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Fuel tank

OEM:111 201 055A
Beetle 08/49-08/52 & 04/53-07/55

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update sync 23/07/2024

Volkswagen made the gas tanks fancy as up to September 1952 the filler neck was 100mm, from October 1952 till March 1953 the filler neck was 60mm to change again to 100mm from April 1953 up to July 1955. So the gas tank with the 60mm filler neck (BBT ref 0492-070) will fit your car correctly if built between October 1952 and March 1953 (Oval dash split window beetles better known as Zwitter models) The gas tank with the 100mm filler neck (BBT 0492-080) has the pressing around the filler neck, doesn’t do anything but it's like original from April 1953 till July 1955, but fits also all cars from August 1949 (VIN 116021) till September 1952, with the only difference it has a pressing around the filler neck and your original doesn’t… The later gas tank with 100mm (BBT 0492-080) filler neck will fit also all model beetles from August 1955 till July 1960 (VIN 3192506) the model looks different, but dimensions are all the same.

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