2 08/72-07/79 are designed to lower with 6 cm and to narrow with 1 cm at each side of the front axle. The original torsion arms, draglinks and ball joint nuts can remain in use, though we advise to control the ball joints thoroughly and to replace them in case of any doubt. It’s possible to install all type of 15” aluminum rims with pcd 5 x 112 as well as the original 14” rims. The spindles are delivered in a set from stock.

Needle bearing front axle, each

1396-355   Bus 08/67-07/79
211 401 301B
The trailing arms on which the front spindle nuts are mounted, are shoved on the front axle and fixed with spring torsion leaves. In this way the trailing arms are kept on place and go to the outside of the front axle on needle bearings. These needle bearings are lubricated on their turn with grease that is guided through the front axle grease nipples into the stock front axle. These needle bearings can be damaged by heavy duty as well as by lack of regular lubrication. From now on we can deliver these needle bearings each from stock. You need 4 of them to renew the needle bearings on a complete front axle.

Clip for Swing axle in differential

1493-060   Beetle
N 12 320 1
The driving shafts of the rear wheels are secured by swing axles at the side of the gear box by means of 2 large clips. After many years of service, surcharge or after revision of the gear box, these clips may get damaged or even break. The swing axle cannot be clamped properly into the satellite wheel, which can lead to damage of the swing axle locking. This can lead to a loose swing axle, damaged pinion and damage to the gear box without possible repair. The clips are available each in a good quality from stock.

Ignition points, Beru

2009-250  13/1600 & 009
059 998 051B
BERU is a German company that has still a production unit in Germany. Naturally they have foreign production units too, but the ignition points that we offer here are still produced in the German BERU plant. With the continuous cutting back of Bosch products of quality, that are more and more manufactured in the East, we are forced to look for good alternatives. After a long testing period on our own fleet of cars, we’ve decided to take the BERU ignition points into our assortment. The best part of this story ? The BERU ignition points have also the advantage that they are cheaper than those from Bosch. Available each from stock.

Ignition cable holder for 3 cables, original

113 905 451A
Loose ignition cables and fuel lines have caused a great deal of problems near the engine compartment in the past. At best it’s restricted with the failure of the ignition of one of the 4 cylinders, but it can be worse… Fire in the engine happens once in a while. Principally the ignition cables should be fixed in a clip, that on its turn is secured in the fan shroud. After many years this PVC clip can harden, break and it gets off the fan shroud because of vibrations and manipulation. The ignition cables will be set free in the engine compartment. We’ve got the holder for 2 cables already in our assortment for quite some time under ref. # 2045-500. It is mostly used behind the intake manifolds at the right of the fan shroud. Those with 3 openings can be found with more recent Type 1 Beetle and Type 2 buses at the left side and has a place for the fuel line too. From now on BBT can deliver them each from stock.

Gasket between cylinder head and manifold, single port, 25hp, each

N 13 829 1
These copper gaskets are essential for the proper sealing and assembly of the fuel intake manifold with single port engines. After disassembly of the intake manifolds these gaskets can’t be used anymore, you’ve got to use new seals to assure a perfect sealing. BBT can deliver these copper gaskets each from stock. You need 2 of these gaskets for 1 engine.

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#2132-030 Gasket between cylinder head and manifold, single port, 30 DIN Hp, 36 Sae, each
#2132-034 Gasket between cylinder head and manifold, single port, 34 Din Hp, 40 Sae, 1200cc 60-, each
#2132-040 Gasket between cylinder head and manifold, single port, 40-42 Din Hp, 45-50 Sae, 1300-1500cc 64-, each

Headlining, vinyl, perforated

2910-250   Bus5 08/79-07/92
The roof upholstery of our classic VW has been in production since the very first years, but after many years it has been evolved from a fabric upholstery to a more modern vinyl material. This vinyl upholstery was more lasting and better resistant to dirt and humidity, though after many years even these vinyl headliners can get damaged. Since a very long time BBT had them for air cooled models already available and from now on we can deliver them from stock for Type 25 Vanagon too in a perforated finish as well as a non-perforated one.

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#2910-255 Headlining, vinyl

Flange adaptors 25/36hp - stainless steel - Vintage Speed

3280-900  Kever, Karmann Ghia, Type 2
These exhaust assembly flanges complete our extensive range of Vintage Speed parts. These flanges enable the installment of the Vintage Speed exhaust in a correct way. There are 3 sets available : for 25/30HP, 13-1600cc engines and Type 2 68-79.

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#3280-910 Flange adaptors 13-1600cc - stainless steel - Vintage Speed
#3280-920 Flange adaptors - stainless steel - Vintage Speed

Water pipe elbow on engine case to 2nd cylinder, Stainless Steel

4253-001  Type 25 WBX 1900cc/2100cc
025 121 171A - 025 121 171B
These metallic pipes can be found with water cooled boxer engines that are used with Type 25 buses. Due to continuous contact with cooling liquid and coolant, these metallic flanges and pipes are very subject to corrosion. It’s no surprise that they need to be replaced after more than 20 years loyal service. BBT can deliver them made in stainless steel new per piece from stock.

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#4253-002 Water pipe from pump behind pulley, Stainless Steel
#4253-003 Flange water pipe on cylinder head to 3rd cylinder T25, Stainless Steel
#4253-004 Water pipe between waterpump and thermostat housing, Stainless Steel
#4253-005 Water pipe between waterpump and oil cooler, Stainless Steel
#4253-006 Water pipe between oil cooler and thermostat housing, Stainless Steel

Bulb holder license light

7469-100   Bus 04/58-07/67
211 943 161C
The license plate light on Type 2 buses is quite a difficult unit that consists of several loose parts. We try to have all separate parts in stock, as well as the bulb holder. When the bulb holder is corroded or damaged, the license light gives only partly light or no light at all. From now on we can deliver the bulb holder in a good reproduction each from stock.

Licence plate light lens

7469-150   Bus 04/58-07/67
211 943 121C
The yellowed, scratched or broken lens op your Type 2 04/58-07/67 can be replaced from now on by a good reproduction one. Available each from stock.

Rear window

8996-100   Beetle 08/64-07/71
111 845 501H
There is an increasing demand to replace scratched or broken car windows. Good second-hand windows are becoming quite scarce and this might explain the increasing demand. For quite some time BBT has a range of new windows in our assortment, though we continue enlarging our offer. This should enable everyone to get the adequate window. # 08896-100 and # 08998-100 are rear windows that don’t have the rear window heating. Heated rear windows are already available under # 8996-105 rear window Type 1 65-71 heated and # 8998-105 rear window Type 1 08/71- heated. The windows are duly packed and sold each from stock.

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#8998-100 Rear window