Engine Ignition Spark plugs wire retainers

Ignition cable holder for 3 cables, original

OEM:113 905 451A

update sync 27/11/2022

Loose ignition cables and fuel lines have caused a great deal of problems near the engine compartment in the past. At best it’s restricted with the failure of the ignition of one of the 4 cylinders, but it can be worse… Fire in the engine happens once in a while. Principally the ignition cables should be fixed in a clip, that on its turn is secured in the fan shroud. After many years this PVC clip can harden, break and it gets off the fan shroud because of vibrations and manipulation. The ignition cables will be set free in the engine compartment. We’ve got the holder for 2 cables already in our assortment for quite some time under ref. # 2045-500. It is mostly used behind the intake manifolds at the right of the fan shroud. Those with 3 openings can be found with more recent Type 1 Beetle and Type 2 buses at the left side and has a place for the fuel line too. From now on BBT can deliver them each from stock.

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