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Newsletter January 2012

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Good times, Bad times….

Economy stays, for sure now our cozy little country got a government again, the hot potato in the press today. When this is not a “Good Times” we will have known! A new recession is just around the corner. The EU has to set up day after day outdated plans to keep AAA ratings for his members. The public debt of the USA is, where possible, even larger as from the EU. And the behavior of spilling and bad management from governments and officials is hardly to change due of way too strong unions. I think that we all understand its impossible to being more years retired as we worked for. So yes, we have to face we will have to work longer. Over next couple of years the retire age will be raised up several times for sure… ah! That’s good, so we can all stay and do longer what we like to do! Great…. Hmmm, maybe it’s better to keep that decision till we reached that period in our lives…

cars collection

OK, so be it, enough about “Bad times”… but how does translate this to our aircooled Vw world? Well something very strange appears lately… Country’s where recession hits real hard, and where (as we may believe ) insiders tell us unemployment raised above 50!%  the VW hobby is growing faster than ever. If we look in the for us fastest growing country’s we may calculate Greece and Spain in our top ranks, these both country’s performing very poor in general but not in VW hobby! Unemployment seems to give people more time to spend with their beloved cars and give them a certain comfortable feeling with the other wasted time. Maybe we have to look at it as a certain therapy.

But there is more…. Last couple of months a new breed of collector is popping up. Let’s call him the “investor” type. Someone with a healthy interest, but not therefor a passion. Someone who very well understand that the right bought, right car is a safe heaven investment. Why? Well every day there is more people worldwide that can afford to buy a classic car. The number of collectable cars is known, new cars will not become collectable, except for some “mavericks”. Banks winning disrespect, no respect, with their behavior so not reliable for investments or saving. Interests been to an all-time low, more low then inflation, having money cost You money at the moment. Stock markets have no direction at the moment unless “down”. Cars, as many other collectibles, can be moved fast, or “shipped”, to “new” economy’s as China, India, Russia or Brazil to only name a few…. And that’s a classic car’s advantage against real estate. In a total recession, with a large inflation (what will come whatsoever)  will also house, land or industrial property go down in value, against the rightly bought Classic car more than likely will win in value on foreign markets.  A smart vision from the new breed collector, don’t You agree.

At any point, all this gives hope. Hope that when everything will go South and/or a still possible explosion of the Euro, there is still a future for us. …. Good times, Bad times, get all the good and opportunity’s out of the “Bad Times”, so it will stay always “Good times” in VW wonderland...

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We count on your understanding and assure you that we will, as always, save neither time nor effort to provide you with the best possible service.

after sales service

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New description

# 1896 Bugpack crankcase breather kit instead of "Crankcase breather kit"

Quality improvements!

Following items have been replaced by a superior and better quality!
  • # 0494-1 Fuel sender 1200/1300 mechanical
  • # 0890-34 Rear wheel arch left Type 2 63-67
  • # 0890-35 Rear wheel arch right Type 2 63-67
  • # 0891-340 Rear wheel arch left Type 2 68-72
  • # 0891-341 Rear wheel arch right Type 2 68-72

No longer available

  • # 0499-384 Sign F 1984 
  • # 0499-385 Sign F 1985
  • # 0891-292 Inner side panel left T2 73-79 - Use 0891-294
  • # 0891-293 Inner side panel right Type2 73-79 - Use 0891-295
  • # 0891-430 Inner sill under side door Type 2 68-79
  • # 1611-050-18 Mainbearing T1 0.50 / 1.00 case , end bearing 18mm 
  • # 1613-0-18 Main bearings std/2 case 
  • # 1613-025-18 Main bearings .25/2 case 
  • # 2092 Ignitionkit magnaspark 
  • # 2519 Centercap sprintstar- Use 2597-001
  • # 2757 Steering wheel 11' 3 spoke black, black leather 
  • # 9495-LE-11 Boxertje 9495-WI-09-10 BOXERTJE 
  • # 9495-ZO-11 BOXERTJE 
  • # 9525 NLA F4 BRM FOR NB BLACK 

Price modifications are indicated on the pricelist itself!

