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Newsletter October 2011

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Announcing the end of the Summer that’s never a nice job, though it softens the blow due to the fact that we had a very bad summer in Western Europe. Our expectations were high after such a fantastic Spring, but the bad weather made that we’ve had no Summer at all. The new BBT buildings were no luxury. As such that the influence of the weather had no repercussions on our work.

There was plenty of work. The Volkswagen hobby is bigger than ever that’s for sure! BBT is always busy. A new purchaser has joined our team: Chris Peeters at the side of Alain and together they are ready to settle the zero stocks shortly. The decision to produce more and more products in proper control will surely help. Dozens of products are now ready to be dealt. New products as well as products which are no longer in production with Volkswagen Brazil and Mexico are at this moment being processed under own production. Many of these products will be manufactured in Western Europe to guarantee a simple follow up and continuity in delivery time and quality. Quality is very important to BBT. That’s why we try to equal at least the original quality and if possible to improve it.

The financial crisis in Europe worries us a lot. Will there be a solution for those countries which have come to a dead end such as Greece ? Who can tell ? That what Europe really needs is an European economical government of Commission with the authority to sanction those member states who don’t follow the directives. But if the different member states will be willing to assign control, that's still the question. It would be without delay the quickest and most efficient solution to get out of the impasse and to calm down the financial markets.


BBT land is living and that’s for sure, now that we’ve moved to new premises, we can go “full force” forwards with products, customers and suppliers. Our service only (and the needs of the Volkswagen hobby in general) can lead us forwards. Better quality and a continuous availability of products are for us priority number ONE!

Now Autumn is coming we’re preparing to support all restoration projects which are on the stocks. Through our dealer network we try to get better parts at the right place. We are looking forward and we hope to enable a good co-operation for every one of you.

New description # 0638-202

Battery 12V 63Ah/300 instead of 36Ah

New description # 0438-31

Door center wedgeType 1 -55 - Type 2 -63

Product change # 1629-90 & # 1629-91

bbt camshaftIt has been impossible to get these essential parts for a good while. It’s possible to re-sharpen the original cam shaft, but as cam shafts, which can be reused, have become very rare, this is no longer an option. That’s why the BBT’s products development department has been forced to look for a good alternative. It has cost us 2 years of design, search for a competent manufacturer and testing, but we have succeeded to bring this project to a favorable conclusion. We have the cam shafts available in 2 versions. # 1629-90 is destined for the assembly on standard 25 & 30 HP engine, # 1619-91 is designed for assembly on 25 & 30 HP engines with Okrasa building and for Porsche 356 pré A models. For a good functioning these cam shaft should be completed with the cam gear BBT # 1624-900 and cam gear bolts BBT #1623-900. From now on are these cam shafts available each from stock.

No longer available

  • # 0160-2 Front wing left +2" 1200/1300
  • # 0191-1 Wing fiberglass type3 -69 right front
  • # 1630 Lifters Tayco 90gr. 8pcs
  • # 1929 Red backing plate
  • # 9410 Book, Birth of the Beetle
  • # 9425 Volkswagen model history
  • # 9426 Book, Beetle car of the 20th century
  • # 9675 F4 Rear luggage rack T1 sedan -67
  • # 9676 F4 Rear luggage rack T1 sedan 68-

Price modifications are indicated on the pricelist itself!

Special order only

  • # 0199 Body lift kit 3'
  • # 2000-16 MSD RPM module selector
  • # 9020-001 Boot cover Type1 49-62 black vinyl
  • # 9025-062 Boot cover Type1 78-79 blue canvas
  • # 9100-82 Hood Karmann Ghia 69-74 white single vinyl
  • # 9103-70 Hood Karmann Ghia 68-69 black quality vinyl
  • # 9105-64 Hood KG 60-67 burgundi canvas
  • # 9105-82 Hood KG 60-67 burgundi canvas
  • # 9200-45 Headlining Type1 1972 black full vinyl

