Engine Fuel and intake Linkage for twin carburettor

Linkage with ball bearing for Type 1 engine - Vintage Speed


update sync 06/07/2022

The perfect carburettor linkage on ball bearings for your type 1 engine with dual carburettors. The ball bearings give this linkage a perfectly smooth and trouble free operation. This ball bearing linkage features a  quick release system. Designed for Type-1 engine with stock fan cooling system. This pushrod linkage system has been built in “Quick Release” which attaches to both sides of the carburettor, allowing for removal/retting without the need to unscrew the linkage and resetting. Seven advantages all in one; 1. Easy fitting 2. Does not increase idle speed when engine is hot 3. Fits wide range of manifolds 4. Dual ball bearing with return spring included 5. Smooth pedal travel 6. Compatible with Vintage Speed air conditioner compressor bracket 7. Long threaded pushrod that can be fit to wide range of carburettors

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