Commitment to quality

BBT a un grand assortiment de pièces spécialement développées et fabriquées par notre propre département de recherche/achat. Ces pièces sont développées en vue d’un meilleur rapport prix/qualité afin de…

Virgin Outlaws

1951 cheap incomplete split window project

A cheap split? They still excist A lot of work and incomplete make this cheap as hell, Correct Front axle, correct split fully crash gearbox Don’t delay contact us today

Virgin Outlaws

1954 Oval window project

This is a project from a real early oval window. “Early oval window” is considered before 1955 because of the modelchanges. This baby needs a restoration for sure, but has many good parts like the ribber…

Virgin Outlaws

1959 Beetle; nice semaphore project car

This baby needs some welding but if you study the pictures well you can see its very reasonable… Fairly complete this one is easy to make. Build in November of 1959 for the European market its one of…



B.B.T. sells all kinds of cars, highly specialized in classic Volkswagens. We have Volkswagens for every budget, but we try to specialize in original cars as far as possible, cars in first paint, high collector and extreme rare species of the Volkswagen past. Whether restored or not we surely have the Volkswagen that matches you. Don't you find what you're looking for? With more than 25 years of experience in the Volkswagen community worldwide we might have the car of your dreams, or we can locate it probably for you, so just send us a message by clicking 'Contact' on the left of this page and we will see what we can do for you. BBT's Virgin Outlaws is here for you!



BBT has more than 300 products which have been developed and produced under our own supervision! Here you can find out the latest added items. Enquire at your local dealer for BBT products!

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