Engine Water circuit Coolant hoses and clamps, 1.9l WBX code DF, DG, DH, GW -07/85 | EY -89 (XView 5-12)

Coolant hose from water pump to double T-piece

OEM:025 121 108A
model:Type 25 1900cc -1985, DF, DG, SP

update sync 12/08/2020

BBT keeps working to enlarge our wide range of coolant hoses for Type 25 water-cooled engines. The coolant hoses are always less available as spare part and even good second-hand ones are sold at high prices on online markets. The BBT purchase team has made some intensive research to present all types of coolant hoses at the perfect price/quality ratio. We have now a good alternative to replace your hardened and/or broken item. The rubber hoses are sold each from stock and the original spring clips are also available each from stock.Related products#4250-015 Coolant hose from bleeder valve to thermostat housing#4250-016 Coolant hose from manifold to carburetor#4250-017 Coolant hose from feed pipe to main junction#4250-018 Coolant hose from double T-piece to engine cross pipe#4250-019 Coolant hose from radiator tube return to bleeder valve#4250-020 Coolant hose from radiator return tube to thermostat housing#4250-304 Coolant hose from water pump to radiator and extra water pump#4250-305 Coolant hose from water pump to radiator and extra water pump

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