July 2013


We are in the last few days before our Open House and the convoy to Hessisch Oldendorf with 275 registered participants, the meeting of Hessisch Oldendorf , many foreign visitors and European Bug In the following week and still I find some time to write this column… Organization, deadlines, these are things that make people move!

BBT Newsletter 07-2013

Keep on moving… that’s what we like to do in our Vintage Volkswagen world, we do it that well that the gentlemen in Wolfsburg will regret that they joined us too late… Fantastic, but sad too, they do not really follow the path of rewarding education…In other words those among you who still have Volkswagen emblems on their internet page or in their catalogue, be warned! They will intercept everybody with the well-known “German punctuality”.  And penalties will be stupendous. But there will be more official canals to obtain VW emblems and like Steve Jobs (Apple) has learned us,  people aren’t really thieves, they just want to be able to acquire things at a reasonable price… I Tunes are booming like no other ever since… the alternative... we’re working at it. We hope we’ll have more news in the next edition.

The oldtimer hobby is going like a bomb. That’s cool, I remember the old days that collecting oldtimers wasn’t socially very accepted. Luckily things have changed since and now it’s looking good to talk about oldtimers at a dinner or reception. OK, we continue…

This time I prefer not to write about the economic depression, although things aren’t getting better. Or like I read last week :”there hasn’t ever been a depression that wasn’t conquered”. Very good, we keep moving…

I hope we see you at one of the many Volkswagen meetings this summer… we’ll discuss the actual situation with a fresh beer in our hand and then we can cope the entire world!

Enjoy the reading of this newsletter, I wish you all a nice summer and if it will be the case : marvelous holidays.. let the sun shine!


No longer available

  • # 0209 Running board stainless steel louver (pair)
  • # 0468 California mirror left
  • # 0616-61 Turnsignal lens right Type 2 8/67-7/72 orange use # 0616-63
  • # 0700-2 Seal body to chassis Type 1 original VW
  • # 0877-1 Inner rear corner left / TQ
  • # 1095-6 Heaterhose engine-chassis original
  • # 1379-103 Torsion arm lower right Type1 65- Original
  • # 1609-0-18 Main bearings std./0.50 case (release bearing -4mm)
  • # 1635 Cam locks
  • # 2675-22 Metal dash top with holes T2 73-79 grey
  • # 2726-1 Hub sportline 65-73
  • # 6100-000 Key holder Type 1
  • # 6100-100 Key holder Type 2
  • # 9541 F4 Rose wood dash knobs 68-
  • # 9615 F4 Bumperguard kit Type 3 front
  • # 9616 F4 Bumperguard kit Type 3 rear

Price modifications are indicated on the pricelist itself!

Available to Special Order Only

Following items are still available @ BBT but due to low demand they are now available as special order what might be subject to longer delivery terms.

# 0318-57 Window molding rear left KG 67-
# 0318-58 Window molding rear right KG 67-
# 0448 License plate frame EMPI
# 0492-137 Gasket fuel tap filter for Porsche 356 03/55-03/66
# 0499-249 Sign NL 1949
# 0499-500 Sign 'I'
# 0556-12 Sunvisors T1 65-67 pair black
# 1023 Bobcat exhaust 'Off Road' 1" 5/8 chrome
# 1087 Heat exchanger 1600cc injection right
# 1088 Exhaust 1600cc injection
# 1338-006 King pin set T2 08/62-07/63 (pair)
# 1596-1 Starter 6 Volt -65
# 1728 Heads street eliminator 94mm 44*37,5
# 1740-1 Valve seats Type 1 - 37,5 mm (4 pieces)
# 1741 Valve seats Type 1 - 40 mm (4 pieces)
# 1963 Remanufactured 6 volt generator
# 2151-500 Okrasa air filter elbows (pair)
# 2907-103 Headliner KG 63-74 non-perforated/white
# 5301 Okrasa kit for 25/36hp with CSP linkage
# 8926 WINDOW SET 72-> GREEN
# 9025-042 Boot cover Type1 72 blue canvas
# 9025-051 Boot cover Type1 73-77 brown canvas
# 9105-73 hood KG 68-69 beige canvas