New products

# 0426-005 Door latch Type 1 08/60-07/65 with keys - TQ
# 0426-205 Door latch Type 1 08/65-07/66 with keys - TQ
# 0427-250 Door latches Type 2 08/68- with keys (pair)


We’ve experienced for many years that restorations are made much more thoroughly and therefore one is inclined to spend more money for quality products. This positive tendency makes that BBT is busy looking for high quality material. These door latches fully comply to these requests for quality and can be delivered from now on each for 0426-005 & 0426-205 and as pair for 0427-250 from stock.

# 0438-271 Engine lid support Type 2 03/55-12/63 with spring
# 0438-271-5 Spring for engine lid support Type 2 03/55-12/63


This support can be found on the top at the right side of the engine lid on Type 2 buses from model year 1955 till 12/63, the moment that this engine lid support was replaced by a spring model (BBT # 0438-272).When the original engine lid supports have been used for many years they get too much play and won’t do their job anymore and the engine lid will no longer be  properly locked. It provokes a lot of annoyance when the engine lid can’t be held open for repair or maintenance. From now on these supports +  spring are available from stock under ref. # 0438-271, the spring can be obtained separately under ref. # 0438-271-5.

# 0514-705 Shift knob 10 mm / Black
# 0514-730 Shift knob 7 mm / Black


With this original look shift knobs you  can replace without problems your torn or lost item. Available each from stock in 7 mm (# 0514-730) for Type 1 08/60-07/67 and 10 mm (# 0514-705) suitable for Type 2 03/55-07/67 version.

# 0701-500 Seal for EMPI 'Trigger'


Since more than 25 year BBT delivers the Trigger shifter for Type 1 (#0507) and Type 2 (#0509) from stock. It isn’t astonishing that the dust protection seal of this shifter, purchased a long time ago, needs to be replaced. From now on we can deliver this boot each from stock. 

# 0871-100 Front hinge pillar complete left Type 1 -62
# 0872-100 Front hinge pillar complete right Type 1 -62
# 0871-110 Front hinge pillar complete left Type 1 62-
# 0872-110 Front hinge pillar complete right Type 1 62-


There are some places on the body of our VW beetles which are very susceptible for rust. Most of the times damage is situated around the wheels, but at the underside of the A-pillar there is also often damage by rust. This point is very susceptible for friction which the body endures during use of the vehicle. The second cause is definitely due to assembly of the door on the A-pillar, which causes also friction on the A-pillar, particularly on the connection of the A-pillar on the lower heater channel. Frictions cause hairline cracks on the paint and welding, resulting damage by rust. There are for quite some time reproduction hinge spare parts on the market, though fit and quality are in no way equal to those which we have now for sale.  The hinge fixations are available each for each side for model year with 4 door hinge bolts – 07/61 and for the model with 3 fixing  bolts for model year 08/61-.

# 0889-002 Front panel Karmann Ghia 08/59-74
# 0889-015 Nose panel grill housing left front Karmann Ghia
# 0889-016 Nose panel grill housing right front Karmann Ghia
# 0889-017 Nose panel grill housing left rear Karmann Ghia
# 0889-018 Nose panel grill housing right rear Karmann Ghia
# 0889-230 Floor pan 1/2 rear left Karmann Ghia
# 0889-240 Floor pan 1/2 right rear Karmann Ghia
# 0889-270 Jack support rear Karmann Ghia - ch 149 248 094
# 0889-330 Heating channel left Karmann Ghia
# 0889-340 Heating channel right Karmann Ghia
# 0889-600 Front bottom hinge pillar left Karmann Ghia
# 0889-601 Front bottom hinge pillar right Karmann Ghia


VW Karmann Ghia has many fans due to its look and solidity, though the complexity of the construction  of the body makes that it’s very susceptible to rust.  This complexity makes that it’s not an easy thing to repair the plate work.  That’s why we’ve been looking  for good plating repair parts to complete our wide range and to facilitate restoration. # 0889-002/-015/-016/-017/-018 will contribute to the repair of the nose, susceptible for accidents and rust. . # 0889-230/-240/-270 are the perfect solution for the repair of the rear side of the body, whereas  # 0889-330/-340/-600/-601 enable a solid repair of the heating channel and the connecting bottom hinge pillar. All these parts are available each for each side from stock.

