July 2012


Summertime! Finally, all  convertibles are ready to go. Ladies and Gentlemen start the engines! Each week there are some nice meetings. Volunteers are giving the best of themselves for hours, days, weeks and even months and organize meetings in our beloved hobby world. We already have attended to a couple of them!


Economically the second  elections in Greece are over. After the angry first round of ‘protest’ elections, it seems that even the Greek realize that leaving the Euro zone would be a bad thing to do, not only for them, but for all Europe and to put in mildly a shock for the whole world. It’s unbelievable how a small European community can put such a pressure on all the rest.

Let’s compare with the USA. There Greece would be the size of a city something like Detroit. In Detroit life is not a bed of roses neither. Vacancy, unemployment, poverty, crimes, just name it, it’s very bad… but we hardly hear anything of it. The reason? In the United States there is one government with one state of mind, all going in the same direction, something that we are missing in Europe. With us everyone has a vote, each country, each community. No penalties are imposed when budgets are not complied with for instance (except from the expensive interest rate for loans from the European Central Bank). It makes a good economic policy very difficult. Should we have tomorrow a Central government in Europe for economic affairs with the necessary authorities, everything would look different at once!

In fact it’s easy to say  that it will be that or the end of the Euro sooner or later. Certainly when countries such as Spain and Italy are getting in the spot lights. They have great problems to finance their national debts. To speed up  the economic progress and to turn the crisis throughout the world, we must attend to this European government at once, so that we can get again on the right course. Even if it is  at the expense of a part of the sovereignty of the member states. 

After all we must think ‘European’, not as a small country, except for social and cultural matters. People should not be afraid, we were never so well off!

Good life automatically translates itself in leisure time and hobby. Never before so much money has been spent on hobbies and leisure. Our Volkswagen hobby definitely is a good example! And isn’t this pleasant? We enjoy it of course and we try to pass this pleasure into our working mind on the pretext of good, better, best!

The offer of meetings and gatherings confirm this story in the whole world, in fact it’s just too good to be true. We must all dare to enjoy life. And that’s exactly what we are going to do this summer, enjoying the weekends with our Volkswagens, and working hard during the week to give a maximum opportunity to as many people as possible to equalize this feeling the next weekend…

Let’s build together on this Volkswagen legend, a story that is really too good to be true, but that has been made in all sincerity by you and me! Life can be beautiful!

I wish you a nice summer, good business, no problems and above all much quality of life.

BBT will attend to following major meetings this summer:

New description

# 1715-075 Piston liner kit, 1200 CC - 83 mm (4 pieces) - AA Performance
changed to # 1715-075 Piston liner kit, 1200 CC - 83 mm/ 90mm case (4 pieces) - AA Performance

# 0518 OEM style window crank 68-
changed to # 0518 OEM style window crank 08/69-74

# 0518-01 Window crank original 65-68
changed to # 0518-01 Window crank original 08/67-07/69

# 0427 Door latch Type 1 08/67- with keys
changed to # 0427 Door latch Type 1 08/67- with keys

# 0525-060 Radio block off plate Type 1 58-67
changed to # 0525-060 Radio block off plate Type 1 58-67 (kit)

Quality improvements!

# 1761 Push rod tube + springs, 8 pieces
Now from Scat
Old quality available as # 1764

No longer available

  • # 0573-03 Automatic seat belt green
  • # 0622-05 Taillightlens 68-73 (USA) eco
  • # 0622-06 Taillightlens 68-73 smoked eco (2)
  • # 0622-07 Taillightlens 68-73 (Eur) eco
  • # 0624-5 Taillight assembly 74- Ultima
  • # 0666 Indicator switch 8/70-7/71
  • # 0679-1 3rd brakelight Type 1 55-7/63
  • # 0679-2 3rd brakelight Type 1 8/63-66
  • # 0687-20 Interiorlight Type 2 50-67 use # 0687-210 + # 0687-215
  • # 1037 Baffle for #1038
  • # 1038 Short Stinger, big flange
  • # 1213-10 Front wheel brakecylinder ATE 356 pré A Left under - Right upper
  • # 1614-050-18 Main bearings .50/2.5 case
  • # 2037 Yellow carbon wires
  • # 2038 Blue carbon wires
  • # 2080 Condensator 1200 71-74 use # 2083
  • # 2756 Steering wheel 10' 3 spoke black, black leather
  • # 2793 Boss kit Golf/Polo 82->
  • # 2941-100 Repairkit for sliding roof Type 2 -67 use # 0386-995 or # 0386-996
  • # 3570 Seat padding under rear bottom T181
  • # 5500 Rebuilt double port engine 1600 CC
  • # 7827 Window inner scraper Type 3 left use # 7527
  • # 7828 Window inner scraper Type 3 right use # 7528
  • # 8956 GLAS T2 68-79 STAT.GREEN
  • # 9496-04 Airmighty 04
  • # 9505 F4 Chromoly lightened flywheel 200mm(5.5kg) use # 1571-100
  • # 0891-290 Inner side panel left Type 2 69-72 use # 0891-294
  • # 0891-291 Inner side panel right Type 2 69-72 use # 0891-295

Price modifications are indicated on the pricelist itself!