New products

# 0019-450 Bumperbracket rear left Type 2 08/72-07/79
# 0019-460 Bumperbracket rear right Type 2 08/72-07/79


We managed to finished production for Type 2 08/71-07/79 rear bumper brackets to replace those rusty or damaged ones! This part has been made out of 2,5 mm thick steel while the profile between bumper support area and chassis has been made in 3 mm thick steel. The body mount area has even been fortified to a 6 mm thick body contact area. The left side support also has the tow hook attachment as it was foreseen on original bumper brackets. From now these bumper brackets can be obtained each and per side from stock.

# 0085-100 Bumperguard beadings KG -07/71 (4pcs)
# 0085-120 Bumper mount rubbers outer front KG -07/71 (pair)
# 0085-130 Seal front bumper tube KG -07/71 (pair)
# 0085-150 Bumper mount rubbers outer rear KG -07/71 (pair)
# 0085-160 Seal bumper tube KG -07/71 rear (pair)


Karmann Ghia bumpers are composed bumpers, consisting of different parts according to the model. These different parts are connected to each other and these rubber parts avoid damage and vibrations between contact and assembly surfaces. # 0085-100 can be found between bumper and bumperguards. # 0085-120 is assembled between body and front bumper ends. # 0085-130 is located between bumper blade and overrider tubes. # 0085-150 is assembled between body and rear bumper ends. The joints are delivered from stock in the necessary quantity for 1 bumper.

# 0198-907 Fenderbeading beige (1 roll)


We already have a vast assortment for Type 1 of these fender beadings in 6 different colors available, though we didn’t have them in the popular color beige. From now on it’s also available from stock. 1 coil is sufficient for 4 Beetle fenders.

# 0214-006 Runningboard mats beige (pair)


As our item numbers 0215-1 Running board mat beige left and 0216-1 running board mat beige right are no longer available, we have found a good alternative.  So you can finish your VW beetle according to your own wishes. From now on available in a good quality from stock.

# 0391-271 Sun roof gear drive assembly Type 1 08/67-


The sliding roof mechanism is a very sensitive part due to the many small mechanical parts, which assure a good functioning. Therefore it isn’t a surprise that such transition parts are very susceptible to use and sometimes they need to be replaced.  From now on we can deliver you the sun roof gear drive assembly for Type 1 08/67- each from stock.

# 0425-650 Cargo door handle (short) Type 2 08/58-07/67 with key
# 0425-660 Cargo door handle (long) Type 2 08/58-07/67 with key


Finally, our own production cargo door handles have  arrived and they are exactly how we wished them to be. After 2 ½ years of development, we are very proud to present again a BBT door handle.  Fitting on all 08/58-07/67 Splitbus cargo doors and delivered with 2 keys foreseen with emblem and correct assembly screw.  Door handles are very similar to the BBT door handles (BBT 0425-750) previously produced and they are of the same quality. There is almost no difference to be noticed with the original.  The short version is principally used with panel vans, the long version is used on the Deluxe version.  From now on available each from stock.

# 0440-240 Script: "Karmann Ghia" on dashboard 08/67-


The VW Karmann Ghia is in many ways still based on the deluxe version of a VW Beetle, but it is mainly different  qua design, finish level and details. The details are to be seen specifically on the dashboard. The dashboard is since model year 1968 foreseen of an elegant Karmann Ghia chromed emblem, centrally placed on the dashboard. We know from experience that this emblem can oxidize by age and/or get damaged by disassembly when you’re restoring  the dashboard. It’s possible to replace this lovely emblem by an almost identical nicely finished item. Available each from stock.

# 0491-475 Gascap with key - Type 2 68-71 & Type 181


Finally after 2 years of research we can present you this gas cap in a good quality. Our product development team has duly fulfilled this task. From now on the owners of a T2a and Type 181 will be able to close the gas cap in a secure way. Gas cap is available each from stock.

