Engine Lower block

Flywheel shim 0.24mm - 25-30hp (36 SAE)

OEM:111 105 281

To adjust endplay on crankshaft to factory specifications. Sold each.

Limited stock
update sync 01/03/2024

Early flywheel shims are different from later ones, actually there are three different flywheel shims, the very early (25 and 30 DIN Hp or 36SAE as you want to call it) after comes what we call the 6 volts, for cars originally made between 1960 and 1966 and the later “12 Volt” models. Flywheels shims are multi important to adjust the end play (or axial play in regards to your bearing to name it technically correct) on your crankshaft. This end play always has to be between 0,10 and 0,15mm. After more than ten years of searching we’re very happy to add these early flywheel shims to our product line, so you can assemble that early engine of yours back again like it should!

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