Engine Lower block Original crankshafts and parts (XView 5-01)

Flywheel, Chromoly, 200 mm, 12V, lightened

model:Type 1

update sync 19/08/2019

Tuning of the engine-power of Type 1 engines requires materials resistant to extreme working circumstances. The flywheel is such a part that doesn?t suit optimally in the standard version for tuned engines and that?s why we offer you a good alternative. The Chromoly lightweight flywheel that BBT has now in stock has some useful features for engine tuning. The material is stronger, harder, more resistant for corrosion and fluctuations of temperature, whereas there remains still enough resilience and endurance on the flywheel. An additional characteristic of this flywheel is the low weight in regard to BBT # 1571. The Chromoly lightweight flywheel weighs only 5,560kg, which is a 340 gram less than # 1571. The flywheel is available each from stock.

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