New products

Indicator glass white front bumper

0006-110   Beetle 08/74-

Originally indicator signals were relocated from 08/74 on Type 1 from the fender to the front bumper and built into the bumper. The color of the lens remained however orange. From now on BT can offer a transparent colorless glass as alternative for this orange indicator lens, so you can set up a more custom and personalized touch. Lenses are sold each.

Bumper end seals, front, cloud white, as pair

0026-100   Bus 08/67-07/72
211 707 197 (x2)

You can find these bumper end seals near the connection of the central bumper and the rear ends with Type 2 07/71 front bumpers. The rubber strips make a nice finish and prevent rust by mutual contact and damage of the paint on the metallic parts. Due to UV beams these white strips can fade and harden and upon disassembly or revision of the front bumper we recommend to replace these strips. They are available per pair for 1 bumper from stock.

Spring brake pedal

0276-090   Beetle/ Karmann Ghia -08/57
113 721 163

The master cylinders of our classic cars are all equipped with a return spring, to bring the master cylinder after manipulation back in its initial stand. This spring is however not strong enough to return also the pedal in its initial stand. Therefore Type 1 and Karmann Ghia -07/57 are around the pedal shaft also foreseen with a spiral steel spring to return the brake pedal. Due to its position on the floor of the body and near the master cylinder filled with corrosive fluid, the spring is very susceptible to corrosion. It gets easily damaged, stuck or breaks so that you can?t use the brake pedal anymore. From now on you can replace the spring by a good new reproduction.

Rear window louvre, not assembled

0348-03   Beetle 08/71-

Due to the success of the previously taken into our assortment rear window louvres kits (# 0348-01 Type 1 58-64 and # 0348-02 Type 1 65-71) we have decided to take also the model for Type 1 from 08/71- in our offer. The rear window louvres prevent heating of the interior by the sun and don?t reduce the sight through the rear window. From now on this kit, which can be installed by yourselves is available from stock.

Window channel in U-form, each

0351-100111 837 439D

This window channel is an excellent alternative for the felt version of # 0351 and so it?s possible to restore according to the original state. From now on these guides are available each in a length of 1220 mm from stock.

Center lock for sunroof

0385-080   Beetle
115 875 151

The sliding roof mechanism for Type 1 and Type 2 are vulnerable elements due to their complex construction and lack of maintenance, which can get damaged on several levels. Therefore it isn?t possible to have in stock all the specific parts for these mechanism and to help everybody. Our supplier VW Sunroofs understands this too and together we have decided to cooperate as their exclusive European dealer so that every owner sunroof vehicles can be helped in an efficient way. The parts destined for repair of Type 1 ragtops are subdivided under parts group number 0385-xxx, whereas parts for repair of damages of Type 2 sunroofs are classified under group number 0386-xxx.

