Full production test report for BBT Early VW front fender, September 2020

The BBT front fender fits beetles up to 1959 and is developed with only one aim to replace an original fender on your split or oval window beetle and keep that extreme cool look of the early fender in all details.


In a period of 5 years’ time the factory in close cooperation with BBT developed an eight step deep draw tooling that is massive!

We sold quite a few fenders by now and on the day of writing we start our fourth production run… so we thought is was time for an evaluation…


We started our test on a 1950 VW beetle that was largely original, despite the left front fender being exchanged over the years with an oval window one the right side was 100% original, and original to the car. We even believe the fender was never taken off the car before.


The car grew up in Berlin Germany and was owned by only one family until we bought the car in 2017.


We inspected the car inside out try to find any traces from an old collision or rust repair but all negative. This car was our perfect test candidate.



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