# 0492-360 Connecting hose, tank to T-piece, 1302 only
# 0492-361 Connecting hose, tank to T-piece, 1303 only
# 0492-365 connecting hose, filler neck to T-piece, Superbeetle


The rubber hoses which connect the metallic filling tank part and the fuel tank are very subject to wear. On the one hand due to influences of fuel and gas vapors, on the other hand they are hardened because they are so old. After disassembly or leakage it’s almost impossible to close the seals securely which provokes gas vapors, leakage and in the worst case even danger of fire. We can deliver you the connecting hoses in a good quality from stock. 0492-360 and 0492-361 are located between filler tube and PVC T-piece, which provides a tap to the ventilation system. You can find 0492-365 on the other side of this T-piece, it goes back to the fuel tank. From now on each version is available each from stock.

# 0515-910 Knob for hood release latch Type 1 68-


This knob for hood release latch can be found in glove box with Type 1 from 08/67. We have the hood release latch already in our assortment for some time as BBT # 0515-90. Now we can present them together as a complete set. Available each from stock.

# 0522-100 Emergency brake handle cover, Ivory
# 0522-110 Emergency brake handle cover, Black


This PVC emergency brake handle cover offers in an elegant way a nice finish of the original emergency brake handle with Type 1, Karmann Ghia, Type 3 and Type 2 -07/67. It’s easy to place; just slide the cover over the handle and fix it by means of clips, which are secured under the grip. You can use it only on the original emergency brake handle due to differences in construction. Available each from stock in black and ivory.

# 0524-605 Cab door inner grab handle Type 2 68-79 (black/chrome)


For quite some time we’ve been delivering this door handle in an economically priced Brazilian quality, which was for shortly the only alternative to replace a damaged item (BBT # 0524-600). This has recently been changed and now we have a good alternative quality available with an original look with rubber handle and chrome assembly feet. From now on available each from stock.

# 0525-300 Radioframe in dash Superbeetle 73-


This PVC frame can be found only on Type 1 Superbeetle and it closes the opening around the car radio with standard measures. If you wish to install a radio in a Superbeetle, which are originally delivered without radio, then you need a frame for a nice finish of the radio opening. Sometimes it occurs that the original frame is still there, but has been seriously damaged by manipulating. From now on we can deliver each from stock this reproduction according to the original part.

# 0529-700 Carpet kit 4pcs Type 1, black


This carpet kit, which is easy to install is made in a good lasting quality. It protects the carpeting against dirt and moisture. The carpet kit can be installed on all Beetle model and is available in black only as a set consisting of 4 pieces.

# 0572-820 Front hood support Type 1 56-61


Many pré’61 Beetle owners know that the front hood hinge is a very susceptible part which should always be in a perfect working condition. Too much play, stuck by dirt and rust,  twisted due to faulty manipulation can cause irrevocable damage, such as folding of the front hood and damages of the flange around the luggage boot opening. From now on you can replace the damaged part at an affordable price by a good reproduction. Available each from stock.

# 0612-500 Taillight lens with rim and rubber Type 1 08/62-07/67 (USA) TQ


Taillights for Type 1 Beetle till 07/67 are fairly small and the light produced by their 6V bulbs is rather limited. Therefore it’s very important that the taillight units are working optimally. If your car is very well seen in the traffic, accidents can be avoided. For the model with the elliptic taillights 08/61-07/67 we can deliver now the taillight lens in a good quality with rim and rubber in the American (export) red version. From now on available each for each side from stock.

# 0616-650 Turnsignal housing left Type 2 08/67-07/72
# 0616-660 Turnsignal housing right Type 2 08/67-07/72


T2a turn signal housings can get seriously damaged by corrosion. This is often caused by moisture which infiltrated through the semaphore lens. For a long period we’ve delivered this part from our second-hand supplies, however they are meanwhile completely exhausted. As an alternative we present you now this good reproduction. Sold each for each side.