Related products

#0385-090 Screw set for locking bow, 8 pieces
#0385-100 Chrome hook for sunroof lock
#0385-110 Screwset center lock for sunroof
#0385-120 Spring for centerlock sunroof
#0385-130 Roof tensioner, each
#0385-190 Header spring bar plate assembly, as pair
#0385-220 Bolts and washers for header spring bar plate assembly
#0385-230 Outer guide on spring bar plate, as pair
#0385-260 Outer locking guide on spring bar plate, set
#0385-310 Guiding hoop for sunroof
#0385-320 Phenolic guide plate under side springbar, as pair
#0385-330 Anti rattle packing under side springbar, each
#0385-340 Sponge rubber under side springbar, as pair
#0385-360 Springbar assembly tensioning hoop, as pair
#0385-370 Connection bolt and screw for side springbar, each
#0385-420 Tensioning hoop for sunroof
#0385-430 Rivet for tensioning hoop for sunroof
#0385-440 Trailer bow complete assembly
#0385-450 Rubber sleeves on tensioning hoops for sunroof, 6 pieces
#0385-460 Upper header bow for sunroof
#0385-470 Rivets for Canvas to headerbow, 11 pieces
#0385-480 Tensioning strip, rear
#0385-490 Screw set for rear tensioning strip, 11 pieces
#0385-500 Mounting bolt for upper to lower headerbow, as pair
#0385-510 Springplate side tension strip for sunroof, each
#0385-520 Screwset for side tension strip, original, 4 pieces
#0385-540 Tension strip for sunroof, as pair
#0385-560 Screwset for side tension strip, repro, 10 pieces
#0385-580 Sunroof handle kit
#0385-590 Escutcheon set with spring for sunroof handle
#0385-610 Spring for sunroofhandle
#0385-620 Rubber in sunroofhandle
#0385-640 Aluminium sunroofrails, set
#0385-645 Aluminium sunroofrails, set
#0385-670 Screw set for sunroofrails, 24 pieces
#0385-750 Cone washer and screw M4 x 7 S/S, original
#0385-800 Pinch weld molding for sunroof, Type 2 cockpit headlining
#0386-020 Lower header bow for sunroof, kit
#0386-030 Center lock for sunroof
#0386-200 Header spring bar plate assembly, as pair
#0386-260 Outer locking guide on spring bar plate, set
#0386-280 Guiding hoop for sunroof
#0386-330 Springbar assembly, tensioning hoop, as pair
#0386-370 Tensioning hoop front for sunroof
#0386-380 Tensioning hoop center and rear for sunroof
#0386-400 Rubber sleeves on tensioning hoops for sunroof, 8 pieces
#0386-410 Upper header bow for sunroof
#0386-420 Rivets for Canvas to headerbow, 14 pieces
#0386-430 Tensioning strip rear
#0386-440 Screw set for rear tensioning strip, 13 pieces
#0386-480 Screwset for side tension strip, repro, 14 pieces
#0386-510 Screwset for side tension strip
#0386-530 Aluminium sunroofrails, set
#0386-550 Screw set for sunroofrails, 36 pieces
#0386-560 Square cage nut in sunroofframe M5x8, each
#0386-900 Complete sunroof assembly without rails
#0386-905 Complete sunroof assembly with rails
#0386-995 Rebuildkit, EZ-glide, for sunroof
#0386-996 Rebuildkit, EZ-glide, for sunroof

Winddeflector for sliding roof, blanco

0390-100   Bus -07/67

We have this accessory from proper production available since the spring of 2009 for application on Type 1 Beetle with ragtop. It has surely proved that it improves driving quality. From now on we can deliver this practical item for Type 2 deluxe buses, foreseen with a ragtop. The wind deflector is available in clear (0390-100), transparent green (0390-103) and transparent brown (0390-105) and can be installed in less than 5 seconds without boring or screwing. The wind deflector is available each from stock.

Door latch with keys, as pair

0427-050   Beetle 08/67-, Karmann Ghia 08/67-, Type 3 08/67-

On request of our customers we have decided to take also this quality of door latches suitable for Type 1 08/67-, Karmann Ghia and Type 3 in stock. These door latches have a nice finishing and are sold a pair, 2 keys inclusive.

T-connector gastank breather

0492-250   Beetle 08/67-, Type 3 08/67-
113 201 157

To intercept the differences of pressure caused by expansion of the fuel in the fuel tank, there is a breather that is connected on the filler tube of the fuel tank. The T-piece can get fragile and break due to fuel vapors, manipulation or the luggage in the front luggage boot. BBT can offer you a replacing item from stock.

Petrol filler joining seal

0492-260   Beetle 08/67-, Type 3 08/67-
113 201 215

These rubber seals sit around the petrol filler connections and prevent that awkward fuel vapors can escape. Available from now on each from stock.

Fuel tank

0492-905   Bus 03/55-07/67
211 201 055B

Good fuel tanks for Type 2 -?07/67 buses aren?t easy to be found in a good reproduction. Partly due to the limited offer and also because good used fuel tanks are not available in large numbers. Nevertheless many fuel tanks need to be replaced once in a while as they can be damaged by moisture and/or sludge. From now on we can offer you an as good as original reproduction from stock.

Block off plate for fuel sender hole

0492-915   Beetle 1961, Bus 55-61

Originally it has been applied on Type 2 55-61 and Type 1 1961 where no standard sender had to be installed, though this block off plate can be used for all purpose. The block off and screws can be delivered separately from stock under # 0494-50. The block off plate is available each from stock.

Breathertube on top of the fueltank

0492-955   Type 25 05/79-07/92
251 201 147B

The breather tube which we have now in our assortment can be found at the top of the fuel tank. When filling the fuel tank this tube makes that the overpressure can escape from the one side to the other side. Available each from stock, nipples included.

