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Winddeflector for sliding roof, blanco


update sync 11/08/2022

As temperatures rise we start to drive our Volkswagens more regularly and, when possible, in open air. Ragtop Bug cruises are very enjoyable but sometimes it is just that bit to cold. Therefore BBT started since 06/2009 production of the transparent white wind deflector for these ragtops. This extraordinary practical accessory is a reproduction of the original from the fifties. It's quick and easy to assemble at the front of the sliding roof. This deflector makes driving wind will be directed upwards i.o. into the car, which gives a luxurious feeling during long drives. With this accessory you can drive during 9 months a year topless without losing any comfort, even in Western Europe! The deflectors have been made out of transparent plexi and are now also available each from stock in green (# 0390-003) and brown (# 0390-005).

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