January 2013


I think I’m going mad. At the end of the year I’m used to read all the prognosis. Not just reading them but most of all remembering and comparing them with next one… it’s hilarious, the first says black , the other says white… in our actual economic climate this means that one camp speaks of the end of our economic model and the other party pretends that the best is still to come…

I wish to reply on the latter statement, that we’ll face still better times… do I have to understand that our children will get 3 cleaning-persons each? I wonder where we’re are going to grab these cleaning-persons, as now it is already a major problem, whereas not everybody has one nowadays. In my opinion Western people will  have to alternate their attitude, otherwise we will head for an army consisting of officers only.  Everybody will feel oneself too good to be merely a soldier… and then ?

I can imagine that you’re nodding approvingly, that’s the way… but after don’t we wish that our children will graduate and be a part of the officer staff and not mere foot-soldiers… If a child has the capacities and the fierceness to study, I’ll be the first to encourage and to toast on a brilliant highschool diploma, but when I hear that they intend to facilitate our smart education system in order to increase the chances of success, I will definitely go off. I admit that we are going downhill, far from the ideal understanding of the world where our grandparents as well as our parents worked so hard for, so that we are now doing so well … and we do !

Fortunately we are well protected in the cocoon of our passion. We work in a real niche market, according to our economic model that is not subject to the economic climate. And the niche market keeps turning at full speed. Many people try however to board into the world our vehicle hobby, that is gradually growing to an up to the mark business. In terms of Volkswagen speaking it’s incredible how many people are earning their bread in each country with air cooled Volkswagens. It hasn’t been otherwise in 2012.

news 01-2013

The meeting season, being an important engine to the VW economy will be astonishing in 2013. Hessisch Oldendorf, European Bug in, a new two days meeting in Lubbeek (Belgium) and so much more, always more, always bigger… we’ll have to plan carefully how to attend to as many meetings as possible! Even for BBT all these VW events have a surplus value, their visitors are after all potential consumers to be helped!

But there is more…internally BBT is not standing still… major changes in the stock policy and rotation should lead and keep our stocks onto better tracks! We are working hard to order the right quantities, the statistics in excel are flying over the screens, everything should be ready, a serious audit and a strong financial plan, it seems to be a big enterprise here, but then in a nutshell.  BBT is becoming a big boy and who knows,  new challenges? Anyway we’re ready for it! BBT wants to please their customers on the first place. In 2013 we’d like to write SERVICE even more in big capitals.. Let’s go for it!

We’ve plenty of good intentions! And that should be the case of course, we are looking back on a magnificent year, a considerable growth, that proves that we pursue the right course and we’re ready for the next step, business pur sang, a real challenge, but we’re carrying it out!

For the present I wish to thank you customer, supplier, supporter and fan. Thank you for believing in BBT and to support us in 2012. Therefore as token of appreciation we’ll exert ourselves for a wonderful 2013. Happy New Year!


Online tools


BBT keeps working to provide the best service at a minimum of efforts for you, as distributor of BBT parts. Therefore we’ve started  to facilitate return management, automation of backorders and order list processing.

Some of our distributors have already started to use some of these applications and their feedback seems to be very helpful to get these applications on track. Due to the success of these recently developed applications and addition of some helpful tools we’ve had to shift over to a new website host service and now we’re ready to release the 3 latest developed features.

First application is the return form which will no longer require the need to complete and fax the paper edition return document. You’ll only find the fields which are important for you and you get informed automatically by e-mail when your return has been approved and can be returned.

The second feature we would like to introduce is the back-order function (from 14/01) which has been linked to the order processing feature. As you already might know, online stock updates are performed daily and have an high accuracy which guarantee almost correct information. As soon the goods come in our warehouse you’ll get automatically informed by e-mail and you can easily add the backorder  item to your  order list. This order list can be sent to our sales department and they will process the order almost immediately.

Last but not least, to make an easy and swift order processing we’ve created different ways to add parts to your order list (from 14/01). You only need to make sure you’ve done login to our website. You can add parts to the order list by just tracing them in the online catalogue and add  them to the list. You can add backordered items to the list that were previously in backorder and  have now been announced available again by e-mail. You can just introduce individual part numbers and quantities on the order list. A fourth way to make orders is by uploading them directly into an order list using an Excel file. Don’t forget to confirm the order and we’ll start to prepare the parts.

We hope these features will be helpful but please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information or help.