Guide for door lock pull, black

0512-800  model_code_typebus 05/79-07/92
251 837 355

These lock knobs are used to lock the front doors and they sit on top of the door through the body. They are guided by a PVC ring to ensure a good manipulation. These guides can get damaged by age and need to be replaced. From now on BBT can deliver these guides each from stock.

Buffer behind window winder, black, each

0518-850   Beetle/ Karmann Ghia 08/67-07/69, Bus 08/67-07/68, Type 3 08/67-07/68, Type 4 08/68-07/74
311 837 595

This buffer for window winder gives a nice finish to the crank driving shaft and a correct position of the door panel in respect to the crank. This ring can get damaged as a result from intensive use or it gets lost during restoration. We can deliver you now a correct reproduction each from stock.

Buffer behind window winder ivory, each

0518-920   Beetle 08/55-07/66
113 837 235A 567

This window winder buffer is the finishing touch of the window crank and positions door panel with regard to the crank. Due to frequent use this buffer can get damaged or it happens that it gets lost during restoration. We can deliver you now a good reproduction each from stock.

Sun visor clips, black, as pair

0557-900   Type 25 08/79-07/92
251 857 561A 01C (x2)

The sun visor clips on Type 25 buses can get fragile and tear off after many years of use. We offer you now the possibility to replace damaged clips by a pair of new ones. Available per pair in black.

Clip for headlight

0603-250   Beetle/ Bus -07/67
111 941 125B

The headlight lense for -07/67 Type 1 Beetles and Type 2 buses is clamped in the chrome headlight trim by means of clips of steel. These clips can easily corrode because of their assembly position. They can even break down or get lost during restoration. From now on BBT can deliver these clips each from stock. For each headlight you need 7 of them.

Rubber boot reverse light - rear fog light

0608-150111 941 539

To insure a waterproof connection of the reverse light/rear fog light (BBT # 0608), a connecting wire is directed through a rubber bushing. This rubber boot hardens after many years of exposure to the elements, as a result to guarantee the moisture resistance their replacement will be necessary. We can deliver this boot each from stock.

Front indicator lens clear

0616-490   Bus -07/63, Beetle Beetle -07/57 export (USA), KG -07/57
111 953 161

From 08/59 till 07/61 front indicator lenses are used on Type 2, which were placed near the upper door hinges. These indicator lights consisted of a casing and a pointed orange lens, also called nipple indicator light. BBT offers you a transparent model as alternative of these orange lenses. From now on available each from stock.

Taillight bulb holder

0626-500   Beetle 08/55-07/61
111 945 261C

The taillight on Type 1 08/55-07/61 is foreseen of 1 duplex bulb which fits into the bulb holder with 2 connections. This bulb holder is accordingly clamped with a spring to the light housing. Many of these bulb holders are damaged after many years by corrosion or broken clips. From now on BBT can deliver a good reproduction each from stock with screwed as well as plug connection.

Cargodoor hinge plug outside

0715-200   Bus 11/60-07/67
211 841 529

The door hinge pins for lateral cargo doors are protected against humidity by means of plugs which fit in the hollow pins. These plugs are often missing on many buses, so that dirt and humidity can damage the hinges. These plugs are located at the under- and upper side the hinges. They are sold each. For 1 bus you need 8 of them.

Heater control lever

0725-600   Type 25 08/79-07/92
251 259 371C

This PVC lever is often deformed and/or broken off on many Type 25 buses due to heavy use. They need to be replaced to ensure manipulation of the heating and ventilation in a comfortable way. From now on we can deliver a good reproduction from stock.

Seal lens - housing taillight

0740-010   Beetle 08/55-07/61
111 945 235

Between the lens and the casing of the rear taillight on Type 1 08/55-07/61 you can find a rubber ring which prevents the soaking of water. This seal can harden after many years and needs to be replace by a new one. From now on we can deliver this seal each from stock.

Rubber bung in frame head, each

0799-050  1302/03 08/71-
113 701 347

At the underside of Super beetles 08/71- frame head you can find at both sides an elongated hole, which allows inspection and maintenance of the hollow frame head compartment. If these rubber bungs are no longer on their place, humidity can penetrate into this compartment and quickly inflict rust and perforations on the frame. You can replace now lost items by these reproductions of quality. Available each from stock. Used per pair on 1 vehicle.

Starter handle for D and TD

0945-250   Type 25 01/85-
251 711 503

Cold start with diesel engines goes together with pulling out the starter handle, that forces the injection via a cable in the diesel injection pump, in order that the engine will start quicker. If this PVC handle has been damaged, the correct functioning of the cable may become a problem, so you can?t start a cold engine anymore. We can deliver you from now on a PVC handle each from stock.