Product improvement

Packaging improvement

BBT is always working to improve the quality of its range but it is not just the parts that we would like to improve. At BBT we also find it important to make sure that parts do arrive in decent shape at our customers so we also work to improve packaging. Item numbers # 0354 Scraper + molding 65- left and # 0355 Scraper + molding 65- right were always a subject that caused some anxiety. These items are very fragile and do have a  high esthetical value but they get easily damaged. Therefore we’ve decided to provide them as from now on in an individual stronger packaging than previously. This will cause a minor price increase but we believe this is acceptable when we keep in mind that it wouldn’t make you happy when you miss a long scheduled meeting  because you aren’t able to finish your beauty in time after receiving a damaged spare part. Quantities per 30 are still available.

Price modifications are indicated on the pricelist itself!

New products

Door panel clips front and rear T25/Vanagon, each

Bus 05/79-08/92
823 867 299

On type 25/Vanagon buses the door and side panels are assembled by means of clips which, depending the version, are assembled on the rear side of the panel or pushed through the panel. These clips can get damaged during disassembly or they get lost during the work. BBT presents you from now on the correct clips each from stock.

Door sill trim Karmann Ghia, aluminium

Karmann Ghia 08/65-07/74
141 853 373 B /C

Karmann Ghia door sills are finished at the top by means of an aluminium cover. It gives also an nice finish of the connection borders. After more than 40 years of use many of these sills are damaged when stepping in the car and/or by corrosion. From now on owners of Karmann Ghia cars can replace the damaged door sills by this nice reproduction.

Classic quick shifter 13.5 inch, Black knob, Vintage Speed

Karmann Ghia

This Vintage Speed shifter in classical version for Type 1, Type 3 & Type 14 has besides of a nice look, also an accurate working with a coupling reduction of 35 % for the 13,8 inch version and 40 % for the 11,5 inch and 10,5 inch version. The reverse coupling is effectuated by means of pulling the shifter upwards. The shifter is , depending the version, made from durable coat or polished aluminum. Shifters are delivered each, stop plate and assembly material inclusive.

Front rubber mats around front seat stands (black)

Bus 08/62-07/67
221 867 765C

The front seat stands for Type 2 walkthru Splitbuses starting from 08/62 are covered in the deluxe model with a rubber wrap that protects and embellishes the underside of the seat stands. After many years of use and sunlight exposure this rubber upholstery is often hardened or torn. BBT presents you a good alternative to replace your damaged upholstery. Available per pair from stock.

Cargo doormats, as pair (black)

Bus -03/55
221 867 025

Cargo doors on Type 2 Splitbuses till 03/55 in the deluxe model are covered with a rubber mat that protects and embellishes the underside of the cargo doors. This rubber mat is often hardened and torn after many years of use and exposure to sunlight. BBT presents you a nice replacement for your damaged doormats. Available a pair from stock.

Rear view mirror mount, stock style

Beetle cabrio 08/67-
Karmann Ghia 08/68-
151 947 133

This mirror mount is an indispensable part for the assembly of the rear view mirror on the body on Type 1 convertible and Karmann Ghia 08/68-. After many years the original mount can fade, harden, break or the contacts for guiding the electrical stream towards the inner light can get damaged by corrosion and therefore the mirror has to be replaced. From now on available each from stock.

Tail light lens, top side

Beetle 10/52-07/55
111 945 121B

This red taillight lens is essential on Type 1 taillights used on the model with oval rear window 09/52-07/55. They are located at the upper taillight unit at the place of the break light. Scratched or broken items can be replaced now without problems and the break lights are clearly visible. Available each from stock.