Available to Special Order Only (SOO)

Following items are still available @ BBT but due to low demand they are now available as special order what might be subject to longer delivery terms.

# 0060-1 Baja bumper front, chrome

# 0221 Baja side bars low

# 0356 One piece windows -64

# 0499-251 Sign NL 1951

# 0499-367 Sign F 1967

# 1028 'J- tubes' chrome for Type 1

# 1739-05 Valve lash cap 1,27mm (1)

# 2908-101 Headliner T3 SQ.B 61-73 non-perforated/white

# 2910-12 Headliner T2 68-72 w.slidingroof/white

# 5546 Exchange engine 1776 cc

# 8916 Window set 58-64 green

# 9100-60 Hood Karmann Ghia 60-67 black single vinyl

# 9100-70 Hood Karmann Ghia 68-69 black single vinyl

# 9103-60 Hood Karmann Ghia 60-67 black quality vinyl

# 9555 Rosewood door trim

No longer available

  • # 0289-02 Rubber stop brake pedal Type 2
  • # 0484 Door hinge covers chrome
  • # 0492-116 Filter for fuel tap (in tank) Type 2 use # 0492-115
  • # 0556-21 Sunvisors Type 1 68- pair white/mirror use # 0556-20
  • # 0848-3 Original undersill left / VW Mexico
  • # 1329-03 Steering axle left Type1 -65 use # 1329-05
  • # 1329-04 Steering axle right Type1 60-65 use # 1329-06
  • # 1338-03 Tie rod right Type 2 -67 use # 1338-02
  • # 1338-11 Tie rod right Type 2 68- use # 1338-10
  • # 1602-23 Cro.Mo.5.700 Chevy Rod
  • # 1701 Piston and cylinderkit 88,00 - mm F.MACH use # 1715-110
  • # 1721-5 Cylinder head 1600 double port original Mexico
  • # 1727-2 Cylinderhead 'Max Head' bare 94mm/piece
  • # 2149-1 Air cleaner box T1 08/72 -> / original Mexico
  • # 2518 Centercap '+ wheel' black
  • # 2670 Dash cover 1303
  • # 2753 Steering wheel 13' 3 spoke polished, black leather
  • # 2761 Steering wheel 15' 3 spoke black, black leather
  • # 2792 Boss kit 74->
  • # 9250 Wind deflector Type 1 convertible
  • # 9670 F4 Ski carrier
  • # 9804 F4 Sticker 'Get Power'

Price modifications are indicated on the pricelist itself!

Available again

  • # 0558 Sun visor, right, plexi, smoked
                113 857 516
                Type 1 46-07/59
  • # 0559 Sun visor, left, plexi, smoked
                113 857 515
                Type 1 46-07/59

Prices are indicated on the pricelist itself!

New products

Lower header bow for sunroof, kit


BBT is the exclusive distributor in Europe since spring of 2012  of the VW Sunroofs products, that are essential for a good revision of the canvas sliding roof of your VW beetle or bus. We are trying to complete our assortment as much as possible and that?s why following products are now available of a range of more than 62 different parts.

Engine vent trims, Stainless steel

Bus 50-02/63
241 853 597A

These moulding sets are a nice accessory to embellish the rear and lateral engine vent trims on Type 2 combi models. The mouldings are fixed by means of pins on the body and they are made from stainless steel, so that they won?t corrode. Available from stock per set for 1 vehicle.

Handle on dashboard, ivory

Beetle 08/57-07/67
151 857 641C

This ivory color dashboard handle can be found on Type 1 08/57-07/67 sedan and convertible and offers the passenger some holding . The handle is often damaged on many beetles by sunbeams and frequently use and needs to be replaced. BBT can offer from now on a good alternative, including assembly material, from stock.

Dash protection plate, original model

Beetle 1200 08/55-07/67
113 863 515C

This dash protection plate is an alternative for the PVC part (# 0570) that we have in stock since many years. It is made out of the original style material and perfectly suitable for restoration according to the original model. So your damaged or lost item can be replaced now without problems. Available each from stock.

High beam relay

111 941 583

Finding high beam relays at a good price/quality proportion was a whole job these latest months. The quality that we used to present wasn?t apparently satisfactory and gave problems after use. From now on BBT can offer a good alternative for your used or damaged by corrosion items and they come now from a BBT coordinated production.

Battery retaining clamp

Bus 08/67- 07/79, Karmann Ghia 08/67-07/71
131 915 313

This is an absolutely essential part to retain the battery. We often see that this clamp has been lost during restoration and as we had no replacement to offer. From now on this clamp is available in a good quality each from stock.