# 0891-294 Inner side panel left Type 2 68-79 (TQ)
# 0891-295 Inner side panel right Type 2 68-79 (TQ)


We are always working to improve the quality of our products and renew regularly our range with better quality products. These inner side panels too are superior in comparison with those we already have in our offer (0891-290/291/292/293) what facilitates repair of thresholds in a better finish. It stands for more durability. From now on available each for each side from stock.

# 1078-510 Silencer support left Type 25 08/85- waterboxer
# 1078-511 Silencer support right Type 25 08/85- waterboxer
# 1078-520 Silencer support left Type 25 08/85- waterboxer SYNCRO
# 1078-521 Silencer support right T25 08/85- waterboxer SYNCRO


These supports are essential for a correct and lasting assembly of the silencer on Type 25 buses with water boxer engines and in general they must also be replaced when you install a new silencer. From now on we can deliver these supports per side from stock for standard models as well as the syncro version.

# 1314-100 Tower rubber stop on shock absorber Super Beetle -07/73 (1)
# 1314-110 Tower rubber stop on shock absorber Super Beetle 08/73- (1)
# 1314-150 Dustcap for Mc Pherson - Super Beetle (1)


Meanwhile our NOS stock has been run out and it was necessary to enlist these tower rubber stops and accompanying dust cap in our range. The rubber dries up and hardens and consecutively tears. It loses its function as rubber stop and dust cap. # 1314-100 is assembled on the top of the strut of the first model (Super Beetle 1302) equipped with the MC Pherson suspension and on the first year of production of Super Beetle 1303 -07/73. You can recognize it in the way how the spindle is fixed on the strut by means of 3 vertical assembly bolts. # 1314-110 is used on  the 1303 Super Beetle model from 08/73 – 01/80 on which the spindle is assembled on the spring guide by means of 2 horizontal bolts. The dust cap to protect the upper side of the shock absorber is identical for both models and is available under # 1314-150. All these parts are sold each.

# 1368-010 Steering box mounting shackle Type 1


This steering box mounting shackle is an essential part which should always be in impeccable condition to keep the steering box fixed on the front axle. Sitting underneath the car this part is very susceptible to rust and can’t be used again upon disassembly and assembly of the front axle. From now on we can deliver this mounting shackle in a good quality from stock for the assembly of the steering box on Type 1 and Type Karmann Ghia models from 08/65.


Owners of Type 25 buses also have the feeling for tuning of their favorite classic car and  lowering  their vehicle is a common practice, which one executes to obtain a better road-holding and nice looks. The lowering work can be done without any problems with these lowered springs and of course with the correct tools. The set lowers the vehicle with an average of 60mm depending on the type of the car. From now on available from stock in a set consisting of 4 suspension coils.

# 1386-000 Strut Super Beetle -07/73 (used)
# 1386-100 Strut left Super Beetle 08/73- (used)
# 1386-110 Strut right Super Beetle 08/73- (used)
# 1386-190 Suspension spring Super Beetle (used)
# 1454-200 Trailing arm left 'IRS' (used)
# 1454-201 Trailing arm right 'IRS' (used)
# 1475-000 Trailing arm left T25 79-92 (used)
# 1475-001 Trailing arm right T25 79-92 (used)
# 1475-050 Bearing housing / rear T25 79-92 (used)


During the move of BBT in Spring 2011 we’ve done more than just moving parts from one warehouse to the other one. We’ve also made an inventory of used parts and from now on we can offer these parts. Parts foreseen with suspension springs have the nasty peculiarities to rust near the spring cone. In the case of the rear Type 1 1302/1303 Super Beetle trailing arms rust damages often the spring stop or the seat for bearing gets damaged by a bad wheel bearing. The used parts which we present today have all been controlled and are good to be used again. Available each & per side.

