BBT - Commitment to quality
BBT’s commitment to quality! - assets/images/bbt_produced_2014.jpg

BBT’s commitment to quality!

BBT carries a wide range of parts, developed and produced by our own research and purchase team. These parts are developed at the best quality/price possible to ensure that our beloved Vintage VW’s will remain safe to drive. They  are easily recognizable due to their BBT developed packaging. Brake parts, wheels, wheel caps, door handles, fuel caps, running boards... this is only a small selection of the items we can offer in our own “Commitment to quality” production. Ask your local dealer for BBT products!

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BBT Convoy to Bad Camberg - assets/images/bbt-convoy-700x350-v2.jpg

BBT Convoy to Bad Camberg

For those who were here at the BBT open house and convoy 20-21st June 2013, we would like to thank you for your participation to the BBT Convoy 2013 to Hessisch Oldendorf! We hope you’ve had a lot of fun @ our event and that we may see you also @ the next edition. Feedback & suggestions are more than welcome so we can improve this event and offer you better service @ the next edition.

In case you couldn't make it, we kindly invite ou to participate to BBT's next Convoy which will take place the 19th of Ju…

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1979 Brown Beige Deluxe edition with sliding roof!

A real neat presenting bus in Seven seater configuration!Let us present this 7 seater to You. All complete and original factory paint. Some surface rust but no cancer no place! Battery tray and rear corner been replaced already. All the rest stock, pure and original like it came from the factory… Nothing…
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4 weeks, 1 day ago
1979 Brown Beige Deluxe edition with sliding roof!

1977 T2b Incredible straight and rock solid all original Kombi!

Some Volkswagen do survive the time seemingly flawless!Look at this bus! Unbelievable straight and solid! Look the cab floors, look the cargo floors, wheel wells everywhere, straight, solid, smooth & dry!  A little piece of candy for you! First paint means… NO CAMOUFLAGE!!!! What you see is really what…
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1 month, 2 weeks ago
1977 T2b Incredible straight and rock solid all original Kombi!

1978 Sportsman camper. A real honest camper

Here not a Westfalia, but an American build interior from the Sportsman Cy. fame.Very similar to a Riviera camper, but still with some differences in detail.The largest advantage for sure is that American Volkswagen campers are still way cheaper on the market as their German twin brothers, an advantage…
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1 month, 3 weeks ago
1978 Sportsman camper. A real honest camper


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Holidays opening hours 2014

Between Chrismas and NewYear BBT’s retail shop will remain open with modified opening hours as follows.

BBT's Christmas


Wednesday 24/12

08.00 - 15.00

Thursday 25/12


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10.00 - 16.00

Monday 29/12 - Friday 02/01


Saturday 03/01

09.00 - 16.00


Our wholesale dept. will be closed.  NO deliveries, forwarding, shipments will be possible.

We’ll be fully operational again on Monday 05/01/2015 from 8.00 hr.

Many thanks for your understanding.

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