# 0616-885 Bulbholder front turn signal Type 25 05/79-08/92


The front turn signals on Type 25 Transporter buses have the nasty reputation to be very susceptible to water infiltration. Consequently the bulb holder and connecting points will definitely  corrode and cause bad contacts. Direct result is of course that the turn signals won’t function. Until now the turn signal housing 0616-870/ -871/ -880/ -881 were sold without bulb holder. The second positive aspect of this item is that we can deliver the turn signals now in a complete set. Available each from stock.

# 0669-450 Direction indicator switch Type 2 08/73-07/79


The indicator switch is for   courteous drivers a wearing our part, which will definitely get out of order after many years of service. It’s now possible to replace your defective switch. Available each from stock.

# 0725-510 Heater control lever (red) Type 2 08/72-79
# 0725-511 Fresh air control lever (blue) Type 2 08/72-79


These levers are essential to control heating and ventilation of Type 2b buses. Due to age and under influences of UV radiation these levers get fragile and they tear loose from the control mechanism. Replacement is the only possible option. The red version # 0725-51 is for the heating and can be found twice on the dashboard. The blue lever 0725-511 for the ventilation appears  only once on the dashboard. From now on we can deliver these handles each from stock.

# 0759-165 Lock pillar rubbers Karmann Ghia Coupé (pair)
# 0759-166 Quarter pillar seals upper KG 08/59-07/71 (pair)


The way of building of the Karmann Ghia body is in this respect completely different with the way of building on VW beetles. It makes that there are some very specific parts. These seals are a typical example and you find them under the foot of the lock pillar which can be disassembled from the body. The seals are located at both sides and prevent damage to the paint and rust between contact surfaces with the profile and the body. Many seals are hardened due to age and can’t be used again after disassembly. From now on we can deliver them in a good reproduction a pair from stock.

# 0890-465 Platform tray left rear Type 2 58-67 Pick up
# 0890-475 Battery tray Type 2 58-67 Pick up
# 0890-385-1 Rear valance complete Type 2 55-58


Our search for good quality body panels has become a daily issue. Therefore we can present regularly new products. Plating for the inside of the platform tray on Type 2 -67 split buses were for many years a very popular part. NOS were traded for high amounts. This plating is in most of the times one of the first parts to be replaced. Damages occur mainly on the side of the battery by influences of acids and on the other side mostly by humidity which stays on the tray and between welding seam and platform tray. Consequences are well-known… Many try to repair the plating, though this a not an ideal solution because of the deviating of the outer radius. From now on we can offer the perfect solution to repair the platform trays for single cab as well as crew cab split buses from model year 58-67. We can complete our assortment with the rear valance for model 55-58. Rear valences for -55 (BBT 0890-385) / 58-66 (BBT 0890-386) / 66-67 (BBT 0890-387) were already available previously. All plating are available each from stock.

# 0922-080 Brake cable Type 2 3168mm


This emergency brake cable was until now only available to special order. Until recently the limited availability of this emergency brake cable didn’t make it possible to have it continuously in stock. Meanwhile there are no longer problems with the supplies. Left and right are identical.

# 1258-001 Brake line reservoir to master cylinder steel Type 1 -07/67


This part of the brake line can be found between the head of the chassis  and fuel tank.  It takes care of the connection between brake fluid reservoir, which is located in the spare wheel case and the master cylinder pump which is assembled  on the chassis. Due to its assembly position at the underside of the vehicle and the continuous contact with the corrosive brake fluid, this line can easily be damaged by corrosion.  In the worst case it can result in leakage of the brake fluid refilling part and that can lead to early loss of brake pressure.  From now on we can deliver this part of the brake line in an original reproduction each from stock.

# 1264-005 Brake hose front Type 2 67-70 (455mm)


BBT continues working to complete our offer of quality parts in own production. This brake hose as assembled on Type 2 of 08/67-07/70 completes our assortment. From now on available each from stock.

