Under-carriage Brakes Master brake cylinder and parts

Mountingkit mastercylinder

OEM:113 611 829A x 2 + N103609 x 2 + N120082 x2
Beetle 1302/03

update sync 30/06/2022

The assembly of the master cylinder on the body on type 1 beetle can be done by means of 2 long bolts that come through the bushings, through an hollow part of the body. These mounting bolts and bushings can get seriously damaged by corrosion caused by humidity and the corrosive characteristics of brake fluid, that attend on the master cylinder pump and body through leaking seals. When removing these bolts they can break off or the bushing through which these bolts pass, fall into the hollow part of the body. From now on BBT can deliver these mountings kits in own production from stock consisting of 2 bolts, 2 bushings and 2 spring washers.

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