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BBT carries a wide range of parts, developed and produced by our own research and purchase team. These parts are developed at the best quality/price possible to ensure that our beloved Vintage VW’s will…

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Virgin Outlaws

1957 Oval window beetle, a real patina queen!

This June 1957 build oval window beetle was stored outside after use… and faded unbelievable nice. A real master creature of nature. For sure it will needs all the welding, floorplates, corners and heater…

Virgin Outlaws

1971 VW 411 Variant, good body with super strong mechanics!

It must have been ages since we had the top of the Volkswagen line from the past. The VW 411 was everything except a “Volkswagen” in the pure definition of the word. What makes it was a commercial disaster…

Virgin Outlaws

1977 T2b Westfalia pop top in extreme original condition.

Sometimes there’s cars that give You an upbeat, this is exactly such a car to us. While we saw and had many of these cool Westfalia’s. But to find an so original 42 year old Westfalia is something hardly…



B.B.T. sells all kinds of cars, highly specialized in classic Volkswagens. We have Volkswagens for every budget, but we try to specialize in original cars as far as possible, cars in first paint, high collector and extreme rare species of the Volkswagen past. Whether restored or not we surely have the Volkswagen that matches you. Don't you find what you're looking for? With more than 25 years of experience in the Volkswagen community worldwide we might have the car of your dreams, or we can locate it probably for you, so just send us a message by clicking 'Contact' on the left of this page and we will see what we can do for you. BBT's Virgin Outlaws is here for you!



BBT has more than 300 products which have been developed and produced under our own supervision! Here you can find out the latest added items. Enquire at your local dealer for BBT products!

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