Engine Lower block Cilinder/ piston kit Type 1, AA performance

Piston and cylinder kit 30 DIN Hp (36 SAE) - 80x64mm 1286cc - (4pcs) - AA performance

OEM:111 198 057B

update sync 23/01/2021

Soup up that old bug! This big bore Piston & Liner kit for your early engine that fits right in the “Old Speed” rage that’s coming up… what’s next? Fast old cars with fast old technologies…. yammie! Nothing better than that old style looking engine under the engine lid… pure vintage! Get that old chicken running! Pistons in this kit are hypereutectic. This is a relatively new process of aluminum casting where the aluminum has a way higher grade of silicone to allow way tighter tolerances… a complete explanation about this  can be found very very clearly on Wikipedia. This Bigbore kit will turn a stock VW 36HP 1191cc into a 1286cc The pistons were designed to work with a 69mm stroke crank, giving you the ability to make a 1387 with all the parts available on the market..This kit does require machine work on the cylinder heads and case both will need to be opened to accommodate the bigger bore without affecting the reliability.

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