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Regulator 6V, 50A
mounting on body

OEM:111 903 801D

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update sync 22/05/2024

Volkswagen improved the 6-volt power circuit from the 35Amp 90mm generator to a more powerful 105mm 50Amp generator before upgrading to 12-Volts. The 50Amp 6-volt regulators are long time discontinued by Bosch or any other brand, so after developing, learning, using and selling our BBT #1951 6-volt 35Amp regulators, we now developed our own 50Amp version. 

The 6-volt 35Amp regulator mounts directly on top of the 90mm generator but the 6-volt 50Amp regulators mount on the firewall or under your back seat, depending your car model and also on Porsche 356. 

Same electronic technology for our new 50Amp regulator is used as in our BBT #1951 6-volt 35Amp regulator and our regulator caps are 100% interchangeable with the original Bosch cap, for that perfect authentic look.

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