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Bulkhead (SWT)

OEM:211 801 081C
Bus 08/55-07/62

Silver Weld Through (SWT)

update sync 29/06/2022

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This is the early model bulkhead will fit your bus if its post barndoor till July 1962 (VIN 971549) 

We call this model the half-moon bulkhead, and if you look to the pictures you can see why.

The later model (Aug 1963 till July 1967) is called the full moon bulkhead.

The reason VW introduced another model of Bulkhead back in the day was simply because of the change of the seat figuration. 

If your lovely bus has a Bench (one piece) front seat a type you need this half a moon Bulk head 

If your Bus has a 1/3 + 2/3 seat configuration you need a Full Moon bulkhead.

This Bulk head is proudly made on BBT’s private tooling in our Silver Weld Through line of high quality restoration sheet metal parts for your Volkswagen.

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