# 1419-001 Seal transmission/chassis Type 1 52-60
# 1419-200 Seal transmission/chassis Type 2 59-72


These seals can be found underneath the vehicle near the transmission nose cone. They take care of the sealing between the transmission nose cone and the chassis and they prevent damage to former part. Due to age, grease, dirt and humidity these seals harden and can’t be used again after restoration or repair. From now on we can deliver them each for Type 1 '61-'79 (# 1419), Type 1 '52-'60 (# 1419-001) and for Type 2 (# 1419-200).

# 1687-500 Injection pipe set T25 Diesel (CS, KY)
# 1687-505 Injection pipe set T25 Turbo Diesel (JX)


These complete pipe sets can be found between the injection pump and injectors of type 25 25 1.6l & 1.7l diesel engines. Polluted fuel or damaged connections can make these pipes of no use and pipe sets must be replaced. # 1687-500 is destined for  1.6l diesel (CS code) and 1.7l diesel (KY code) engines, whereas  # 1687-505 is only suitable for 1.6l turbo diesel engines. From now on available in a complete set from stock.

# 1715-051 Piston and cylinder kit 36hp (4pcs) Kolbenschmidt


For quite some time we've the piston and cylinder kits for 30 HP Type 1 engines from the manufacturer AA Performance in stock. There is still an important demand after authentic material for the revision of engines and in order to meet the wishes of these customers we’ve decided to expand our assortment of cylinder – piston kits with the well-known brand Kolbenschmidt. Available from stock in a set of 4 cylinders, 4 pistons, 4 piston pins and 8 piston pin clips.

# 1848-500 Oil filler tube Type 25 Diesel


This PVC oil filler tube can be found at the belt pulley side of 1.6D, 16TD and 1.7D diesel engines. We regularly get demands after this part because the original one has been damaged during disassembly and/or the material has become fragile due to influences of continuous temperature fluctuations. From now on we can deliver this part each from stock.


We are continuously expanding our range of parts for the maintenance of Type 25 engines. With this spark plug you can do the maintenance of DF and DG water boxer engines in a correct way. A standard water boxer engine needs for a proper working  4 of this spark plugs. From now on available each from stock.

# 2147-500 Elbow for central idling system Type 4


This rubber made 90° elbow is located at the left of the air cleaner box on Type 4 based engines, Type 2 buses starting from model year 1972, type 411/412 and Type 25 air cooled 2.0l engines. Due to its mounting next to the engine this rubber part is very susceptible to influences of heath and corrosion by  oil. This rubber elbow can be delivered as from now from stock.

# 2604-000 Sticker kit 'Auto Meter' mini
# 2604-001 Sticker 'Auto Meter' big


The products of Auto Meter are a very popular item in our vast offer. We’re very proud to have continuously such an extensive assortment available. Fans of these products can put their favorite products even more in the spotlights. The small stickers # 2604-000 are available as a set of 3 pieces, the big ones are delivered each. 

# 9495-parts2 Boxertje Classic VW Parts 2


Classic VW Parts completes the Boxertje TECH book series. Meanwhile these books have proved to be  very useful when you work at your Volkswagen. The VW parts books are a complement to these series and contain the exploded view design and VW item numbers for the VW models Beetle, Karmann Ghia, Kubel, Type 3, Type 4, Fridolin and buses from 1949 till 1985. We already have Part 1 (# 9495-parts1) in our offer for quite some time with information about the turning part, carburettor, air filter, clutch and engine plating. From now on part 2 is also available and treats the 2nd part of group 1 with pictures of among other things more recent Type 1 models, Type 2A and Type 2b models, Type 25…