Grease seal drop arm Type 2 -69, steeringbox top 08/67-07/72

OEM:N 014 907 1
- ch 219 127 054

update sync 09/02/2023

A good functioning steering offers besides a safe ride also al lot of driving comfort. Proud owners of Split busses and early Bays will definitely appreciate this. Durability of the steering box is also determined by the extent of maintenance and the use of high-quality lubricants. The oil of the steering box is good for lubrication and protection, though after a lot of use the seals that are situated at the incoming side (steering axe) and outgoing side (pitman arm), can leak whereby lube oil can escape from the steering box. A steering box without proper lubrication will get worn out much faster, causing serious consequences in respect to safety and expenses.

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