Engine Lower block Flywheel & hardware

Flywheel gear ring 109t - 6volt

OEM:111 105 271

Limited stock
update sync 14/06/2024

Easy to replace the broken, rotten or bad teeth on your flywheel and to let your starter motor turn around your engine superbly again. 

The 109 teeth fit all flywheels from the 6 volt configuration including 25 and 30 DIN Hp (that’s 36SAE for our American friends) with the larger diameter starter motor. 130 teeth are used on later 6Volt engines (1967 and up) and all 12 volt starter engines. Always count your teeth before ordering. 

Turn your old teeth down till 0.3mm less as the inner diameter of our flywheel gears. Put your flywheel in the fridge and heathen up your flywheel gear in an oven or on a cooking plate. Slide the two together en let cool down. This is what they call an assembly with a pre-tension of 0.30mm what every machine shop should be able to perform. 

Now you can make early flywheels with 130 teeth to accept modern 12volt starters. This will be the end of overpriced flywheels for early cars.

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