Exterior Wheel rims and accessories 5 and 8 spoke wheel

5 and 8 spoke wheel

A wheel rim made in Southern-California. This wheel rim came into existence in the high-days of the Cal Look, the days when one tried to make a better Beetle than the original one. This wheel rim is a tribute to Mr. Vittone, the founder of the company E.M.P.I. (‘European Motor Products Incorporation’). The company was sold and closed. The biggest part of the accessories and parts arise in his warehouse. The original wheel rims were made in aluminium, with the centercap attached with 5 screws. These real wheels are expensive and very hard to find. That’s why they are a lot of imitation existing. BBT tries to find the best ones for you. Measurements are 15 x 5.5 aluminium. All imitations are made out of one piece. Obtainable in several colours or polished by hand. All wheel rims will be delivered with a centercap. Always sold a piece and without bolts!
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