# 1293-300 Backing plate rear left Type 1 -10/57
# 1294-300 Backing plate rear right Type 1 -10/57
# 1291-800 Backing plate front left Type 2 03/55-08/63
# 1292-800 Backing plate front right Type 2 03/55-08/63


You’ve probably heard through different ways that our offer of backing plates from our own production has become more and more extensive.  We already had rear backing plates for Type 1 08/67- (1293-5/1294-5) and rear (1293-800/1294-800) Type 2 backing plates  for model  03/55-08/63. Now we have the rear backing plates for Type 1 -10/57 and the front backing plates for Type 2 (1291-800/1392-800) available in a good quality from stock. From now on they are available each for each side from stock.

# 1293-800 Backing plate rear left Type 2 03/55-08/63
# 1294-800 Backing plate rear right Type 2 03/55-08/63


This is the latest addition to our very ample offer of the in  BBT production backing plates. This backing plate is made to replace damaged and/or rusty rear items on Type 2 buses from 03/55-08/63. From now on available each for each side from stock in the reliable BBT quality.

# 1409-555 Gear linkage bush rear T25 08/87-


This linkage bush is located near the shifter at the underside of the body, just before the connection with the lever to change speed in the gear box. Due to humidity, dirt and intensive use this linkage bush can show corrosion so that an accurate change of gear will become a problem. Available each from stock.

# 1623-900 BBT cam gear bolts (3)


These bolts are essential for a correct assembly of the cam gear # 1624-900 on our new 25/30 HP and Okrasa cam shafts 1629-90 & 1629-91. They are made in steel of a good quality and foreseen of an integrated washer.  From now on available per set consisting of 3 pieces for the assembly of 1 cam gear, available from stock.

# 1690-100 Fuel pump flange 25/36hp (DIN)


No more searching after  25/30 HP fuel pump flanges to replace a damaged or broken item. Good second hand parts are hard to find nowadays, here and you’ll still find a NOS item, but it becomes quite difficult. From now on we can deliver this new reproduction from stock.

# 1755-500 Push rod tube 36hp (DIN) Stainless steel
# 1759-500 Push rod tube 1200cc Stainless steel


Push rod tubes are only suitable for one assembly. If you remove the cylinder heads of Type 1 engines for revision or repair, it’s necessary to renew the push rod tubes. During assembly they are lightly pushed together for a perfect seal. Once they are installed, it is no longer possible to use them again. Since October 2007 we are able to deliver you stainless steel push rod tubes for 1600cc Type 1 engines from stock (our item no. # 1760-5). Meanwhile we’ve learnt that many mechanics are eager to use this qualitative part and therefore we’ve convinced one of our manufacturers to fabricate this part for 1200cc and 30 HP engines too. We’ve got them now available each from stock.

# 1848-520 Gasket under Oil filler tube T25 Diesel


The oil filler tube with Type 3 diesel  engines is with buses accessible through the inspection hatch between rear bumper and rear hood opening. On pick-ups you get access through the engine hood, which is executed just like those with Type 1 and Type 2 buses.  This filler tube passes a long way before the connection at the underside of the engine case.  Due to this construction it is very susceptible for the vibrations of the engine. These vibrations provoke a supplementary load between the surfaces of the engine case and the filler tube and the seal among them, which we have now in our assortment. Leakage on this connection can be solved now without any problems. From now on we have this seal each from stock available.

# 1860-100 1/2" brass barbed fitting for external oilcooler (pair)


We’ve been able for quite some time now to deliver you external oil coolers and oil cooler kits from stock. The loose brass barbed fittings were only available in our shop because of a limited availability. Now we have them continuously available and we can deliver them from stock. The nipples fit on the external oil coolers, filter holders and thermostats and they are always sold a pair.

