Exterior Body parts Sliding door parts Bus -07/79 (XView 1-20)

Spring slidingdoor lockmechanism rear

OEM:211 843 755
Bus 08/67-07/79

update sync 18/05/2022

How long that we ‘ve been looking for this part is unknown, but the fact is, it reliefs a lot of frustration now it’s available… our box with used locks is still full, but all with broken, rusted through or missing springs. Yes you have read that right, these springs rust, and not a little bit!Most people may never have seen this lock, but it’s the lock that keeps your sliding door locked in the open position. It’s on the body right behind your door under the bulge cover that hides your center sliding rail… The locks mainly don’t go wrong, but the springs do, now we offer you the perfect solution! A brand new spring to replace that old scruffy, or the missing one…

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