Battery mounting strap

Beetle 10/52-55
Bus 55-66
111 915 305

This metallic battery mounting strap is essential for a good assembly of the battery on Type 1 10/52-55 and Type 2 55-07/66. When the battery is wrongly connected, it can fall over and/or cause a short circuit and lead to dangerous situations. The original strap is often damaged by corrosion or got lost after many years. From now on BBT presents a good reproduction. The mounting strap must be screwed at the rear of the battery with a screw (not included) on the floor, guided over the battery cover plate and at the front of the battery the strap can be fixed to an hook and spanned. The mounting strap is available each from stock.

Seal for engine lid lock

Bus 08/67-07/79
Type 181
211 827 517

This rubber seal can be found on Type 2 08/67-07/79 underneath the engine lid lock. It is often hardened and fragile due to fluctuations in temperature or UV-rays. BBT can present from now on this seal in a good reproduction quality from stock.

Heater control lever, red

Bus 08/67-07/72
211 259 365

Heater and fresh air control on Type 2 08/67-07/72 can be regulated separately from the dashboard by means of some practical red and blue levers. These levers are though very susceptible to damages resulting from bad working wires and valves and UV rays can get them fragile and faded or they get damaged during disassembly of the dashboard. From now on BBT presents a good replacement. Sold per piece.

Backing plate, rear left

Bus 05/79-07/92
251 609 425D

Backing plates are essential for a proper assembly and protection of various brake parts on the rear axle. That’s why they should always be in an impeccable state. As they are located at the inside of the wheels, these plates can get severely damaged due to influences of water, sand, dirt and stone-dust. From now on BBT can deliver a good reproduction a piece for each side from stock.

Bushing transmission mount, diameter 59.50 mm

251 399 205E

The gear box on Type 25 buses is suspended at the front by means of clip, where on a round transmission mount is welded. At the moment the complete support has only a limited availability, though the rubber part with the metallic holder can be delivered. Although it needs some polishing and welding work to foresee the support with an new suspension seal . The transmission mount is delivered each from stock.

Oil sump plate with drainplug

Beetle, Bus, Karmann Ghia
Type 3 12/13-1600cc
113 115 181A

Draining motor oil on Type 1 engines used to be effectuated from the underside at the engine case. On Type 1 25-30hp engines by means of removing the oil sump plate, which kept also the oil screen at its place. On 1200, 1300, 1500 and 1600cc engines there is often a drain plug, that you can unscrew in order to drain the oil from the engine block without to disassemble the plate. These plates are since quite some time available as a part of the complete oil change kit # 1852 for 12/13 1600 and # 1852-1 for 25-30hp. Meanwhile we regularly receive requests to deliver this plate separately in order to replace a damaged or corroded item. From now on we can deliver it each from stock. The plates have also the drain plug and according seal for this oil sump plug.

Carburettor rebuild kit Solex/Brosol 32/34 PDSIT, left

32/34 PDSI
Type 4

One doesn’t drive far with a classical car without proper fuel. This unit should always work perfectly. A very important item for a correct and smoothly functioning is the carburation. When after heavy duty leakage occurs, the fuel consumption will increase and even worse, fire might appear in the engine compartment. To rebuild the 32/34 PDSI carburettors applied on Type 4 1.7 - 2.0l engines, Type 2 since 08/71 - 07/79, Type 411/412 and Porsche 914 with 32-34 PDSIT-2/3 and the Solex / Brosol H 32/34 PDSI 2 BBT has now for you an adequate rebuilt kit available from stock. The rebuilt kit is delivered a piece for each side.

Windshield, clear

Type 181
181 845 101A

BBT continues to expand their offer of windshields for Vintage Volkswagens and we’re very pleased to present you from stock the windshield for Type 181. From now on it is possible to replace scratched or cracked windshields of your Type 181 by a new one. These windshield fit also on VW lltis. They have the E-mark and are available each from stock.

Slidingdoor window

8951-450   Bus 09/84-07/92
253 845 302

We have since a long time windows for Type 25 buses, though we were still missing the sliding door window for model 09/84-07/92. From now on BBT has them available each from stock.

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