Engine Lower block Original crankshafts and parts (XView 5-01)

Crankshaft Okrasa with counterweight 69.50 mm, 25-30 hp

Type 1

Not available
update sync 03/07/2022

Okrasa sounds quite familiar in the ears of fans of Vintage tuning. BBT can help with valves, camshaft, carburettors etc. but until now there was no alternative for the crankshaft. Meanwhile there is a solution on the market and BBT hasn't hesitated to enlist it in its program. This 69,50 mm forged counterweight crankshaft is balanced and made from 4340 steel alloy. The rod valve and crankshaft bearings are nitride HV 500 hardened. The flywheel is assembled with 8-pins. Available each from stock, push rod tube seals and flywheel gaskets inclusive.

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