Rear wheelarch right

OEM:251 809 156
Bus 05/79-07/92

Silver Weld Through (SWT)

update sync 24/03/2023

Vanagon busses (Type 25) do have a very well known rust issue which has been very specifically defined in German as "Kantenrost". This kind of rust damage can be seen at the body edges of the different body panels at Type 25 Busses. The different body panels have been welded together from the inner side while the small gap at the outer side of the car has been filled with sealer. Afterwards this sealer has been painted. After many duty years this sealer gets little cracks under influence of UV radiation, temperature fluctuations and vibrations. These little cracks allow humidity and dust to enter in between the body panel edges while from the inner side the edges weren't sealed at all. The body edges start to rust and split which even accelerates the deterioration process. The connection between the rear flank and rear wheel arches are one of the first places where this process starts. The front wheel arches get, on top of this, also damage at the entry step and connection between the wheel arch and upper wheel surrounding panel. Reproduction panel parts didn't have the correct shape and fitment while finish is even more dramatically. BBT's development department did a nice job and after more than 1 1/2 year of research and quality check they came up with a production that can compete with original quality body panels. These fine production panels are available each and per side in the well known Commitment to quality label.

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