# 1925-100 Backing plate kit generator (3 pieces) black


The craze to decorate engines with chrome parts has somewhat been declined in favor of the demand after original plate work to paint. By a lack of good used plating we needed more sheet metal of reproduction in a good quality. This inner and outer plate and reinforcing ring are located between the generator and cooling fan and they provide for the assembly of the combination generator-cooling fan to the fan shroud with 12V generator. We can deliver these 3 parts in a kit from stock.

# 2408-200 Wiper blades Type 1 -53 pair


Those among us who own  split beetles will be very happy with this part!! Wiper blades definitely belong  to those parts, which need to be replaced during maintenance.  It is indispensable to have the correct model for a perfect functioning of the wipers. Split beetle owners known to relativize it. From now on wiper blades and arms can be replaced by the correct models instead of using oval wipers or the even later standard wiper arms + blades. Replacement of wipers subject to wear by the correct model will surely give a surplus to your vehicle. From now on available a pair from stock.

# 3190-610 Rear seat backrest retaining catch mount Type 14 convertible 08/67- (each)
# 3190-650 Rear seat backrest retaining hook + catch Type 14 sedan 08/67-


You can restore the Karmann Ghia interior even better with these parts. The retaining hook and catch to secure the rear seat backrest are made of PVC. UV rays provoke that these parts can get fragile and tear. Set # 3190-650 is the perfect solution to replace a damaged item. The retaining catch # 3190-610 secures and centers the rear seat backrest and can be found on both sides at the rear of the backrest. From now on we can deliver hook and catch as a set and the pin each. For this last one you need 2 of them for assembly of 1 rear seat backrest.

# 4870-220 Roof rack 2 bows Type 2 (Stainless steel)
# 4870-221 Roof rack 3 bows Type 2 (Stainless steel)


Our newsletter from October 2010 already shows a version on these roof racks in 4 bow setup under partnr. # 4870-222. Due to huge demand for this model to fit on Type 2 -07/79 we are now obliged to add the shorter versions to our range so from now on we can offer you a 2 bow version (# 4780-220), 3 bow version (# 4870-221 and 4 bow version (# 4870-222) from our range. This way we can offer you possibility to get your perfect fit extra cargo area. Available each.

# 5505 Engine 1600cc dual port (New)


In our previous Newsletter of April 2011 we’ve told you that item # 5503 new 1600cc Mexico engine was no longer available. Of course, we’ve been looking for an good alternative, which is meanwhile available under item number # 5505. We present you this completely new 1600cc engine with double cylinder head inlet ports with 2 years of guarantee. From now on available each from stock.

# 8520-010 CAM-SHIELD 1 Shot 1.5oz (44.3ml)
# 8520-020 CAM-SHIELD 1 Shot Break-in / Racing 3oz (88.5ml)
# 8520-100 CAM-SHIELD Premium ZDDP 4oz (118ml)
# 8520-110 CAM-SHIELD Premium ZDDP 8oz (236ml)
# 8520-120 CAM-SHIELD Premium ZDDP 64oz (1.89L)
# 8520-200 CAM-SHIELD Asssembly paste ZDDP 5/8oz (18gr)
# 8520-250 CAM-SHIELD Asssembly paste ZDDP 4oz (114gr)


As they continuously refine development of contemporary engines to obtain better efficiency and less pollution, the oil industry was also forced to change the  composition of oil  to comply to this evolution. By clarifying oil, essential components are filtered from the oil. Just these’ impurities’ protect the camshaft en follower parts of our classical engines.  The lack of essential protective factors in the engine oil can be captured by adding Cam-Shield ZDDP additives. BBT offers a complete range for one treatment, competition, running-in of the engine, assembly or long-lasting maintenance of  engines. We also signalize that BBT # 8510-004 Castrol Classic oil 20W50 / 1200 ppm do possess these classical characteristics.

# 9574 BANJO Hub kit Type 2 03/55-07/67


The Banjo steering wheel is very popular, you can install it without any problems on Type 2 -07/67 too with this nicely finished hub kit. From now on available each from stock.