Heater cable, right, LHD

4310 mm
Bus 1600 cc 08/72-07/79
211 711 630M

The BBT purchase team has accomplished a great task to complete and clarify our offer of heater cables for Type 2 08/67-07/79 buses. The offer is not entirely completed yet, some models are still coming, though we expect that the major part of owners of Type 2 baywindow buses can be helped. Rusted, broken and/or damaged cables can be replaced on by these new items.

Exhaust bracket 25/30 hp

1001-100111 251 267A

The exhaust system and all related parts are definitely one of the parts of our classic vehicles that are the most susceptible to corrosion. Differences in temperature by heating and cooling and humid weather conditions make that the exhaust and assembly parts need to be replaced regularly. The exhaust bracket that we have taken now in our assortment is a perfect and correct alternative for the assembly of the pipe outlet. One bracket is sufficient for 25 HP engines. For 30 HP engines you?ll need 2 brackets.  Available each from stock.

Heat riser insulation kit

Beetle, Karmann Ghia 08/60-
Bus 08/60-07/67
Bus 1600cc 08/67-07/79
113 119 597 (x2) + 113 119 599 (x2)

The pre heat tubes of the intake manifolds near the engine plating guide is sealed by means of 2 plates, foreseen of insulation to prevent that the heat of the engine underneath the vehicle can run through the engine compartment.  After many years of service this insulation material has become fragile and does no longer seal properly.  From now on BBT can deliver from stock the insulation material in a set suitable for all engine based on Type 1 from 08/60 except for AR 1300CC engines.

Seal for #1095-2, Aluminium heater hose Ø 19 mm

1094-250113 119 571

This seal sits around the heater filter tube at the rear of the engine and prevents that the tube gets damaged near the lead-through hole in the engine plate work. Fluctuations of temperature, corrosion by engine oil and fuel fumes can damage this seal. From now on BBT presents a replacing item from stock.

Blue brakehose, 5 meter roll
From the reservoir to the master cylinder.

1258-050N 020 350 1

We already have this brake hose in our assortment for quite some time made to measure of 0,5m, sufficient to replace the blue brake lines between brake fluid reservoir and master cylinder. Although we often receive demands for lines resistant to brake fluid in longer measures. From now on BBT has this line also in stock in a length of 5 m.

Brake drum front
without holes

Beetle 08/67-

With these non-perforated brake drums for Type 1 beetle 08/67- we can help lovers of alternative wheels. Drums can be bored into each desired nut circle, which fall into the reach of the drum. These brake drums are properly made and available each from stock.

Gas shock absorber rear 'Heavy Duty'

1309-100   Bus 08/67-07/79

These heavy duty gas shock absorbers make part  for many years from our assortment for Type 1 Beetle models, where these absorbers have proved their solidness. There are also good shock absorbers for Type 2 on the market and BBT has decided to present them also from stock. Sold each and available from stock.

Grease seal front wheel bearing

Beetle -07/65
Karmann Ghia -07/65
111 405 641A

Wheel bearings are definitely one of the parts subject to wear of the classic car. Since many years we have the wheel bearing available as a set from stock. Nevertheless we often receive demands after separate bearings and most of all after the grease seals. Consequently our purchase department has done a lot of research to be able to offer wheel bearings and seals for Type 1 beetle, Type 2 bus -07/79, Type 3 and Type 181 each from stock.

Ball joint nut, each

Type 3 M20
N 011 166 1

This M20 nut has several applications for assembly of the suspension parts on your classic VW. Damaged nuts can now be replace without any problems. Available each from stock.

Shift rod coupler

Bus -10/61
211 711 169

The shift transmission on buses is divided in several parts due to its length and the many obstacles underneath the body.  These parts are attached one another by means of couplers. These couplers can get damaged by corrosion or after many years of use so there will be play or they get damaged during disassembly. BBT has since a long time already in our assortment the coupling at the rear of the shift shaft under # 1405 for Type 2 -07/67 and for Type 2 08/67-07/79 under # 1406. The front coupling is from now on available in a good quality from stock under # 1403-250 for Type 2 -07/61 and under # 1403-260 for Type 2 08/61-07/79.

Shift rod rear

Bus 10/61-07/67
211 711 171B

The connection between shifter boot and gear box consists of some guides and seals which should be in impeccable condition. If these guides are not  replaced in time, the shift shaft can get damaged. With this shift shaft for Type 2 10/61-07/67 that we have now in stock you can replace the corroded or bent due to play shift shaft. Available each from stock. 