Brakehose between reservoir and master cylinder, 1 meter

1258-100   Beetle -07/67
113 611 801A

The connection between master cylinder and brake fluid reservoir with Type 1 beetle is made by means of a steal tube connected with flexible tubes. The flexibles are susceptible for corrosion due to the corrosive characteristics of the brake fluid and its position underneath the vehicle. It can cause leakage in the brake circuit. From now on we can present you a replacing item from stock.

Brake line attachment clip onto chassis, each

1269-300   Bus 08/67-07/79
211 611 795A

These PVC clips are used to fix the metallic brake lines at the underside of the chassis. When manipulating the brake lines for repair or replacement it?s a common problem that these clips will break and cannot be used again for the assembly of the brake lines. On 1 vehicle 7 clips are used, clips are available each from stock.

Bearing for steering column

1370-030   Beetle 08/70-
111 953 559C

This bearing made according to the original model is located in the steering column and takes care of the accurately turning around free of play of the steering shaft. Dust and drying up can damage this bearing and you get play on the draglink involving some nasty consequences. From now on we can deliver this bearing each from stock.

Shift linkage boot, 5-speed

1409-200   Type 25
251 711 248A

This boot can be found at the underside of the 5-speed shift on Type 25 buses and it protects the spring which returns the shifter back in normal position after selection of the 1st or reverse gear. If this boot has been damaged, dirt and humidity can get into the spring mechanism, so that it gets stuck and shifting gear becomes a problem. From now on the boot is available each from stock.

Piston and cylinder kit, cast, upper 90,00 mm - lower 87,00 mm

1715-070  Type 1 - 1385cc, Ø 83 mm - 64 mm, -07/69

This piston & cylinder kit from AA Performance is suitable to tune the engine block from 1200cc to a cylinder capacity of 1385cc.  The  side of the case needs a boring of 87mm for a correct assembly, the side of the cylinder head needs a boring of 90mm.  This kit contains 4 cylinders, 4 pistons, 4 piston pins and 4 pair of clips to secure the piston pins. From now on these kits are available from stock.

Ignition wires 8mm S/S brainded

2032-000  Type 1/ CT

These S/S brainded ignition wire is protected through its buffer against damages resulting from contact with hot engine parts and offers a nice custom look to your engine. The buffer protects also to frequency disturbances such as radio, GPS and other electronic equipment susceptible to radio waves. This wire set is delivered from stock together with installation instructions, assembly material, 4 on length made fuse connecting wire and a 60 cm long ignition cable for connection of the coil on the current distributor, which you can cut on the right length.

Boot intake to airflowmeter

2146-500  Type 25 83-85 DH GW DJ
025 129 967A

This boot sits between intake and airflow meter on buses with DH, GW 1.9l engines and DJ 2.1l engines with injection. Temperature variations and pollution by oil or fuel can damage the boot so that it becomes fragile and can crack. From now on we can deliver this boot each from stock to replace damaged items.

Speedometer cable

2699-205  2470 mm Type 25 synchro
251 957 809J

Type 25 buses become more and more popular with many classic Volkswagen fans. That?s why we keep expanding our offer of parts for these buses. This speedometer cable has been used on buses with the so-called Synchro 4-wheel drive and connects the speed indication meter and front drive transmission housing. A damaged cable can be replaced now with these item available from stock.

Knob on seat lever

3187-200   Type 25 08/79-07/92
251 881 251 01C

The adjusting device of the front seats is controlled by a lever that is located at the outside of the front seat. This PVC knob that sits on this lever has often disappeared after many years and a new knob is the best solution to adjust the front seat in a comfortable manner. The knob is delivered each from stock and can be installed on both sides.

Headrest post in front seat

3190-350   Karmann Ghia 01/69-
141 881 737A

The headrests with Karmann Ghia from 01/69- are installed on the front seats and are kept into position by means of 2 PBC guide posts. Due to age or manipulation these PVC posts can get damaged and need to be replaced, so that the headrests can be securely kept in the correct position. We can deliver these posts from now on each from stock.

Windshield seal, standard

7009-000   Beetle -03/53 cabrio
151 845 121

Lasting qualitative restorations can only be made, when using the correct parts and that?s why we have added these front window seals to our already extensive offer of body seals. Available each from stock.

Cover slidingdoorlock front, right

7570-030   Bus 08/67-07/79
221 843 698B

This PVC cover protects the sliding door lock. By hurting or disassembly you can damage the cover and it needs to be replaced to cover the lock properly. We can deliver the cap each from stock.

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