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Engine lid

OEM:211 827 025F
model: Bus 08/67-07/71

update sync 26/01/2021

When prices go ridiculous for used parts we, at BBT, try to step up and bring  a good reproduction on the market. Our philosophy is still when we make something it should be at least as good, or if possible even better than the original. So we’re proud we can offer now a perfect reproduction of the engine lid for early Bay Windows. Classic stamped on our own private BBT tooling… this was not the cheap way, but the only good way… So now we offer you the perfect solution to replace that old scruffy, bend or rusted out original engine lid with this perfect fit extreme high standard replacement part for a perfect fit and finish. As all BBT privately manufactured sheet metal also this engine lid is finished in a weld through silver primer. Look for the small BBT quality sticker to ensure you bought the real deal!

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