Distributor cap low (TQ)

OEM:111 905 207C
6V & 1200cc
T1 02/64-07/68
T2 02/64-07/67
Type 3, 1 carb. 08/63-07/68

update sync 24/03/2023

Besides our cheap quality low model distributor cap for your 60’s VW BBT stocks now at a very high-end quality in BERU brand 100% German-made! BERU is what we, here @ BBT HQ, use on our own cars! Will fit 6V & 1200cc engines in your Beetle 02/64-07/68, Bus 02/64-07/67 and Type 3, 08/63-07/68, single carburetor only! OE part no. for reference only 111 905 207C

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