Torsion bar covers

Beetle -10/52
111 511 255B (x2)

For a long time, BBT has been searching for a solution to the ever rusted spring plate covers for the Beetles up to 08/59. After intense research, we finally found a producer that can make this quality product for BBT. These spring plate covers are delivered as a pair and are an exact reproduction of the original part.1432-000 will be suitable for Beetles produced up to -10/52, while 1432-100 will be the reference to use if your Beetle was produced between 11/52 and 08/59.

Reduction box housing plug, each

Bus 08/63-07/67
211 501 249

The transmission of the driving mechanism on Type 2 has been equipped   since 1949 till 1967 with reduction boxes in order to generate a more powerful transmission and to create more space underneath the vehicle. There are 4 pinions and 8 bearings (at both sides) in the reduction boxes that are running in an oil bath. With regular maintenance and correct use these parts won?t easily get damaged, though when driving an lot of kilometers pinions and bearing can show some abrasion. On model from 08/63 you can only pull out the inner bearing underneath after first disconnecting the locking nut at the inside and removing the shaft out of the bearing. This nut is only accessible through the housing plug at the rear part of the reduction box and it is often damaged during disassembly. We also recommend to replace the locking nut that clamps the shaft against the bearing in order to assure a reliable and proper securing. From now on BBT can deliver the housing plug and the locking nut in a good quality each from stock.

Pushrod set - blank end Chromoly, TQ, 8 pieces


These Chromoly Push Rods are manufactured from select hard drawn seamless 4130 Condition N 3/8" tubing. Thicknesses, .035" wall thickness. 

Each Push Rod is stressed relieved for maximum performance. The push rod tips are CNC machined from high carbon steel and heat treated to 60 Rockwell. The design of the tip is suitable for valve seat pressures to 200 psi and valve lift to over .700". 

Blank end push rods are extra-long and enable the builder to cut and assemble them to exact requirements. Available as set of 8 pieces from stock

Timing belt kit

Type 25 D/TD

The timing belt is an essential part on Type 3 diesel engines and makes that transmission is adjusted on each other of cam shaft, injection pump and oil pump through the crankshaft. This driving belt should always be in perfect condition to fulfill its important function and heavy duty. When the belt breaks while the engine is turning, it can provoke damage to cylinder heads, valves?.. We recommend to replace this belt every 120.000km and as most of Type 25 Transporters drive a lot of distance, the demand after this timing belt is quite considerable. BBT can offer you from now on a good price/quality kit in a good price/quality proportion from stock.

Cylinder cover, single port, black


The engine tins have an influence that can?t be ignored on the life time and return of the engine and should always be in optimal condition. We have already for many years plating  in a good quality for double admission Type 1 engines. Now we can also deliver plating for single admission engines. Your rusted and damaged cylinder covers can now be replace without any problems. Available per pair from stock.

Rring speedometer, aluminium

Beetle 08/57-
113 957 371C/E/F/G

For quite some time BBT has the chrome speedometer ring for model Type 1 10/52-07/57 available from stock (# 2690). Although there is also an important demand for rings for model 08/57. Our stock of second- hand speedometer rings is meanwhile exhausted, that?s why we?ve decided to take a good reproduction in our offer. From now on the speedometer rings are available in a good quality each from stock.

Bracket on roof front, for Westy tent #6500


Since a couple of years BBT has these Westfalia tent roof brackets available as a set, though frequent demands after separate brackets have made us decide to take them also each in stock. These brackets are made in own production and they fit perfectly on the original as well as on the BBT reproduction Westfalia tents available under # 6550 & # 6551.

Fresh air cover seal

Bus 03/55-67
211 817 757

You can replace hardened seals with this sealing-strip, which are located in the fresh air box that is mounted against the roof of the driver?s cabin. The seal has prepressed holes and the kit contains enough to seal the fresh air cover without problems.

Nail trim convertible (chrome steel) above rear window

Beetle -10/67
Karmann Ghia -07/67

151 871 425A

These nail trims can be found at the outside of the hood on Beetle and Karmann Ghia convertibles. They make a nice finish and the outer covering will fit nicely on the frame. 

This moulding can get corroded or the nails can break off. When you replace the hood, you probably can?t use the nail trims anymore. 

These nail trims are then a good solution and are available each from stock.

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