Exterior Body parts Bodywork Baywindow 67- (XView 1-08)

Rear corner (82cm) - left

model: Bus 08/67-07/71

update sync 14/07/2020

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Rear corners from the bottom up to the waste line for your early bay window bus (T2a) with the correct bulge for the splash guards! We deliver the complete corners from bottom up to raingutters under our part no. (BBT 0891-355, 0891-356, 0891-357 and 0891-358), but they’re quite costly, if you need only the lower part! We also have the corners for your split window bus, under our part no. (BBT 0890-362 & 0890-372) and we know they’ve been modified to do the job on early bay windows. But these days are over now! Use the correct corner for the correct bus… BBT’s new corners are perfect quality and fit!

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