Hungary 2012

Budapest, Hungary. Every year in April the first Hungarian VW Meeting is held under the organisation of the Hungarian Beetle Association. After the meeting, now for the 4th time, from the afternoon hours they have an Open-Day at their little shop, at Bug Parts. Weeks before the event the small staff is full of excitement in the preparations. Tasty home-made cookies, snacks and sweets are waiting for their customers. Not to mention the unbeatable Hungarian bean-gulyás soup cooked in the traditional “bogrács” pot! Of course on this day they are endearing friends and customers with a special discount. Little kids can blow off steam in the jumping-bouncing castle while the big “kids” can have a beer or two and wash it down with the most famous Hungarian Pálinka spirit. Take a look at the pictures: This is the Hungarian VW Spirit!

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Credits for text: Monika, staff member Bug Parts Hungary.

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